Lillian Erickson

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Lillian Erickson
Lilliaffe at Honey's
Campus(es) Duke East
Attended 2008 - 2010
Course(s) Screen writing, Apocalypse Soon, Symbols and Structure
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Lillian "Lilliaffe" "Lilsy-Pillsy-Lemon-Swillsy" "Lollian" "Lil' Ian" "Lily Potter" "Vladmira" Erickson was well known for many tipster memes. Never without a camera, she has the leading high score for the most amount of pictures taken at a single term (3215). Lillian was the first to notice the similarities between Frank James and Ellen Page; Lillian also set the precedent for people with spirit animals, hers being the majestic giraffe. Due to her brutal honesty, the members of the Triforce actually were intimidated by her in varying degrees until their fourth year when everything was wonderful. Lillian was, and to this day remains, quite hackable. Try it.

Frank and Lillian seem to be constantly embroiled in some sort of argument, ranging from sloths vs goats to epistemological concepts- a strange development from their initial encounter doing laundry at the same time in 2008 (Lillian sang Phantom of the Opera songs at Frank while he attempted to look cool by staring nonchalantly at the wall while listening to his mp3 player).

Lillian was unique in that she met her boyfriend, Spencer Morris, at TIP their second year, realized they lived in the same city, and got together between their third and fourth years. TIP influencing real life? Why yes, it is! They broke up though so this isn't really applicable anymore derp

She organized Texas Tipsgiving 2010 because she rolls like that. Pictures and descriptions of the amazingness that will ensue are forthcoming!

Lillian was a member of Trololipsync in her fourth year, but was no stranger to the tipsync stage! Her second year, she was involved in a sarcastic Hannah Montana cover. In addition, in her fourth year, Lillian played Director in the Doctor, Doctor skit.

Mysterious Will

In her fourth year will, Lillian decided that it would be lots of fun for people to play a game, so she bequeathed the following matching game, notably arranged in alphabetical order:

1. A real orange lanyard

2. A sherpa, defibrillator, corkscrew, walrus, and sweet relish

3. Baking supplies

4. Black Paper

5. Bocce set and eight months

6. "Cedric, nooo"

7. Everything else

8. Find the ear

9. Hax

10. Headbands

11. iPod

12. Kitty, belly, height

13. Pictures

14. Shandog

15. Staff

16. Stoop

17. Syrup

A. Amanda and everyone else who couldn't come

B. Bassett music room

C. Celina

D. Donatello

E. Eita

F. Frankwell (Frank James)

G. Frito (David Freed)

H. Honorary Fourth Years Garrison and Jordan

I. Jay's RAG

J. Joseph/Jack/Jake

K. Kate.

L. Maximilien Haxalillian/Tatie (Max Silbiger)

M. Nick and Xandman

N. Olivia

O. Peter (Peter Bushman)

P. Spencer (Spencer Morris)

Q. Symbols/Structures

R. Waffles

To this day, no one has any idea what the answers are.


All of Lillian's pictures from 2010 [1]