David Freed

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David Freed
Frito, left, on Hipster Tipster Tuesday.
Campus(es) Duke East
Attended 2008 - 2010
Course(s) Writing with Power, Apocalypse Soon, Bach to Rock
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David Freed was a TIPster from 2008 through 2010. In 2009, he was passed the Frisbee and captain-hood of the Lazer Dragons, with good reason. David was the greatest frisbee player in his time, leading his fourth year class, Bach to Rock, to the finals of the class frisbee tournament and nearly taking the cup (2-3) against the stacked , despite being the underdogs. David also held the Triforce of Power in the triple bromance Triforce along with Max Silbiger, and Frank James.

His skills are not limited to Ultimate, however - he is a highly competent tennis player, which manifested itself in his domination of Mario Tennis in Bassett Commons.

His Jewish heritage has been the subject of much mockery, though all in good faith, by his fellow Triforce members as well as the outside world. Many speculate his many years of experience with penny-pinching led him to become the ridiculously skilled Mario Party 2 player he is today. (Though when other Jews such as Michael "Sex" Nirenberg and Spencer Morris are involved, the competition heats up.)

Student vs Staff game

David and co-captain Nico Lake led the Lazer Dragons to a 15-3 victory over the staff- possibly the biggest blowout in all of TIP student-staff game history. The score would prove a sticking point between David and his TA, Peter Sloan, with Peter calling 15-3 "the worst thing I have ever seen."