Cheesy Poofs

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Cheesy Poofs is a long-standing tradition at Quadfest and Summerfest. Each team/dorm submits an even number of players (usually six), who then pair off. One person in each pair is designated to throw cheesy poofs, the other to catch.

However, since it is nearly impossible to catch a cheesy poof using the rules described below, the purpose of the catcher is chiefly to kneel and have embarrassing pictures taken of their faces. At least one such picture usually shows up in the Slide Show and/or Termbook.

At the commencement of the event, the throwers and catchers are placed in two parallel lines about one yard apart, and the catchers are instructed to kneel and tilt their heads backwards. The RCs in charge of the event then spray each catcher's face liberally with whipped cream. The throwers are armed with a set amount of cheesy poofs.

Then the timer is started. The throwers have a set amount of time (about a minute) to land as many cheesy poofs as possible on the catcher's face. At the end of the time, the number of poofs left standing is counted, and the victors are decided by collective poof scores. First, second, and third place are awarded accordingly.

It should be noted, however, that because cheesy poofs are cheesy, the cheese (which had formerly caused the snack food to adhere to the catcher's face) may be entirely absorbed into the whipped cream and the poof may roll off, thus leaving a lower number of poofs remaining at the end of the event than were on, say, in the middle of it. Cheesy poof strategy may be revised accordingly.

In this game, one way to greatly enhance the surface area of ones face, to catch said cheesy poofs with is to have an afro that extends at least six inches from said catchers head, a tactic which secured the win for Stuart at East term II of 2008.