The Minion of Bueno

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The Minion of Bueno is a satirical cult formed by in 2000. The cult began to take off during TIP at the University of Kansas. The cult continued to flourish at TIP until Andrew's last year where he appointed Nash the official Buenite Consort for TIP. The Minion of Bueno still exists today with many proud members.

The central beliefs of The Minion of Bueno are sketchy at best. The most consistent description of Buenite beliefs says that there is a mystical force called "The Bueno" that draws us all together and unites us under a light drizzle of truth, faith, and love. As the member of the cult most greatly endowed with The Bueno, Andrew is recognized within the Minion of Bueno as "The Bueno Master." His followers are called "Buenites", and they span the nation, with even a few devoted Buenites in Mexico and Canada. Traditions of The Minion of Bueno include resisting authority, praising The Bueno Master, and making The Buenite hand signal.

Any relation to the spanish word "bueno" meaning "good" in english, is purely coincidental according to Andrew. The Minion's official website is and it contains The Proverbs of The Bueno.

The Bueno Master