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    • Also known as Mr. Mettam

Wake Forest TIP 2019 term 1

Nicknamed Shaggy by unnamed sources, was not appreciated by many TIPsters. Often seen in front of Renoylda Hall, dining hall, with a purple pool noodle hanging out of his backpack. Follows the rules to the very letter and will Shaggy run after you if you go to Starbucks. Would not give Business Strat term1 at WFU 2k19 any Starbucks after saying that he would and would drink some in front of them. Was so "honored", a pin was made after him and given to him. Tall, looks like shaggy but doesn't possess any shaggy power.


If he returns to TIP, he will absolutely continue to be strict on the rules, especially ones regarding lanyards or cell phones.