Spencer Morris

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Spencer Morris
Outside of the Union in his fourth year
Campus(es) Texas A&M, Duke East
Attended 2007 - 2010
Course(s) Revolution and Terror, Bach to Rock, Criminal Minds
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Spencer Morris was a half-Jewish tipster from 2007-2010 (Texas A&M, Duke East). He is well known for his loud voice, humor, height, sideburns, girlfriend, and encyclopedic sports knowledge to rival that of David Freed. Notable accomplishments include: the creation of the "electric doorstop" with Nick Henriquez, Alexander Lloyd George and Evan Gold his fourth year; participation in the legendary Trololipsync act; as well as the retrieval of a frisbee stolen by a Young Writer during the only game of the team "If We Beat You, You Suck."

He also participated in the Breakfast One and was a makeup artist in the 2010 Doctor, Doctor skit. Spencer additionally speaks in his sleep, much to the amusement of his fourth year roommate, Frank James.