District 13

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Also known as BIG TASTYYY, was an all boy group located on third floor c wing, under supervision of RC Imani. This district held many of the chillest kids and craziest of this camp. For example, Will/William B., Kyan, and Elliott/Erik. They were very fun to hang out with, Swag surfer members often hung out with some people of District 13 and Imani.

Things they did

  • jump over furniture
  • always get in trouble with Imani - Will, Erik, Luke, Hayden
  • stay up past lights out
  • win TIPsync
  • make September, their TIPSync song, famous throughout camp
  • hyping up all dances
  • captain marvel, iykyk -oof
  • peanut taps, iykyk
  • ramen black market of term 1 2019
  • Greatest Showman commentary and flashlight waving, iykyk