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West Term II 2010 Termbook
East Term I 2008 Termbook

The termbook is a magazine sized document which includes pictures of many TIPsters at the term and campus. A seperate termbook is made for each campus and each session. Each RAG and course gets its own picture and the ability to design their termbook page, assuming the page gets turned in on time, of course. One quadfest prize is usually an extra page. In addition, a number of "candids" are taken from the regular TIP events (Casino Day, Quadfest, Dances, etc.). They are printed in black and white.

Shout outs and 4th Year Wills are also implemented in the last few pages, which contain writing from TIPsters. Those are really the only part of the termbook worth looking thru. If you understand a termbook page, then you helped create it and remember it. The termbook itself, as a whole, isn't really a big deal, as the signatures are what make it special.