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The Alvarez College Union is located on the Davidson Campus. It has the Union Cafe, 900 Room, Davidson Bookstore, and the Duke Family Performance Hall. The Duke is used by the Davidson Community Players in the summer, so Lip Sync, the Talent Show, Ben & Jerry's movie, and the End-of-Term slideshow take place in the 900 Room or Hodson Hall in Cunningham, as well as Dances.

The Union is not normally accessable to Tipsters, though 'Hanging out in Union', is often an activity. It has four floors, with a Ping Pong table on the second floor and Pool, Foosball, and Piano on the third. The 900 Room spans the third and fourth floors. There's nothing of interest to TIPsters on the first or fourth floor otherwise (tables and chairs).

During 2015 Term 1, we only used the 900 room for the first dance, TipSync, the Talent Show, and the End-of-Term slideshow. The second and last dances were in the big room in Chambers. Ben & Jerry's movie was in Vail Commons.