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Quadfest is a competition held on the second Saturday of each term at Duke East, Duke West, and Wake Forest, in the same vein as Color Wars, but with the dorms pitted against each other. It includes such wondrous activities as the Jello Snarfle, the Dorm Blob and Day At TIP. It is analogous to many less enthusiastic competitions at different Campuses, such as Dawgfest at UGA and Summerfest at Davidson. It's also known as Swarmfest at Georgia Tech.

Proud TiPster Mitchell Haverty shows his quadfest spirit. Blue is the color for the fourth year dorm at Duke East.


The event generally begins directly after lunch. Before the official advent of festivities, dorms engage in general pep-building frivolity. Common activities include TIPsters gathering and cheering outside of their dorms and attempting to cape with their dorm's colors.

Then, at approximately 1 pm, the dorms enter in a totally random order, or, Alspaugh, then Brown, then Bassett. Directly after entrances, it is announced that instead of performing both of the prepared cheers, each dorm would only perform one. These are again done in a totally random order, or, Bassett, then Brown, then Alspaugh. As the judges confer, almost invariably, an unprecedented event occurs: the dorms are all exactly tied in their scores, so they must perform the second cheer as a tie-breaker.

After the announcements of scores for entrances and cheers, the individual events commence. Until 4 pm, a constant stream of events with varying lengths are carried out. Generally, the events that end the day are the Interpretive Dance, the judging of the Scavenger Hunt, and Boat Race.

In recent years, Bassett almost without exception has won Quadfest, and it is viewed as something of a secret to win the event. After Bassett's victory has been announced, one will frequently hear a gaggle of 2nd and 3rd years complaining about rigging, but they are overshadowed by the euphoric cheers emitting from the rambunctious 4th years.


When first years still attended Duke East, the four colors were:

There was a year a dorm, and all was well. And then: the years were split up. This wouldn't have been bad, except that the fourth years were split up. Most reports place this in the mid- to late-1990s, especially 1996. The fourth years did not wear their dorm colors that year, instead wearing their year color: then, now, and forever, the fourth year color is black. This led to a short period of time where year colors instead of dorm colors were worn and dorms did not have colors. As of Term II, 2004, the following colors were relevant:

East 2006 colors were(Bassett being closed for renovation):

Since 2007 (no matter what dorms are used):

  • Second years: Red
  • Third years: Green
  • Fourth years: Blue

At West Term 2 the colors are:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Grello(A mix of Gray and Yellow, meant to convenience the TIPsters who had not brought a yellow shirt)
  • Green

Throwing Quadfest

Term I in 1998, Bassett decided to throw Quadfest. This continued for a few years, until every dorm decided to throw Quadfest. Throwing Quadfest was then banned. This was brought back by Alspaugh (4th years) in 2006 at East II. See Throwing Quadfest.



Doggy doggy doggy is the best cheer of all. There are, however, usually others.

There are a few variations on that - the first was "Ducky, ducky, ducky" "Quack, quack, quack". At Term II, 2003, some residents of Alspaugh used "Cow, cow, cow" "Moo, moo, moo". At Term II, 2004, "Faucet, faucet, faucet" "Drip, drip, drip" was used. At Term I, 2005 the Alspaughians inexplicably chose to use the variant "llama, llama, llama" "Baa, baa, baa." There was also a version with "Carpet, carpet, carpet", as the fourth years of Bassett take an immense amount of pride in their carpet. Term II 2007, Both aLspaugh and Brown made variation by chanting "neuter" and "leash", respectively after chanting "doggy". "Doggy, Doggy, Doggy" is said to have been started by third years in Brown, who took the cheer with them when they moved. It may have started after the summer of 2000, where the Australian Olympic Team had the rallying cry of "Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oy Oy Oy".

A variant on "We've Got Spirit" is often used by Bassett - "We've got carpet, yes we do, we've got carpet, how about you?"

Bassett is also known for the cheer, "Blue is the color, there ain't no other, and if you don't like it, then *uh!* your mother!", where the *uh* is a guttural grunt accompanied by a pelvic thrust. Another call out and respond cheer that Bassett has been known to use is "How do we do it?" "Doggy style!" *Edit by Caro: During Term II 2005, RCs threatened to disqualify Bassett for the Doggy Style cheer and the TEAMWORK cheer (Give me an O! R! G! Y! What's that spell? TEAMWORK!!), so some clever 4th years started saying "How do we do it?" "TIPPROPRIATELY!" (On a side note, the "teamwork" cheer was repeatedly used by a group of 2nd floor girls in Giles at Duke East II 2006.)

At Term II 2007, Bassett used "," and "!" and "Basset is above you, your mother doesn't love you"

In Term I 2005, a heavily Lil' Jon-influenced Bassett chose the cheer: "Bassett--WHAT! Basset--YEAH! Bassett--OKAY!"

In Term II 2006, the Alspaugh 4th Years used the cheer, "How do we do it? Under a tree!", referencing the couple who were gettin' freaky under the tree outside the gazebo at the treasure hunt.

In Term I 2008, Bassett also used "We are the Bassett beast/ on tiny TIPsters we will feast." Various variations on "Doggy, doggy, doggy" were attempted by both Pegramites and Alspaugn, but were drowned out by catcalls. Popular among many fourth years was "Bassett - HOORAY!", to be completed with a High School Musical-style jump.

In Term II 2010, in accordance with , "Nickel, nickel, nickel" "Back, back, back" was chanted in place at various times.

In Term II 2011, some "clever" second years tried to change the Doggy doggy doggy cheer from doggy and woof to kitty and meow. Needless to say it failed, and made for some very irritated third and fourth years. But it was still pretty awesome.

In Term II 2013, an enterprising (and handsome) 4th-year came up withe the Wu-Tang influenced call and response, "You bring the noise and we bring the ruckus," "ALSPAUGH HOUSE AIN'T NOTHIN' TO HUG WITH!!" (Alspaugh was the 4th year dorm, and this cheer was mixed with "Doggy, Doggy, Doggy," so I put it here).

Term I 2014, the second years (who were housed in pegram) came up with a cheap spin off of doggy doggy doggy for quadfest - it was supposed to go "Doggy doggy doggy/ Dead dead Dead! How do we do it/Pegram Style." However before quadfest the fourth years found out about the revised chant and told all the second years in their respective classes that, if they called that cheer, they would die. The second years were impressionable and scared easily so they didn't actually call the cheer, which is good otherwise the fourth years would've been pissed.


One of the more amusing Brown cheers that was used at Term II in both 2003 and 2004 asked the respondants to spell "Green" and then asked "What does it spell?" The proper response was, obviously "BROWN!" Other cheers used those years were "Green is the color, there is no other, and if you don't like it: UH, your mother. Green is the color, it is the bomb, and if you don't like it: UH, your mom," and "Whose house? Brown's house! Whose house? Brown's house! Whose house? BROWN'S HOUSE!" At East II 2011, Brown expanded their cheers and had some intense dorm spirit, led my Chandler Evans, Madison Blake, Justin Abbasi and Emily Bergquist. This is included a variation of All I Do Is Win that went "All we do is win win win no matter what. Got green on my mind, I can't never get enough. And every time I step onto the Quadfest, everybody's hands go UP. And they stay there, and they stay there. Brown, GREEN, Brown, GREEN, Brown GREEN." One that Justin and Emily always led went "When I say brown you say green! Brown *green*, brown *green*, brown dorm *go green*! And one cheer that almost everyone led at one point was "Who are we?!" followed my an overwhelming response of "GREEN MACHINE".

Dorm Entrances

Please add information from years you attended


  • Bassett: An elaborate skit involving Peter Sloan as a news anchor, ninjas somehow, a fourth-year chugging a "bottle of Dave's Insanity Sauce" (emptied and filled with Cheerwine at the behest of the Trinity), and a parody of Outkast's Hey Ya! entitled "Oh! Sam!"


  • Alspaugh: The Alspaughtan army, under the general Dominique (with notebook-paper abs), spproaches the Brown and Bassett armies. The leader of the Brown and Bassett armies, doubted that the young Alspaughtans, who had lost so many, could ever defeat them. However, he was sadly mistaken, because, as Dominique proudly proclaimed, "THIS... IS... ALSPAAAUGH!"
  • Brown
  • Bassett: A horde of H1Z1 zombies are attacking TIPsters. Alspaughn fall quickly as they are too na├»ve to run away from the advancing enemy. The Brownies are too concerned for the well-being of their stuffed animal, so fall quickly as well. Only Bassett remains, forming an American Pie line, doing the can-can, and slowing down the enemy, but even they begin to falter. Luckily, as they are surrounded, at the last minute, Giles suddenly appears and infects the zombies with swine flu, killing them, reverting the TIPsters to their healthy state, and saving the day.



  • Alspaugh: Alspaugh won the 2010 East Term 2 Quadfest Entrance with the Walk-Off (from Zoolander). The Tipsters made a semi-circle, where some wore red, blue and green (with red underneath). The entrance started off with a jerking contest. Everyone knew that Brown wasn't going to win, so the Walk-Off was between Alspaugh and Bassett. Of course, Alspaugh won the Walk-Off, and the Tipsters wearing blue or green took off their shirts so their red shirts could be seen. This was a proclamation that Alspaugh would win.



  • Alspaugh: The fourth year led dorm performed a parody of the fight scene from "Anchorman" and absolutely destroyed the somewhat shamefully bad entrances of Brown and Bassett.
  • Bassett: Bassett's Term 2 Quadfest Entrance was quite spectacular. TIPsters Sam Jamison, Spencer Morris, and Frank James performed the latter half of the breakfast scene from Pulp Fiction. Brett was played by Sam, Vincent was portrayed by Spencer, and Jules aka Samuel L Jackson was played by Frank. After a modified dialogue ("ENGLISH, LITTLE TIPSTER, DO YOU SPEAK IT?!"), Bassett's vuvuzelas sounded as the entirety of Bassett charged through a sign that read "We put the BA in BASSETT." Apparently, Bassett only lost the Quadfest (Entrance) because of the religious implications of the modified Ezekiel 25:17.

Marine Lab(Called Festuary)

  • Red: This year, the entire campus (which was forlornly small) was divided into two groups, the blue and the red, consisting of about 40 people each. Red made creative use of the PA system. Four members of Red were impersonating blue members with the "I'm Blue" song playing on the PA system. Then, the music from Mission Impossible came on. Four spies of the Red Army came out of the bushes dressed in black, killing all of the blue members. With victory at hand, the chief spy, , dressed in full tuxedo with shades, marched out of the boathouse up to the spies, who had gathered in a semicircle in the middle of the Quad, and proclaimed, "It smells like victory". He was followed by the perfectly in step, block marching, 30-ish Red members who were not spies. They were marching to the Soviet National Anthem, and Stoner was proudly waving a red flag, made out of Stacy's (Stacy is a dude.) laundry bag, duct taped to a yard stick. When the marching stopped, Stoner turned around and addressed his followers with, "BETTER DEAD THAN NOT BE RED!" which was followed by a resounding "DA!" from the Red Army. This was repeated three times, then Stoner ran to his dorm to change into more appropriate attire. Red proceeded to destroy the blue team in Festuary.
  • Blue: Not even worth noting.





  • Term 1
  • Term 2

Duke East

  • Term 1
    • Alspaugh: The term I Alspaugh building parodied the Lion King seen with Pride Rock. The AAYYYYYABENNYAAAA one. The music played and the legendary John-Francis was carried down the row by Big-Brian as everyone bowed. We won best entrance, whoop!
  • Term 2
    • Alspaugh: The term II Alspaugh building did a parody of the JK Wedding Entrance Dance, where each RAG performed their own little dance; Erika's RAG did jazz hands, Brian's RAG did hip thrusts, and so on. After their dance, Erika and Brian pretended to be the bride and groom. Finally, each RAG formed into a letter, and they spelled ALSPAUGH. Erika's RAG was responsible for L. We failed at it. But in the end, Alspaugh won best entrance! We rock.

Duke West

  • Term 1
    • Blue Team: Code Blu, as the blue team decided to call itself, consisted of The Jer-Bears, a second year boys group, Alicia's 3rd year RAG, Daisy's 2nd year RAG and some other group who the TIPster writing this can't remember. Team leaders were and Kris. Taking advantage of the PA system, they marched in with "The Hey Song" playing (It was a recording of Jeremy's UNC marching band. Stoner wore a blue morphsuit and carried a blue flag mounted on a stick. The team lined up in what was more or less an arc facing the judges. In the place where one would normally yell "HEY," the team held up arms in the shapes of the letters B, L, and U, respectively. When the song ended, everyone gathered around Kris and Stoner, and they began the following chant to trash the other teams:
    Kris: When I say, "Red is" you say, "dead!" Red is...
    Entire Blue Team: Dead!
    Kris: Red is...
    Blue Team: Dead!
    Stoner: When I say, "Green is" you say, "unclean!" Green is...
    Blue Team: Unclean!
    Stoner: Green is... 
    Blue Team: Unclean! 
    Kris and Stoner: When we say, "Grellow," you say, "not a colour!" Grellow...
    Team: Not a colour!
    Kris and Stoner: Grellow...
    Team: Not a colour!
    Stoner and Kris When we say, "Blue is" you say, "Winning!" Blue is...
    Team Winning!
    Stoner and Kris Blue is...
    Team Winning! (Begins cheering)
    Stoner (over cheering team): IT SMELLS LIKE VICTORY!

Stoner and Elsey.jpg

    • Red Team: This group consisted of the Monarchs and Malcolm's RAG They wrote their own lyrics to Rebecca Black's #1 hit single, "Friday." They won the entrance competition, even though nobody could actually hear the cheer because they were too quiet. (More info needed on the lyrics)
    • Green Team This group had Amanda's RAG, Matt's RAG (I think). They came out with "Hey Guys" Ellen as the Green Queen and said the following chant, written by the amazing Diana
    Ellen: Hey blue!
    Team: Go back to the zoo!
    Ellen: Hey red!
    Team: You shoulda stayed in bead!
    Ellen: Hey grellow! You're not a color!
    Team: We're the mean green team, We've got more money than an ATM machine, And with our mean green queen, We're winning like Charlie Sheen
    • Grellow: This team consisted of Tara's RAG (2nd year girls), Jon's RAG (2nd year boys), one 3rd year boys RAG and one of the 4th year girl RAGs. After realizing that everyone had no idea what to do for a cheer, someone remembered that the song "Holla back girl" had a part where it spells the word bananas. It was then decided that they would walk out to that song then throw banana peels at grellow members dressed as other teams during that section. The name the Grellow Gorillas stemmed from this. (If anyone knows more specifics (like RC names) please add it)
  • Term 2 Obviously, Red dominated cause they needed mother lovin' oven mitts. The water bottle fight sort of cooled them down after their lead of more than 10 pts.

DUML (Known as "Festuary")

  • Only One Term (Info needed)

Texas A&M

  • Term 1 (Info needed)
  • Term 2 (Info needed)



Term 1 Red team cheers:

  • Red is the color of sin, Red is the color of lust

Grellow cheers & cheering for all the other teams:

  • Grellow's not a color

Complete List of Quadfest Events

Current (as of 2013)

  • Limbo
  • Jello Snarfle
  • Cheesy Poof toss
  • Pudding Fling
  • Interpretive Dance
  • Haiku Slam
  • Distraction
  • Project Runway
  • Pudding Fling
  • Dorm Blob
  • Ultimate Frisbee tournament
  • Soccer tournament
  • Miss TIP
  • Boat Race
  • Tug of War
  • Greased Watermelon pass
  • Some kind of bouncy/inflatable thing

If you wish to take pictures during Quadfest, it is important to make it known you have a camera and wish that people do not get it wet...or you will kill them. To get people to listen to you (especially people you know that are somewhat considerate), it is recommended to tell them that they can put SOME water like on your back or something, thus they spray you and move along to your next victim. This is especially important when outside and/or are around events involving water. Jell-O Snarfle, Interpretive Dance, and Pudding Fling make for great pictures. --Emily Fry

Past Events

East Results

  • 2010 Term 2
    • Champions: Alspaugh (Red)
    • Second Runner-Up: Bassett (Blue)
    • Last: Brown (Green)
  • 2011 Term 1
    • Champions: Pegram
    • Second place: Alspaugh
    • Last: Brown
  • 2011 Term 2
    • Champions: Pegram
    • Second place: Brown
    • Last: Alspaugh
      • Miss TIP
        • 1st Place: Pegram (George, David)
        • 2nd Place: Brown (Sylvan, Sam) <-Only because of some sexist remarks. ;)
        • Last: Alspaugh (Michael, John)
  • 2012 Term 1
    • Champions: Brown
    • Second place: Bassett
    • Last: Pegram
  • 2012 Term 2
    • Champions: Bassett
    • Second place (tie): Brown & Pegram (YEAH PEGRAM!!! NOT COMPLETELY LAST!)
  • 2013 Term 1
    • Champions: Alspaugh
    • Second place: Brown
    • Last: Basset
  • 2013 Term 2
    • Champions: Alspaugh
    • Second place: Brown
    • Last: Basset
  • 2015 Term 1
    • Champions: Basset
    • Second Place: Pegram
    • Last: Alspaugh
  • 2015 Term 2
    • Champions: Bassett
    • Second Place: Pegram
    • Last: Alspaugh
  • 2017 Term 2
    • Champions: 4th years
    • Second Place: 2nd years
    • Last: 3rd years

Quadfest at West

On the West campus, many of the same events are used. However, TIPsters aren't separated by dorm; instead, different RAGs are grouped together. Usually each group gets a similar number of each year and gender so that the teams are supposedly fairly even. Yet in 2009 many speculated that the Blue Team was stacked as they seemed to end up with the most athletic 4th and 3rd years both terms.

Grellow's Legacy

Because there are four teams at West instead of East's three, a fourth team color had to be added. For many years this color was Grellow, a combination of Grey and Yellow because not many TIPsters would bring yellow shirts. Historically, the team did not perform so well in the actual Quadfest activities. The tradition was broken in 2008 when the color was changed to simply yellow. In Term I 2009, Yellow was replaced by Black. Grellow returned in Term II 2009 when some of Rajhai's 4th year girls, having won the "Pick your Color for Quadfest" reward from the Scavenger Hunt and also wanting to uphold the TIP tradition they had once known, insisted on being Grellow. This team eventually went on to win that term with the help of the Zulu Force. Grellow also won in Term II 2012 by a large margin.

The Chant

The chanting was started by Connor Hecksel and the derp squad. They would shout Grellow to the riff of Bulls on Parade: "GRELLOW GR GRELLOW GR GRELLOW" or Guerilla Radio " LIGHTS OUT! GRELLOW RADIO". Following Quadfest, this went on nearly if not every night before Lights-Out. Eventually this became popular enough so that eventually, halls would synchronize gloriously. This was also one of the reasons 2009 Term I was replaced by Black.

Green At West

In 2009, when Grellow was brought back as a color, a fiercely competitive Green team, taunted them by chanting "Grellow's not a color!" In response, both the Red and Grellow teams chanted back, "Green's not a color!" The statement was accepted by all but the Green team. One particular member, Truman, challenged the statement, wanting proof that green was not a color. The chant then changed from "Green's not a color!" to "Truman's not a color!"

In 2010, the Green team kept the tradition going, saying they weren't a color in their own chant. Eli Smith lead a cheer stating that "Green is not a color, it is a movement!" Despite his statement, green placed last.

Unknowingly, the 2011 Term 1 Green team also used the "Grellow's not a color!" slogan. (, a leader of the Blue Team, had read this article before Quadfest, and he knowingly used the slogan against Grellow.) They tried to use, "Grellow, what the hell-o?" but this was not approved of by RCs Sam, Nick, and Matt. Green still lost. However, the Green team was undoubtedly one of the most spirited, as they were led by the Green Queen, Ellen Yuan. There was, however, no doubt that the Blue Team, lead by Kris and Stoner, was the most spirited, as The Jer-Bears easily had the most spirit on the entire campus. The Red team was very jealous of the Green Queen's crown and constantly stole it; but nonetheless, the Green team had a lot of sportsmanship. After winning their first event, the Green team exploded into cheers, having another episode of great cheers when they were announced last place. During Term II, however, the Green Team won by a landslide. Some members of the other teams argued that the Green Team was "stacked", since two of their four RAGs were 4th year RAGs, and they had only one girl RAG, but it is generally agreed among the Green Team that all the haters were just jealous of their swag.

It is also to be noted that Green won Term I 2012. They were the underdogs, considering that they were led by a 4th year girls RAG and it's a known fact that the quadfest teams with 4th year girls almost never win. It didn't look too good for Green after they placed last in both the cheer and the first two events. However, they pulled through by winning 6 out of the 7 last events.

They also won Term 2 2013. The team consisted of a 4th year boys RAG, two 3rd year boys RAGs, and a 3rd year girls RAG. Everyone knew they were going to win and they did.


During Term 2 2013, the red team consisted of a 4th year RAG, and 3 second year RAGs. The team captains were Sam, Suman, and Ritu. While the team was trying to decide what their entrance would be, someone suggested that Sam was the overlord of the red team. From that moment forward, they were referred to as team Sam. Sam's entrance was that of the most awesomest sorts: the three 2nd year RAGs marched around Kilgo, saying "Sam" in loud, monotone voices. Then, they stopped in front of the judges and began to sing "I'll make a Sam out of you". While the 2nd years were singing, Josh's RAG carried Sam into the quad, with everyone bowing to him. Then, people lined up, performing tricks for our overlord, while Sam made it rain (monopoly money) on them. While green team technically won quad feat that term, Sam was the real winner, as Steven was able to chug the entire bottle of coke AND swallow an exploding mentos during the last event.


(Incomplete, please assist!)

  • Term II 2007
    • Champions:Red
  • Term II 2008
    • Champions: Red
    • Runner-Up: Green
    • Third Place: Blue
    • Fourth Place: Yellow
  • Term II 2009
    • Champions: Grello
    • Runner-Up: Red
    • Third Place: Green
    • Fourth Place: Blue
  • Term I 2010
    • Champions: Black
    • Runner-Up: Green
    • Third Place: Red
    • Fourth Place: Blue
  • Term II 2010
    • Champions: Blue
    • Runner-Up: Red
    • Third Place: Grello
    • Fourth Place: Green
  • Term I 2011
    • Champions: Red (Led by the Monarchs)
    • Runner-Up: Blue (Led by the JerBears)
    • Third Place: Grellow
    • Fourth Place: Green (Led by the GREEN QUEEN, Ellen Yuan)
  • Term II 2011
    • Champions: Green (SWAG MONKEY)
    • Runner-Up: Grellow (which isn't a color)
    • Third Place: Blue
    • Fourth Place: Red (#Tiger's Blood)
  • Term I 2012
    • Champions: Green (Captains: Rachel W. and Lauren G.)
    • Runner-Up: Red (Captain: Haroon)
    • Third Place: Tie between Blue (Captain: Shane Reagan) and Grellow (Captain: Jacob T.)
  • Term II 2012
    • Champions: Grellow (by a huge margin)
    • Runner-Up: Blue (pretty sure this is right)
    • Third Place: Green (pretty sure this is right)
    • Fourth Place: Red
  • Term 1 2013
    • Champions: Blue (We pulled through at the last second, Green would've won if it weren't for Day at TIP)
    • Runner Up: Green
    • Third Place: Red
    • Fourth Place: Grellow (Order has been restored)
  • Term 2 2013
    • Champions: Green
    • Runner Up: Sam (Red Team)
    • Third Place: Blue
    • Fourth Place: Grellow (not a color)
  • Term 1 2014
    • Champions: Blue
    • Runner-Up: Tie between Green and Grellow
    • Fourth Place: Red
  • Term 2 2014
    • Champions: Red
    • Runner-up: Blue
    • Runner-runner up: Grellow
    • Last place: Green

~Yours truly

Georgia Tech

At Georgia Tech, it's called Swarmfest, probably because the Tech mascot is a yellowjacket.

Term II 2014 Teams:

  • Red (Red Army)- The champions. Had some interesting communist cheers and special army formations. Was composed of guys. All guys. Many 4th year guys.
  • Green- Had a palm tree. Also Ham.
  • Blue- The 'Aquas.' We made two long lines, with a girl swimming in the middle. Although we were going to make it cooler, we didn't have time to plan it out, so we got 3rd place because of our cheer.
  • Yellow- The Rubber Duckies. The fourth years in this group wore neon yellow. A lot of the girls had trouble finding yellow to wear.

Term I 2015 Teams:

  • Red (Scarlet Fever)- The champions.
  • Green-
  • Blue-
  • Grellow- Not a real color? But Ham's enthusiasm made up for it.