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Wake Forest University

Wake forest The main dance hall at Wake Forest.

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After being used for one summer in 2008, Wake Forest became an official TIP site in 2013. Wake Forest is filled with trees, gardens, and benches, as well as wide open spaces for ultimate. The past few years TIP has used Luter Hall for dorms. (2016 has used Collins, due to Luter undergoing renovations.) At Luter, 2 people are in a room connected to another by a private bathroom with a shower. Despite looking like a prison, the dorms have amenities like minifridges and microwaves not found elsewhere. This has led to those going to Wake Forest for their first and second years often complaining at other campuses.

The rest of Luter Hall includes kitchens and great common rooms on every hallway, air conditioning, and a large lobby split on three floors. The lower lobby has a ping pong table, prohibited soda machines, and media rooms. The Dining Hall and classes are located beside Magnolia Quad, which is a large field where many events are held. Magnolia Quad is only a 5 minute walk from Luter, and hosts 'MagFest', the main sporting activity. The Dining Hall has a great selection of all food groups, like fruits, grains, ice cream, protein, vegetables, and ice cream. There are no major lines or waiting, but it is sometimes filled with other camps. The classrooms are modern, filled with projectors, whiteboards, and air conditioning. There is a small dance hall and a large one, and the large one is better.

There is fast visitor WiFi at Wake Forest that requires a password. The administrative staff may or may not provide you the password but most Tipsters can hack into it by the end of the first week. Standard tradition is to go to a Greensboro Grasshoppers game an hour away and eat popcorn instead of watching the game, as well as getting on the visitor camera. If you go to Wake Forest you can go into Winston Salem for RAG meetings and you might drive into Greensboro if you have time for campus events and/or field trips.

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Don't touch the trees.... ;)


"2016 Term 1"

    • Caroline (BEST RC EVER)
    • Matt (RIP Matt and all the other RC's. You were the best ever)
    • Jakob
    • Jayce
    • Zach
    • Adrianna
    • Marissa
    • Krystal
    • Neff
    • Heather
    • TK
    • JD
    • Josh
    • Adam
    • JR

"2016 Term 2"

    • Neff
    • Annie
    • Erin
    • Jessica
    • Rosa (Rosa Rosa ROSA!) (Corn Crew loves you!)
    • Marissa
    • Kayla
    • JD
    • Heather
    • Sydney (Pokemon Master of the Universe)
    • Henry (SuperRC)
    • TK (a wild TK has been spotted)


2014 Staff

  • Administrative Staff
    • OSD: David
    • RLC: Derek
    • RPA: Lexi
    • AC: Patrick
    • APA: Kelen
    • OC: Janael
    • OA: Charlotte
    • PC: Chris
  • RCs (Both Terms)
    • Mary Willoughby (RHL - she had boys)
    • Scott (RHL)
    • Daniel
    • Lexie (Best RC!!!)
    • Lisa
    • Erica
    • Miles
    • Christian
    • Izzy
    • Colin
    • Ben
    • Joseph
    • Liz
  • Instructional Staff (Instructor & TAs)
    • Brian & Rachel/Tanner - Speculative Fiction & Searching for Clues
    • Adam & JP/Dolly - Engineering Problem Solving
    • Katie & Lindsay/Laura - Stones & Bones
    • Kate & Alan/Victoria - Cryptography
    • Jayme & Matheson/Madi - DNA (Best teachers EVER!!!!) (<- true!!!!!!!!)
    • Gordon & Lauren/Maya - Mock Trial
    • Mark & Julio/Bisi - Business Strategy
    • Justin & Alex - Number Theory (Term 1)
    • Tara & Catherine - Modern Medicine (Term 1)
    • Jim & Bailey - Creative Writing (Term 1)
    • Michael & Catherine - Modern Medicine (Term 2)
    • Hope & James - Myths & Legends (Term 2)
    • Andy & Hannah - Algebra II (Term 2)

2013 Inaugural Staff

  • Administrative Staff
    • OSD: Heidi
    • RLC: Unknown chach
    • AC: Peggy
    • Office: Monique and Charlotte
    • Counselor: Daniel
  • RCs (Term 1)
    • Jasmine (RHL)
    • CJ (RHL)
    • Jillian (RPA)
    • Izzy
    • Meghan
    • Rupali
    • Faris
    • Matt
    • Tex
    • Flo
    • Chloe
    • Lexi
    • Mary Willoughby (she had boys first term. They were the Wildebeests) (she had girls second term. They were the Wallabies)
    • Colin
  • Instructional Staff
    • Andrew (APA)
    • Erika and Emily (Creative Writing)
    • Dana and Allison (Modern Medicine)
    • Thailer and Michael (Mock Trial)
    • Morgan and John (Number Theory)
    • Bryn and Alice (Speculative Fiction)
    • Dr. Doom/Adam and Kat (Engineering Problem Solving)
    • Jeff and Josh (Business Strategies)
    • Jericho and Mallory (Myths and Legends)
    • Elle and Laura (Stones and Bones)
    • Crystal and Joe (Web Apps)
    • Andy and Allie (Algebra II) (the best teachers ever!)


  • TIPSync

The first Wake Forest TIPSync was held on the second Saturday, and Flo's RAG took home the prize. The highlight was Albert in a box and Zane hitting Flo with a T-shirt to the tune of "Sexy and I Know It". Colin's RAG fought valiantly but came up in second, with "Gangam Style", riding Ahad's extreme dance stylings. The staff ended TIPSync by performing CJ's favorite song, "22".

Wake Forest version of Quadfest was named "Magnolia Fest", or "Magfest" for short, after the magnolia trees on the quad. The Black (Flo, CJ, Jasmine, and Meghan's RAGs) team dominated the competition, winning by a thousand points (not verified). Events included Cheesy Poof Toss, Day at TIP, and Pudding Scoop.

  • Cage of Death

This was Faris' dodgeball activity, held in the caged-in basketball court. No one died, but we did manage to pop a brand-new dodgeball.

  • Talent Show

The talent show started off the last night. There were many singers, a few dancers, and some Rubix cube experts (like John. He solved a rubix cube blind-folded). After the student performances, the instructional staff performed "Harry Potter Puppet Pals" and were awesome.

Other Notable Things

  • Flizzy (;)) (and Jezzy, might I add)
  • The trampoline park: Faris took his RAG there and it was awesome. Many RCs followed his example until halfway through 2014 Term 2, when Trampoline Park RAG Nights were banned by Main Office.
  • Chloe took her kids blackberry picking for their night off!
  • Matt's Karaoke nights
  • EPS cardboard chairs and egg drop activities (Oh, and we launched rockets! Well, until that was cancelled by Wake 2014 Term 2.)
  • Bible camp took over the cafeteria
  • RIP the ping-pong room
  • Unknown chach's obsession with Kanye West
  • Chiddy Chiddy Bang Bang = the worst movie ever. (Term 1 2014)
  • Izzy's desktop background (Term 1 2014)
  • The Grasshoppers game (Which was not done Term 2 2017)
  • Breaking the WiFi (term two only)
  • Derek doesn't wear shoes
  • Team Money wins it all, with chants of "Money!!" from the sidelines (Term 2, 2014)
  • Miles wore a pigeon mask to scare kids using electronics after lights out. Some people figured out that they could close the blinds and not get caught.
  • We got in trouble for stealing pineapples from the cafeteria.
  • The crazy concoction, the Baja Blast was created (Term 2, 2014)
  • The Fall
  • The Milk Curse (Milk incident)
  • Preston kissed Michael
  • Four Fire alarms in one term. (2018 Term 2)
  • Big Juicy

TIP TERM 2 2017

• "get a hallway" • the stairwell • "uh huh" • "can I get an esss" • "women are equal and deserve respect" • all gender bathrooms • the viberating washer in the laundry room • Warshad • " Youreee not fooling anyoneee" • OH YEAHHH • "that's sexual" •"leave room for Jesus"