Christina L.

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Wake Forest TIP 2019 term 1

OG Swag surfer. Term 1, WFU, 2019. Twin 2. The sweetest person ever, but was ready to fight anyway who tried to steal her man (iykyk). Very talkative but had good tea/crackhead talk. KENDALLLL was originated from her. She would always be found talking or breaking rules with Sydney. "She said oh you RICH RICH". Always there for you no matter what. If you are close with her, can catch her in her crackhead mode. Best at running to Starbucks to get orders for her class.

things she did

  • Once forgot to put water with her ramen, burned it, almost set off fire alarm, was banned from a wing third floor kitchen by Grant.
  • Figured out how to get breakfast while sleeping in and going with second round.
  • a real crackhead
  • would be a statue
  • will sneak up to 2nd floor bathroom @ meals with Sydney
  • opened the case around fire alarm and set off mini alarm

breakfast TIP

  • 1.sleep in and go with the"non-breakfast" kids
  • 2. sneak in with side staircase
  • 3. go into breakfast
  • 4. eat, kinda fast before TA's line up
  • 5. you get sleep and food, 2 in 1