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Dances are usually held three times each term, on Saturday, Friday or Thursday nights.

Usually, they can have a theme. For a list of past ones: Dance Themes.

Many people encourage bold TiPsters to go to the roof of the Union during the dances, since everyone is outside and no one is paying attention.

Traditional Songs

These are songs typically played at every dance.

  • American Pie (Special Dance)
  • Time Warp (Special Dance)
  • It's The End Of The World (Special Dance)
  • Sandstorm (Special Dance)
  • Vamos A La Playa (Special Dance)
  • The Last Saskatchewan Pirate (Special Dance)
  • Brown Eyed Girl (Special Dance)
  • Blister In The Sun (Special Dance)
  • Yatta (Special Dance)

Songs Commonly Played

Popular Demand Songs that weren't Played

Marine Lab

At Marine Lab, they are held indoors in the auditorium. TiPsters are allowed to go into the hallway outside the auditorium, but not outside the building. During one memorable year(2007), dances were held in the . Despite the fact that it was difficult to fit 60 people into a room the size of an average dorm, these were generally acknowledged to be the best dances Marine Lab had ever seen.

In 2009 dances were held in the boat house, on the deck outside the cafeteria, and inside the auditorium.


At Davidson, they are held indoors in the 900 Room at the Union (Davidson), or, occasionally, in Chambers Gallery. The room is 2 stories, with the RCs and streamers on the second floor. It is implied that the seond floor is off limits for campers.

Often the more anti-social guys will just play/watch foozball, as there is a table outside. Untill they are released after an hour in the dance, they can usually be found sitting along the right side wall. Many other people will gather around the TV, while most people stay in the dance. Recently (2010 Term II), however, in an attempt to promote social interaction and actually having fun at the dances, use of the foosball table and the television are not allowed. Further, the staff "forgot" to even tell the TIPsters they were allowed to leave the dance, so everyone remained in the 900 Room.

Music is controlled by laptop. Request sheets are posted, however usually have very little impact on what is actually played. One of the leading theories is that the more recent music is related to the attempt to promote social interaction.

While these dances are somewhat awkward due to the fact that many of the teens are still in the awkward stages of life, they are a blast because every now and then there are those few special people who just go crazy on the dance floor.... and thats when the real party starts!!!

PDA's are not rare between those who were dating at Davidson, however not many at Davidson were dating because there are only first and second year TiPsters.

The last songs, usually The Time Warp", "It's the End of the World As We Know it (and I Feel Fine)" and American Pie, are always played. They make us do this circle dance to American Pie for like 15 minutes because they want to see us suffer.


At East, they are held on the Circle Quad. During dances, campers can go between 3 areas: the circle quad, the steps of the Library, and inside the Union building. In the Union building, campers were allowed on the first floor and the basement of the Union building during dances, but it was implied that campers could not go to the second floor (though some did).

During the last dance of Term II, 2005, the dance was brought inside to the Union building due to rain. Campers were given two options, to stay at the dance or go and relax in the Bassett commons. Many campers attempted to go to the second floor, due to the crowding problem, but were forced out by RCs and counselors. Because of the rain, the administration ordered the sound system to be shut down, leading to all the fourth years crowding together to sing American Pie by heart. Eventually, almost everyone joined in. It was very moving.

A thunderstorm during the second TIP dance of East II (2006) (at which Benny performed his song "VIP") cut the fun short. TIPsters did not vacate the premises until the Time Warp was played. After that, TIPsters returned to the dorms and enjoyed a semi-approved extended lights-out. (Not true, the dance was moved inside the Union where the fun continued for an additional hour. However, the option of going to the Giles Common Room was available) However, in a horrible turn of events, during the last dance of Term I 2006, Young Writers ran in the center of the fourth year circle during American Pie-- and also joined them (TiPsters were unaware of their horrid status as Young Writers, of course). Sadly, this could not be compensated for. The lesson to be learned? Do not let this happen to you.

"You can lean with it, you can rock with it, but please don't grind with it."

Furthermore, in yet another horrible turn of events, the second and third dances of Term I 2010 as well as all of the dances of Term II were held on the street because the brilliant Duke staff decided to plant grass during TIP. Thankfully, the Tipsters were allowed on the circle quad during American Pie.

The last dance of Term II 2010 was definitely the epitome of a Tip dance. Sometime just before Sandstorm, a storm started to brew, and during the dance, lightning would conveniently sometimes flash to the beat. Not just one car, but two interrupted "It's the End of the World As We Know It", but soon all was well again. It began to rain very heavily after that, and "Everytime We Touch" was cut short so that American Pie could be performed to its full length. Everyone ran out into the circle quad, formed circles, and sang and kicked for the whole duration of this brilliant tradition. It was a very romantic evening for some *hint* *hint* It should be noted that everyone was totally soaked, and the front hall of Bassett (and probably Alspaugh and Pegram) was dangerously wet- it might even count as flooded. Despite not getting to perform Time Warp (it was later performed at the Talent Show to make up for it) (also, most of Bassett performed it in the common room right after the dance- soaking wet and in the air conditioning), it was definitely the best way to end a term at Tip and will forever live in the hearts of the intellectual badasses at Duke East Term II 2010.

The third dance of Term II 2014 was held on all 3 floors of the Union due to rain. The basement was used mainly for sitting and resting, while the lobby and second floor were full of dancing TIPsters. The RCs present all wore neon makeup and lots of glitter in imitation of the singer Ke$ha. More people seemed to be dancing than usual, perhaps due to the smaller enclosed space. American Pie was performed with the fourth years forming a circle in the upstairs ballroom, and the second and third years making a circle (but there were actually several) on the first floor in the lobby. Despite the substandard air conditioning of the second floor, it was a successful dance!

All of the 2015 Term II dances were successful. The most notable occurrence was at the second dance, where the song The Last Saskatchewan Pirate was officially added to the Official TIP Songs by RC Harrison.

The first dance of term 2 2016 was postponed by rain almost halfway though, but was resumed inside the common rooms and was divided by year.

In 2017 term II, the third dance got rained out about 66-75% of the way through. At least in Bassett most of the remaining tradition songs were played inside. They let everyone go outside for American Pie but, since the music wouldn't play through the speakers, everyone surrounded RHL Kate; Kate played the music on her phone. Although it was disappointing, it was still a very touching last dance (especially since Iris was played in the rain).

in 2019, the first dance was held on the steps of baldwin because university employees had spread airborne chemical weapons gross manure to execute a coordinated attack on the lungs and nose receptors of tipsters to get rid of them fertilize the grass or something.


At West, they are generally held on Kilgo Quad, or sometimes in the Bryan Center or the Class Quad (Term 2 2014, the dance was held in Penn Pavilion, the dining hall. This was a first). If it rains, too bad, you can create your own mini-dance in a vacant hallway or a kind RC's room. At West, TiPsters usually try to mosh whenever they can, but the dust that plagues most of the quads on the campus will usually lead to a mini-sandstorm that gets in one's eyes and throat. This can be interpreted as making it more or less fun, depending on the way one looks at it. Near the beginning of each dance, losers TiPsters are allowed to go inside to the nearest commons and wallow in self-pity socialize. At Term II 2010, fascinating animated films were played during this *ahem* antisocial gathering. While some sitting inside N Commons were afraid of dancing/touching the opposite sex unamused by the festivities, others merely sat inside because they had headaches and could not experience the full amazingness of the dance without suffering dearly. It should be noted that all of the dances in Term II 2010 took place on the Class Quad, possibly signaling a trend in the future.

As of 2015, since tipsters are no longer in Kilgo, dances are held in either the Few Quad or the Dining Hall. Term 1 2016 and Term 1 2017 all dances were held on Few Quad.

The main six TiP songs are played at each dance with the exception of "Yatta!", which is never played. Other songs that are played at every dance are Sandstorm and Iris. Each dance ended with It's the End of the World As We Know It (and I Feel Fine) while the TiPsters run around the Magnolia tree, Time Warp, and American Pie.


At Kansas, they are held in the lobby of whichever dorm hosts the TIPsters that particular year. TIP has been known to share a dorm with rushing fraternity boys, as well as a basketball camp, volleyball camp, engineering camp and tennis group. The several alien groups tend to wander into TIP dances quite often. TIPsters are often disallowed the use of elevators when returning to their tenth floor suites post-dance, and there is generally much gnashing of teeth in the stairwell.

EDIT: In Term 2 of 2011, the dances were held in a separate building in a completely black room. Also, the editor was not aware of any other neighboring camps/frat boys during this time; plus we were banned from the elevators during the first week due to some.. ahem... random girls pushing all the buttons before jumping out.

In 2012, the dances were held in Hashinger Hall next door to Lewis Hall (the hall were the dorms were). The room was all black (I'm assuming the same room as in 2011, above).

In Term 1 of 2013, there was construction on 15th Street and Iowa Street. Dorms were at GSP and dances were held at the Union.


At ASU, the first two dances are held in the lobby of Cone dormitory, the one and only dorm. We are forced to stay in the lobby (or if it gets too hot as it often does, the porch) until the dance is over, and then TiPsters are forced into their rooms. The last dance is normally held at Legends, unless our wonderful tip staff books the wrong times, or the first term ruins it for the rest of us and gets us kicked out.

You can be crazy if you want, but be prepared for the fact that someone may be videotaping you. And be prepared for various people to give you strange looks and winks the next day if you were a little too crazy (Papparazzi is watching you...).

Also, no grinding is allowed, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't happen anyway... (This isn't true at all for ASU, we have actually had grind lines at least 20 people long.)

TIP 07, the "bottle of virtue" was introduced, RCs would go around with the bottle making sure everyone was being TIPpropriate. if you got "bottled" too many times you would be kicked off the dance floor. at the second dance, a few girls taped their own bottles to them to ensure their safety on the dance floor. The bottle was also used in the Shakespeare class' showcase to keep Romeo and Juliet TIPpropriate.

In 2009 term 1, the first two dances were held at the Westley Foundation, an un-air conditioned building that was very small and crowded. And that was just with the ones who were dancing. The other sad, lonely people who went downstairs (AKA the social incompitance floor) usually ended up playing pool for two and a half hours before heading back to White Hall. This was the same at term II.


First dance ever held at Sbisa

At Texas, the dances have been held in the second floor of the MSC or in Koldus 110/111 (you're welcome) in 2008.

Term II 2010 the last two dances of term were held in Sbisa, in what was normally a restricted section of the dining hall. The idea sounded horrible at first, but by the end of the dance it turned out to be a great for several reasons including:

  • more space to dance
  • more places to rest and sit
  • airconditioned
  • no RC's yelling at you when you go to the bathroom/water fountian without your shoes and/or lanyard.
Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Zombies vs. Vampires vs. Fairies vs. Ghosts vs. Elves vs. Mummies vs. Wizards dance

Term II 2012, the RC's decided to change American Pie tradition. Instead of all 3rd and 2nd years linking arms on drinking whiskey and rye, they do hand motions. Now, this was highly debated during the term, and the reason why RC's brought this was because they said other campuses did it. But at TAMU, it is TRADITION to keep your arms around each other through the entire song, with absolutely no gaps between tipsters. Also they should be kicking their legs to the beat. Next year there will be no such thing as hand motions during american pie.

RC's (and TAs) will shoot you with a water/squirt gun/re-used windex bottle filled with water when they want to, even without a reason (which means you're acting suspicious (or are 'not having fun')). There is usualy at least one game of cards or Ninja going on by people who can't stand the music or don't want to dance. They take song requests, thank God. Playing all the requests is a different story, but at least they take the requests.

You can tell the dances are almost over like this:

First, We Bleed Maroon plays, which is the last slow dance song. Then It's The End of the World as We Know It plays, and everyone begins running the length of the room in a circle the entire song. Next American Pie plays. Everyone links arms in one giant circle, with a similar but smaller circle of 4th years in the center. After that, Time Warp plays, and the dance is over.

The circle rituals are basically the same as those at UGA.

Trinity University

The dances at Trinity aren't known to be the best...but still! They are incredibly informal; you can show up in a t-shirt and ripped jeans...*ahem* They are held in the basketball gym nowadays, though only half of the gym is actually used... American Pie, Don't Stop Believing, Time Warp, The End of the World as We Know It, and Bohemian Rhapsody are the official Trinity songs. All TIPsters must be present the entire dance...but the quiet ones *ahem anti-social* tend to sit on the bleachers or against the walls instead of dancing. The Last Dance is known to be the best, (it really is!) and it is known that this is the dance with the most slow songs for slow dancing.

2017 Term 2

At Trinity dances are held downstairs at Prassel. A quiet room is available for those who don't wish to participate. Every dance ends with American Pie, but they didn't play most of the other songs listed above at term 2 2017. IDK about any other terms. Note: Very sad : ( they did that in 2016.

2018 Term 2

As of term 2 2018 dances take place in the fishbowl at Prassel, but people who prefer not to dance can sit in the lobby on the first floor. There is a song request list, but every dance ends with The End of the World as We Know it and American Pie. For this it is mandatory that everyone is dancing or at least standing awkwardly to the side as the numerous sweaty bodies of the other children brush past. The Macarena is a popular tradition for the people that dance downstairs (Regardless of what song is playing), and there are usually decorations (Streamers, balloons, etc) to fit the theme. The people upstairs are not, in fact, antisocial, they are usually the people that prefer not getting their eardrums blown out by the intensely loud music and screaming children. These are also the people who advance their relationTIPs during the last dance. During the dances most people just stand in the fishbowl and a only a few people actually dance. Note: The first two dances are casual dress, but most people go all out for prom. However, the style of music doesn't usually change between prom and the other dances.


Commandment #6: Dances = hot, sweaty, crying messes

Dances at UGA are held in Memorial Hall, across from the Tate Center. The downstairs dance floor is large enough for all of the 2nd and 3rd years to get in "The Circle" and still have some wiggle room. The upstairs area circles the dance floor, and is usually stocked with board games that can be played on the several couches. It can be used for anti-social activity, NTP activity, or messing with RC's. 2010 dances in here were especially grueling due to the lack of A/C.

TIProms are (usually) held in an upstairs room of the Tate center (I believe the formal name was 'the grand hall'?). It was large, well air-conditioned, and you could still hear the music if you chose to go outside. Most people acctually party, choosing only to sit/take a water break when they're out of breath or the song playing sucks. In 2011, the last dance was held at Memorial Hall again because the A/C in the Tate center was broken (a common problem at a lot of UGA sites).

The Circles

The Circles are an important UGA tradition. During the last 4 songs of the dance, 2nd and 3rd years gather in a large circle along the border of the hall, and 4th years stand in a smaller circle in the middle. RC/Staff can also be within the 2nd/3rd year circle, but off to the side. During the songs, 2nd/3rd years are to remain in the circle, while 4th years are allowed to do whatever they want. The first dance generally consists of yelling at unruly 2nd years to get in the circle, while at the last dance some 4th years will travel the entire 2nd/3rd circle to give every person a hug.

The Circles, taken at term 1 2010 at the Luau dance

Georgia Tech

2014 Term 2

During Term II of 2014, the three dances were in three different locations. First, the Ballroom, which is pretty big. It's where the orientation is held. Second, the sunroom-like place in the Student Center. It's a long rectangular room, which makes American Pie somewhat difficult and It's the End of the World as We Know It basically impossible (which is probably why it wasn't played at the second dance). Third, the room near the Center Street Apartments. It's kind of square and also the smallest of the three locations that were used. Dances are usually held in different places at Tech because it is such a popular campus for other non-TiP camps. Usually, the first dance is hosted in the Ballroom, which is the roomiest and best location for a dance, due to the fact that it is a ballroom. Otherwise, dances number two and three are hosted in varying areas, mostly in the Student Center.

2016 Term 1

The first and third dance were both held in the ballroom mentioned earlier. The second dance was held in a long rectangular room also mentioned earlier. However, we did do the End of the World, which was difficult. The room is so small that the temperature and humidity rises drastically and the floor becomes slick with sweat, which is not good for running around in a giant circle. Wear your lightest clothing for this dance and take a shower afterwards.

2018 Term 2

The first dance was held in the aforementioned ballroom. The outside area was full of people playing cards or just messing around, but we were then forced down the the second floor significantly less room the the third floor area. This was due to another camp that had some conference rooms on the third floor being distracted by all of the people outside of the ballroom. The next two dances took place in a gym that is adjacent to the North Ave Cafeteria. The main gym area was longer than the ball room, but less wide. There were far less chairs in the gym than the ballroom, so if you wanted to claim a chair, you had to be early enough. The area for card games has been shrunken down to a corner in the entrance area. Being a large gym, it could easily accommodate all the people running and standing in a circle for the tradition songs. This same setup was repeated a year later at 2019 Term 2.


At Rice, dances are held inside of the Spaceship. Dances usually begin with a few bad popular rap songs that everyone awkwardly shuffle to. Then after about 20 minutes a more upbeat song that almost everyone knows is played (usually ) and after that the dance has enough energy to be self sustainable. As soon as the sun sets, the music usually switches from rap to pop/dance/party music. It is during this period that songs such as Party in the USA, Vamos a la Playa, or We're All in This Together are played. The Cupid Shuffle is always played but it is a wild card as to when it is played. There are usually three or four slow songs (such as The Scientist, Iris, or Hallelujah) mixed throughout. The end of the dance begins with It's the End of the World as We Know It, followed by the Time Warp and then American Pie. After American Pie the dance ends and everyone meets up with their RAG for announcements.