Frank James

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Frank James
Frank in Ninth Street
Campus(es) Duke East
Attended 2008 - 2010
Course(s) Revolution and Terror, Apocalypse Soon, Bach to Rock
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Francesco Benjamin James was a TIPster 2008-2010, most known for bearing a striking resemblance to Ellen Page in Hard Candy, being a womanizer, wearing the hat, being the younger brother of Kinky Tom and Michael James, and being a member of the all-mighty triple bromance-- the Triforce.

Frank was also the captain of the frisbee team "If We Beat You, You Suck," which never won a game. Despite this, his fourth year class was in the finals of the class Ultimate tournament. However, they did lose(to AFUNC) in the end.

Because of his strong resemblance to Ellen Page, Frank always took Wear a Skirt Wednesday very seriously, even taking the alternate name [REDACTED] his third year.

Frank was the Mort in his fourth year Doctor, Doctor skit, participated in the Yatta festivities, participated in the togaing of B. Duke, organized the 2010 Basset Quadfest cheer (Pulp Fiction-style) and was a part of the Trololipsyc.

His totem (see Inception) is Baby Llama. However, he clearly doesn't know how to do this business, because a ridiculous number of people have held her.

Even within the Triforce, his bromance with Max Silbiger is legendary in its closeness and intimacy. Max loves him.

Frank was an RC at TIP at Davidson College for the 2013 summer, though he was mistaken for a tipster more than once. He lived on the third floor of Belk. Frank was also an RC at West in 2014. #frankislovefrankislife

Frank was also called the following by his RAG at Duke West Term I 2014; Dad, Daddy, Papa, Papa Frank, Big Papa, Kanye, and very rarely, "Frank". This started when John Swift went to Sunday services which "Frank" just so happened to be chaperoning. John then proceeded to place his hand on "Frank's" head when they said to bless their fathers. When asked why he put his hand on "Frank's" head, he simply replied, "You were the closest thing I had to a dad then." We didn't stop calling him that and when he signed our termbooks he even wrote, "My Son". The name of the group of Papa Frank's followers is Frankism.

relationTiP Frank/every female in the universe kakaaaaaaw!

Is this Frank, or Ellen?
Bromance sweet as cookies & cream.

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James Hunter Archer