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Jello Snarfle is a Quadfest, Summerfest, PITfest, Palmfest, Swarmfest, Magfest, and EPIC/BREK/DAWGfest event where the TIPster must run up to a bowl of jello, lie down on his or her stomach, and shove his or her face in the jello and eat it all without hands. It is MUCH harder than it appears. A surprisingly large amount of jello will fit in a plastic bowl and it must basically be inhaled without gagging to win. People participating have been trained rigorously by their fellow teammates to swallow the jello as fast as 3-4 seconds. You must be warned though, it can be NASTY jello, depending on which campus you go to.

The word "snarfle" has become a TIP word of sorts. Like saying "llama" to East Term II people, if you say "snarfle" to any TIPster, they'll react in awe that you too are a TIPster. In the words of , "If you think someone is a TIPster, say 'snarfle' to them. If they're a TIPster, they'll react to you. If they're not, they'll just think you're strange."

Not to be confused with "snarkle" (see meesh).


At Term II 2010, Jello Snarfle was announced as cancelled. TiPsters were outraged. When the staff was asked why, they gave a medley of responses. One RC, Amanda of UGA, said the following: "The first term, and last year too, there was too much throwing up. TiPsters were barfing everywhere. That's not something the administration wants. So they sent out an official notice banning Jello Snarfle. Sorry guys." Although, the following year, 2011, Jello Snarfle was reintroduced. The one year cancellation was rather puzzling, but generally overlooked. From the looks of it, the Jello Snarfle has been cancelled once again for Term I 2018, and it may well be for good this time.

Duke East

At East II 2003, there was a variation called Jello Snarfle, Extreme. The extreme part consisted of chili powder and oyster sauce mixed in the jello. The result was much vomiting.

Greatest Snarfle Athletes

Roman Mina: possibly one of the greatest Dawgfest atheletes of alltime. He was assentially the Wayne Gretzgy of Dawgfest: good at eerything. After his team was neck and neck with opposition in the race, he dove, sliding four feet into the bowl and knocking the contents out. Like a true warrior, he slurped it up from the grass in less than two seconds and ran back, winning the event.

Jacob Garrison: At Dawgfest 2012 and 2013 dropped to the ground and was up almost instantly. He coached the Yellow Team in 2013 on how to do it perfectly so that the final player had enough time to casually eat her jello and still come in 1st place.

Alex Arze: During Quadfest 2013 at West Term II, he did a jump slide through the dirt, grabbed a chunk of jello, snarfled it, and proceeded to bring a chunk of bowl out with his next and final bite. This single maneuver was enough to pull the Blue team in front of Red (AKA Sam) team. He then proceeded to run back and collapse in pain due to landing on the wrong place while sliding.

Pierce Risinger: During Festuary 2014 at the Marine Lab, he sprinted to his bowl, immeadiately dropping to the floor. After literally no time at all he gots back up again. Then he performed an epic baseball slide; which gave the green team an enormous lead; but we still managed to lose it. Many shouted "HE DIDNT EAT IT!!!" but the bowl was empty' thus making him a snarfle legend.

Thomas Holder: After his unprecedented success during Quadfest 2016, he decided to take his snarfling skills elsewhere.