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Wake Forest TIP 2019 term 1

Livest person at TIP term 1, WFU 2019. Always getting in trouble but always having a great time. Spotted on the dance floor at all times bussing down and leading the "turn down for what" hype. Has a girlfriend, who is super pretty, so don't even try. He is extremely loyal to his gf and always wore her choker, facetimed her, and showed her him playing volleyball, which was her sport. A god at ultimate frisbee, always see catching them/snatching them from the air before it got to others. Part of District 13. Also known as Creepy Uncle Will. Don't mess with him, will roast you to ashes. Best freestyler out there. Was part of crypt. class. Always save him fries if you go to chick-fil-a. Will do a jello shot.