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This is Abbie's RAG's page. This is also page filler since I don't know what to write.


  • RC Abbie
  • Reau
  • Chloe
  • Bella
  • Simone
  • Miranda
  • Grace-Anna (Guppie)
  • Sreya
  • Autumn
  • Lizzie
  • Sophie
  • Natalie



  • Reau
  • Chloe and Bella
  • Simone and Miranda
  • Natalie and Grace-Anna
  • Lizzie and Sophie
  • Autumn and Sreya

OTPs (A.K.A. RelationTIPs)

  • Abbie/Hunter (Hunbie!!!)
  • Guppie/Nicolás (Gupilás)
  • Reau/Jake (...Rake?)
  • Simone/Creston
  • Lizzie/Liam (until they broke up, subjecting poor Liam to many threats, including having his hair messed up)
  • Chloe/Jaylen

Interesting Events

  • "The Flirt War" on Hunter's RAG

After we stole Hunter's RAG's seats at the cafeteria, they felt the need to get revenge. So, they came to our newly claimed seats and showered us with napkins in a seemingly generous act of kindness, but Abbie knew what was really going on. "They're fighting fire with water," she whispered. "Now we just need to do the same." We decided to do this by flirting with them. After that meal, Lizzie went over to Hunter's RAG, told them they were sweet, and ruffled their hair. Unfortunately, this did not have the intended effect and the only result was that Hunter's RAG realized earlier than the rest of TIP that Lizzie was a very strange, awkward creature. (However, this didn't matter to Lizzie, as she had moved on to flirt with more willing victims, one of which decided to form a relationtip with the strange and awkward child.) Many us us thought that after this, the Flirt War had blown over. However, in a supreme act of trickery, Guppie continued the War by going out with Nicolás while at the same time denying any real relationship.

  • Magfest

As the Green team, we (pretty much) won Magfest. We won spirit, therefore trumping Grellow, who tried their best, but could not possibly manage to be as spirited as THE HULK! Even if we had to sacrifice our voices for it... Looking at you, Simone. (For at least a week after, many were subjected to the terrible sound that is someone singing with a lost voice) But when the total points were added, the score was exactly even. For the first time in tipstory, Magfest had ended in a tie. A trivia match was called upon to decide the winner. Grellow won the final trivia match, as they just happened to have an abundance of math and geography savvy people... Because half of them swallowed textbooks.

  • The Target trip

For our second RAG night, we chose to go to Target. Many of us thought we should do something called "not blow all our money". However, some wouldn't have it. One girl (guess who) spent an impressive amount on fruit snacks and t-shirts, enough to actually blow every dollar she had, and ended up having to deplete the impressive stach of makeup she had chosen to purchase. The trip resulted in a night of running screaming down the halls, scaring mothers out of the way with our carts (oops...), and yelling "YAY, CIVILIZATION".

  • TIP-bola 2K15

At first, we numbered 12. Then, tipsters started dropping ill with a new disease commonly know as TIP-bola (dun DUN DUUUNN). By the end of the second week, two of us had to leave TIP altogether because of this new sickness. Let us now have a moment of silence for the sick. However, something still had to be done. Simone and Guppie, the two remaining Mod. Med. tipsters, and the rest of their class did a mini-study on the illness so that no tipster would ever have to suffer through that again.

  • TIPsync

For our TIPsync performance, we chose the song Wannabe by the Spice Girls. After many long hours of practicing, we finally had the perfect dance. During the actual competition, we certainly saw some tough competitors, one of which was Liz's RAG with "Don't Stop Believing". Another fierce performance was Hunter's RAG with "I Really Like You". During the duration of this song, our entire RAG was fangirling in whisper-screams about Nicolás, who told Guppie through a serenade of pointing that he really really really really really really really liked her. However, none topped the wonderous, sassiful performance that was our dance. Everyone in the audience was surprised when the judges announced that the winner was Colin's RAG. Their entire TIPsync consisted on putting on lipstick to look like Miley Cyrus (Porter, one of the two Mileys, looked so much like her that we decided he was to be called Miley for the rest of TIP) and running screaming from behind the curtains. To date, we are investigating allegations of bribery from the judges, who were clearly not in their right minds when the decision was made.

Inside Jokes

  • #peeledthebanana
  • The other RAGs #wannabe like us
  • CAHYOOTs and EWWs
  • Frozen is life
  • You're a fire hazard/liability!!
  • We are girted

About Abbie

Known by all for being completely amazing, Abbie is the best RC. She led cheers to keep the Tipsters from possibly revolting numerous times, didn't really care if an open door was a liability, and was also known for scaring Liam at times. She was shipped with Hunter: Hunbie!.(HUNBIE IS REEEEAL!!!)(She tried to cover up the realness of Hunbie by giving Hunter a fake name, but her girls knew the truth all along. 😊) She made Duke Tip the sweetest!! <3 Love you Abbie

A Little Note About Tip 2015

We can all agree Duke Tip will remain in our hearts forever (I'm really emotional right now so I decided to add this) and I know that all of us have made friendships that are so special and will last for a long long time. I don't know how I would keep going sometimes without the memories of these three weeks, the best three weeks of my life, to make me smile. I know that if I ever get sad or lonely I have all my friends from Tip to talk to, and they understand. Even when the eew parts of life come around I want anyone reading this to remember you have a family at Tip, and you have these amazing memories to help you through everything. At Tip I could be myself and not be judged. All I felt was unconditional love from everyone, and unlike sometimes when I have to face girls in my regular life and the love is fake, the love and friends you make at Tip are real. Keep these memories. Keep these friends. And you'll be okay, promise. Also remember that Hunbie is real and that should make you happy if all else fails. :))))))