Wake Forest TIP 2019 term 1

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To see RC's and Staff members, including TA's, Admin, and Instructors, go here --> [1].

Memories/inside jokes

- one at 3:45 am

  • basketball court on last night
  • knocking the ceiling tiles
  • burning food, cookies, popcorn, etc. in microwaves
  • first floor kitchen banned
  • shrek
  • talent show
  • tipsync
  • trying to go to starbucks and chick-fil-a if possible
  • waiting in lunch/dinner lines forever due to other camps
  • dances were long but ok
  • rain, lots of rain
  • September
  • Periodt
  • Don't get stuck in the trashcan
  • RC Keara's
  • Swag surfer
  • ramen black market of term 1 2019
  • District 22's Talent Show
  • the TrEes arE 5000 dOllArs
  • frat 'boys'
  • statue
  • oops, sorry, wrong floor
  • Shronkey (Shronk-eh) and Drek (Drék)
  • ”Can we see your keys”


  • September
  • American Pie - OG TIP song
  • cha cha slide
  • All star
  • cotton eye Joe
  • electric shuffle
  • going bad
  • american boy
  • lip gloss
  • cupid shuffle
  • act up
  • iris
  • 24k magic
  • Crusin’ for A Brusin’
  • Tequila (but Tortilla)

Amnesty Night, a.k.a last night at TIP

  • lots of running from admin because they were checking rooms >:\
  • some kids went out to the basketball court
  • some kids (smartyboi) , with the swag surfer , ran around blasting music
  • a kid was crawling around the ceiling tiles
  • a whole all-nighter downstairs in the basement
  • guy was caught with girls
  • Big Tastyyy had 10 boys in one room
  • “Megan” had the most people in her room including 10 girls and Alan (11 in total)


  • shaggy's coming
  • doNt tOucH thE tReeS
  • watch out for church kids/steeple people
  • don't dump food in the dish return, wasn't ever TIPsters, always the church kids
  • don't forget to add water to ramen or you burn it
  • don't try to microwave a cookie @Gerard
  • fight for a seat in the lunch room when church kids are here
  • don't eat the beef, lots of kids got a stomach ache one day
  • watch out for the middle field on the QUAD, the mud smells like poop
  • lots of rain
  • hot
  • be careful while using the microwaves
  • don't back your chair up into the fire alarm
  • some AC's are broken
  • a kid went #2 on the second floor c wing bathroom
  • sometimes the shower heads break (Collins) (Alonah)


  • Sydney/Elliott/Erik
  • Christina L./Luke
  • Sadie/Steven
  • Ocean/Jiggly Jonah
  • Ava/Raleigh
  • Saniya/Chester
  • Carina/Hayden
  • Olivia/Isiah
  • Raylene/Danielle
  • Chloe/Jackson
  • Shayla/Om
  • Treya/Golfboys
  • Arwen/Stephano
  • Brianne/Benton


  • Volleyball with RC Grant during free times sometimes
  • Ultimate frisbee on quad, watch out for mud pits, they stank
  • time after breakfast and lunch
  • football (throwing/kicking/catching), often a big group of kids try to catch a thrown ball
  • playing shaggy hunt - running to starbucks without him catching you
  • QuadFest - red team won, rained
  • basketball on the last night


  • a sprained foot, had to use crutches
  • some girl pulled a muscle in her chest ouch
  • sprained thumb
  • broken toe
  • A girl got whiplash twice because of intense headbanging during dances


many notable and weird songs were done

  • winner - BIG TASTYYY, District 13, did September by Earth, Wind, and Fire
  • row row row your boat - district 4, wasn't lip-synced, all of them shouted it
  • in the lion the lion jungle, there were two worms, Ashwin and Raleigh and sachin was billy bouncing
  • mixup of songs including we didn't start the fire - district 9

talent show

  • winner - Sachin and Let it Go
  • Ocean and Arwen poured water over each other
  • bigtasty boys and Chester sang " just the way you are" but changed just for chester
  • Ashwin and Raleigh snd tequila, but tortilla
  • isiah played the violin with a kazoo accompaniment
  • “Megan” and group of girls dressed up in avenger masks and danced
  • a girl did ballet
  • Saniya sang the Climb with Claire, after a heartfelt message to all TIPsters about a great term

Special Honors

  • Steven of District 4 was made an RC during last week. Known as RC STEVEN
  • um, not sure if this is an honor but Shaggy had a pin made after him
  • Jake the tech guys was given the name Jake from State Farm, and he invented the T-Pose


tips and tricks for future TIPsters

  • you can open up the ceiling tiles of Collins
  • sell food, like Ramen black market of term 1 2019
  • to avoid waking up early for breakfast, go with second round and sneak in, works approved by a real TIPster
  • there are two side entrances to dining hall
  • watch out for mud pits on quad fields
  • there's a campus dog in one of the Quad buildings, good luck finding it, name is Glacier (dog), golden retriever
  • each hall has a staircase leading to corresponding wing (Collins), good for sneaking to other floors on last night :0
  • order food to building on Sundays
  • can make your own pins, order them online

District 12