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Hunbie is a RelationTIP between the RCs Hunter and Abbie during the first term at Wake Forest of 2015. For three weeks, both denied it, but their RAGs ("The_Turtles" and The Sweet Society) knew along that they were dating. They have inspired hashtags such as #hunbieisreal and #hunbie4life

The Denial: Abbie's Side

Though Abbie's RAG guessed from the first day that she was dating Hunter, she came up with a very elaborate scheme to keep it secret. This involved a fake boyfriend known to all as "Will". "Will" was basically an exact description of Hunter, which Abbie probably thought we wouldn't notice.

The Discovery: Abbie's Side

During the very last RAG meeting of the term, Abbie told us that she had only one announcement to make. She showed us the screensaver on her laptop, and said four simple words: "Hunter is my boyfriend." Her screensaver was a picture of Hunter kissing her. The result of this statement was some very impressive fangirling, and screams so loud that the RLC, Moses, had to come check on us to make sure we weren't dying. Though we were alright physically, we were still dying inside. From the feels. :D

The Reveal: Hunter's Side

During the last rag meeting, Hunter's rag played amnesty, a game in which you ask Hunter a series of questions and he must answer truthfully, and the first question asked was if himself and Abbie were a thing. The inevitable answer was yes, his exact words were " Abbie and I (Hunter) have been dating for about a year". Hunbie has been and is a thing. It did not however come as a shock, because we had our suspicions from the first dance. However, the whole rag did do the mind blown thing with their hands and made the explosion noise.

Why it's a thing, you ask

  • Constant teasing
  • Won the best friend contest (though it was more than best friends all along!)
  • Best friends before relationship