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Wake Forest TIP 2019 term 1

OG Swag surfer member. Term 1, WFU, 2019. Always had ALL the tea. By far the best at big boy dancing. Always laid across the other swag surfers during break time. Member of BIG TASTYYYY. Golden hour photos were his speciality. Always there to dance with you at prom. Kept most of the crackhead energy of the [Swag surfer]s under control and kept them from getting kicked out.

things he did:

  • dance all the time
  • be a statue
  • make sure [swag surfers] shut up sometimes and are good kids
  • take the best golden hour pictures
  • play wild ping-pong with another swag surfer member
  • be a nice TIPster
  • lay on other swag surfers during break
  • don't put stuff in his hair