Casino Day

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Casino Day
Active 1995-2006
Campus(es) East and West
Day Saturday
Term(s) Both

Casino Day is a former theme day that took place on the first Saturday of TIP from c. 1995 to 2006. It existed at both East and West for many years. This was an entire day devoted to gambling using TIP money distributed by RCs. Since 2006, at East, the staff have been trying each year to find a new theme for the first Saturday as exciting and sustainable as Casino Day. Such attempts have included a Treasure Hunt in Term 2 2006, Carnival! in 2007, CircleQuest in Term 1 2008, and Pentaforce in Term 2 2008 and both terms 2009.


Casino Day existed from some time in the early to mid-1990s until 2006.

In Term I, 1995, pooled his $16 million with Andre Green for a total of $68 million at casino night. People were bidding $1000-$2000 for something, when all of a sudden they bid $68 million for it.

Also, some entrepeneurial TIPsters tried to raise money in their own ways, such as at East Term I, 2005, where sexual activity was rewarded with TIP dollars, or at East Term II, 2005, where a pair of musicians performed in traditional street performance manner for casino dollars. It should be noted that they raised several hundred dollars in fake money and around 50 dollars in real money.

Due to alleged cheating by Xiao's RAG during East I, 2006, Casino Day did not take place at East Term II, 2006, and was instead replaced with a Treasure Hunt, which was much despised, due to the fact that it involved walking around in the hot, humid afternoon.

Casino Day at West died in 2008, due apparently to complaints from parents about the inTIPpropriate nature of gambling.

List of Activities

  • Mafia
  • Texas Hold 'Em
  • Pool
  • Coin Toss
  • Human Slot Machine
  • Trivia
  • Poker
  • Monopoly

The final activity was the Horse Race, when the RCs pretending to be horses raced around the Circle Quad. Bets were placed prior to the race, and the race was staged (including some RCs being "kidnapped" and shoved into a van, which promptly drove off campus).

List of Prizes

  • ONE
  • Socks (sometimes signed by RCs)
  • Loaf of bread
  • Homemade cookies
  • Dye/Shave an RCs hair
  • $1 gift certificate to Walgreen’s-type-store
  • Vermonster
  • Laser Tag
  • Be serenaded by a RC
  • A bag of candy
  • First in line to dinner
  • Trip off campus
  • Pie your RCs face
  • Extra page in the termbook
  • Computer time
  • TIP CDs
  • Box of Donuts
  • Llama related
  • Dress your RC
  • 4th Year Privileges
  • Trip to 9th Street
  • Songs dedicated to your RAG at the dance
  • RCs wait on you at dinner
  • Carton of fish
  • Stay up until midnight
  • Early lights out

Ramblings from Former TIPsters

Someone: A similiar race took place after the 2005 Tournament Day at Davidson. It too was staged. RC groups accumulated points throughout the day for won activities and used them to bet on their favorites. MGD and Michael were totally cheated... they were made to go more than twice the distance of the other RC pairs...

Rita: also took place at West II 2005, the RAG which -cough- "won" early lights out had TOTAL winnings of $1..out of like, 13 of them. They were guys too.

Phillip: To set the above story straight, Robb's group actually turned over an impressive amount of money, and on the last hand of blackjack lost roughly $200, leaving the last $1. (I'm not entirely aware of the details, as I raised a bit of money on trivia, then handed it over for blackjack) Also noteworthy is that the prize was never carried out, instead being literally divided between Sam's room and Wyatt's. (Rita: although you all definately deserved it for that horrible gamble...)

(Rita: i would like to point out that only idiots bet all their money like 10 seconds before Casino Day ends and that you all are a bunch of geniuses...)

Tony: The RAG that won that year was Russell's RAG, pretty much the coolest RAG ever. They ended up with an average of around $150 (?) per person, blowing their nearest competitor out of the water. This money surplus was mostly due to a certain poker player's m4d skillz. However, four members of his RAG also learned how to beat the roulette system, leading to lots of winnings.

Someone: It is to be noted that 3 girls totally killed most of the guys playing Texas Hold 'Em East term II. These quick-witted ladies were MaggieFaith Killman and Caro Ragolta of Kate's RAG and J Maze.

It should be noted that at East II, the Llama is almost always stolen during the race. Sometimes, the Llama Mama is even stolen, as happened in 2004. So you should never place your money on a bet on the Llama. She'll always lose the Horse Race.

Also, in the grand ole years of TiP, instead of being awarded prizes, one would bet on them using the money earned throughout the day. anyone could pool their money together. In 1995 term 1, Mark Marvelli pooled his $16 million with Andre Green for a total of $68 million at casino night. People were bidding $1000-$2000 for something, when all of a sudden they bid $68 million for it. WASW became Cross-dressing Day because of the prize "Day in Your Honor." Srah Nobles won it, and as she didn't wear sterotypical girl clothing, all the girls wore guy clothes in her honor. Also, the unofficial TiPsong Banaphone was started when TiPster Raffi (1999-2003) who won a song dedicated to him on Casino Day, and chose Banaphone b/c the singer has the same name as him.