Max Silbiger

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Max Silbiger
Max sporting one of his traditional crazy hats.
Campus(es) Davidson, Duke East, Duke West
Attended 2007 - 2010
Course(s) Architecture, Macro, Apocalypse Soon, Cancer Bio, Symbols and Structure
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Year TIPyear Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate
2007 1st Davidson II Belk Greg Jesse Meredith
2008 2nd Duke East II Macroeconomics Alspaugh 2nd Floor Justin James Kang
2009 3rd Duke East II Brown 2nd Floor Amaresh Alex Sugg + Michael He
2010 4th Duke West I P 2nd Floor Nathan Robbie Franklin
2010 4th Duke East II Symbols and Structure Bassett 2nd Floor Winfield Whittington III Brandon Read