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PITfest is a great Duke TIP at ASU tradition. It occurs on the second Saturday of the term. RC groups are split up into four different teams, represented by colors. The PITfest teams come up with their own name. Names in the past have included Blue Meanies (PITfest Champions '05), Red Bulls, Green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, White M.O.B., Grey Manatees, and other names, a few clever, most corny. The greatest name of all came for Term 1 2009, as the winners of that year were dubbed the Green Flaming Pandas (GFP ya you know me!!!) Teams are generally split up as follows, 1st year girls with 4th year boys (this team hardly ever wins), 2nd/3rd year girls with 1st and 3rd year boys (this team almost always wins), 3rd/4th year girls, 1st/2nd/3rd year boys (they have a slight chance), 1st/2nd year girls, 2nd/3rd year boys (even slighter chance). Perhaps the most daring team name of all came in '05 when the 4th year boys named their team the "Green Trojans." They maintained that their name was TIP appropriate because Trojans refered not to condoms, but to the Greek soldiers. The team cheer: "We'll rape you on the field with our Green Trojan Shield."

In recent years, since ASU became a first and second year only place, the teams are fairly balanced. There are always Red, Blue, Green, and then one other team that changes color almost every year. For whatever reason, the fourth team (purple team in 2010) almost never wins, while green team almost always wins.

Kids are signed up for the games for the most part unwillingly. Games include Cheesy Poof Face (shaving cream, cheetos, and throwing are involved), Rock Tree Bridge (kids pretending to be trees, rocks, bridge, and running involved), Dizzy Bat (spinning around til you want to puke while using a bat), Jello Snarfle (this takes much preparation; boys usually practice at every meal that serves jello causing much disgust by girls sitting around them), Tug of War (if you don't know what this is, you shouldnt be going to smart camp), Limbo, and other stupid pointless games that no one cares about. Except of course, for the Ultimate Frisbee game. This is the hilight of almost everyone's PITfest experience. Most teams practice before hand. If not, they're usually screwed, because even the girls are forced to play. Some memorable frisbee performances in the past few years include those of the Blue Meanies of 05, star players being , Shubh Singhi, David Cano, Hilary Rasch, and Taylor Whitsett (who wasn't amazing at frisbee, but she's fun, so she was a star player). There is also, in more recent years, a mystery event in which TiPsters unknowingly sign up to be pegged with water ballons by the RCs.

There's also a skit part of PITfest. This category is usually won by the 4th year boys. The first time it wasn't, was in '05, when the fourth year boys decided that they were too cool and went to see a movie instead. That was not very TIPappropriate, however, no one really cares, so they did it anyways. In the years since fourth years haven't gone to ASU, there ahs been no skit portion.

No matter what anyone tells you, PITfest's purpose is to allow people to use loads of facepaint, and to gain bragging rights.

An honorable mention goes out to JT Schill for being the coolest TIPster alive.

In 2014 Term 2 the underdogs Big Blue came up from behind and won PITFest. There are many theory's such as Steroids, Hacking and even paying Kyler with large sums of cold cash. This was the most scandalous PITFest ever and led to an everlasting rivalry.