Swag surfer

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Wake Forest University Term 1, 2019 Wake Forest TIP 2019 term 1

A group of best friends from Modern Medicine. Named the Swag Surfers after the big boy dance. A very chill group of people, are open and friendly unless you aren't. Has all the camp tea. Always having fun ngl, catch them up on third floor jamming out and chilling. Very supportive of each other and will be ready to pull up on Person 1, iykyk. Have their own pin, the PERIODT pin.

Inside Jokes:

  • Big boy stay back swag surf wave cap
  • Honeybumpkins
  • ET Fingers
  • Bumper chairs
  • Running in the ran
  • hiBernAte
  • "Look at the birds!!"
  • We irritating
  • Egg cigarettes
  • Cheese=Heroin
  • Infection


  • full crackheads during class and break
  • will play bumper chairs
  • will roll down grassy hills
  • catch them out on the volleyball court
  • making ramen for the ramen market
  • jamming out to rap on the third floor
  • throwing hands, ALMOST throwing hands
  • making squad bracelets
  • making their PERIODT pin
  • running around Collins on the last night blasting music
  • running across the quad in the rain
  • shaggy
  • going to SBUX and Chick-fil-a
  • basically every memory ever was OG
  • hanging with BIG TASTY ppl