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About Roman

A mecha RC.
Roman in real life.
  • He was the mecha RC of Duke West 2014.
  • He was also the mecha RC (a.k.a. RLC) at Wake Forest 2013. He was totally awesome and everyone's favorite staff member.
  • Cool
    • Edit: Was cool, but then it became 2015, and he became "better than that".
  • Not good at ultimatum game, would not recommend for psych experiments
  • Update: His tattoo is from the Latin chant, O Salutaris Hostia. A better translation is Our foes press hard on every side. Which is about overcoming adversity. This was found out by Wright Coffman and Abby Hollmann, who are mildly obsessed with figuring out his tattoos.
  • Roman is totally bae
  • According to legend, saying "BOOM!" loud enough summons a genie form of Roman, who will then grant the shouter three wishes.
  • Roman has admitted that on some days, he is asexual, but he claims that this does not define his identity.
  • If you and your friends are sitting by the staircase eating food you got from the store on RAG night, he won't say anything if you offer him vegan chocolate chip cookies.
  • Roman has another tattoo which says, "nihil enim sunt dies mei" which translated is "for my days are nothing." For further meaning look up Job 7:16
  • At some point after West 2015, Roman got a tattoo on one of his fingers that reads "memento mori", which can be translated as "remember that we have to die". It can also refer to any reminder or warning of death/mortality.


  • "density of child"
  • "Hush my babies"
  • "#dontforgettopoop"- from the daily schedule
  • "I love the Gilmore Girls"
  • "your day is jam packed with DOPENESS" from the daily schedule
  • "You don't need sun screen because you can't get a sun burn after 4 o'clock."
  • (about the Boom Squad) "Oh. Oh, it's them. Why is everything them?!"

Roman at Wake Forest 2013

Anyone who went to WFU can tell you that Roman was by far the coolest person they have ever met.

  • During Term 1, he held an evening activity called "anonymous nice notes" where we designed templates for people to write nice things to each other. The activity kind of fell apart when Ella jokingly winked at a girl and the girl started screaming about how she wasn't a lesbian, but it was still a totally cute idea.
  • Sources (by which I mean Roman) say that during Term 2 he let some TIPsters spray paint his car. He says he was surprised by the lack of penises.
  • Roman is probably the only person who loves Kanye more than Kanye loves Kanye. Roman also loves Roman more than Kanye loves Kanye.

In conclusion, Roman is love; Roman is life.




There was a decent amount of research put into his tattoos, seen below.

Roman, your tattoo is from the Latin chant, O Salutaris Hostia. The adapted English version means are foes press hard on every side. This quote can be found in the last two verses of "Eucharistic Hymns", written by St. Thomas Aquinas, who lived from 1225 to 1274. He wrote it because Pope Urban IV, asked him to write a prayer for the institution of the Feast of Corpus Christi, which was in 1264. The prayer is still used in the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. A similar quite can be found The American Standard Version of the Bible, in 2 Corinthians 4:8, "pressed on every side". The quote and others like this, are about overcoming problems, and about not being afraid to stand up against oppression. As shown in the original poem, where the speaker is praying God, to give him the strength to over come the problems in their homeland. The problem is possibly war, religious persecution, oppression, and other various issues.

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"2 Corinthians 4:8 - We Are Hard Pressed on Every Side, but Not Crushed; Perplexed, but Not in Despair;." Bible Study Tools. Bible Study Tools, 2014. Web. 14 June 2015.

-Wright, on one of Roman's tattoos

Also this one:

Okay another bible quote! This one is from Job 7:16 it says roughly, "My days are nothing". This means that, in the context of the story at least, the world view of wanting God to be the answer of why we exist is pointless. This ties into Nietzsche who believes it would be braver to believe that God is dead. When God is dead, death is not to be feared since it represents nothing other than the conclusion of a life. His principals are based off of nihilism. Ultimately there are no rules for human life, no absolute values, no certainties. Truth can only come from an individual disregards everything that is traditionally "important." Only then can they live an authentic and successful human life. Also, autonomy could only mean freedom from all external constraints on life. Nietzsche believes that the ultimate self betrayal is to submit freedom to a fictitious God. He believes that people are afraid to live only use our wills, and we need to create religion to understand why life is so terrible. The underlying meaning of the tattoo is that to look for a reason in why life is so terrible is stupid. In order to really enjoy life is to except that life is terrible and you just have to get over it and go on making each day tolerable. However, life is pretty awesome while it's happening. No one knows why we're here or what we're supposed to be doing but sometimes things can be amazing.

-Wright again

Roman is a god

Yes he is. If you would take a look at him and how awesome he looks, you’ll get my point. Any person who interacts with him in any form or way possible is considered awesome.