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Golf Boys


These people are very easy to spot in a crowd. Like very easy. You will see they sporting a white cap, will have tan khakis on, and a polo shirt. These shirts are usually green, blue, white, or pink. At times their lanyard will hang from a pocket, along with golf gloves. Ranging from short to tall, will travel in herds.

How to Approach

Yet again, any non-TIPster is a threat. Again, they most likely have a team of lawyers. Do not engage. If necessary, show off your shoelace, display it proudly on your neck, and maintain good posture. Anyone with bad posture will be a marked target as a future caddy for them. You don't want to end up as a golf-club carrying person, a caddy. Keep any whiff of fear hidden, they smell everything. For maximum sneak, fill your pockets with golf balls, the scent will override any scent of fear you have. Around 30 golf balls will protect you for at least 5 minutes. Do not make skin-to-skin contact, they might contaminate you with golfing addiction.


Mainly seen hanging around in front of the dining hall or walking around the quad, they will walk in herds. Many will pick on younger/shorter TIPsters. Do not succumb to their teasing. Our camp cost more probably. Will also take up tons of unnecessary space at meal times. Fight for food as well, they will feed their golf carts and clubs if you don't act fast enough. Often checking in with lawyers to see if you are violating any gights (golf boy rights).


Similar to protection. A lanyard filled with pins, 15 or more, will keep you safe. Stay within the protection radius of your RC. Also, keep golf balls on you to use as distraction. IF they come for you, throw a golf ball in the opposite direction, avoid TIPster's bodies, it will distract the golf boys for a mere moment. This is a matter of life or death. If brave enough, shout "ultimate" (as in ultimate frisbee) "is better." However, this isn't always effective for they might call their lawyer for hurting their geelings (golf boy feelings).

How Long They Stay

It depends. Sometimes, they stay for only a week, and sometimes up to one and a half or even two weeks. Watch out, they hide in trees too. Try to have a enjoyable TIP experience while they reside on campus. Avoid any interaction and pray to your RC God/TIP lord for them to leave quickly. Pray to Church Kids at your own risk.