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It's a free for all showcase where everyone does whatever TIPropriate activites they want on stage.

Duke East Term 1 2012 Doctor Doctor performance.
Rollins Term 2 2016 Solving Rubik's cubes.


Term 2 2019

  • Eddie doing insane card tricks
  • Brianna solving a Rubiks triangle
  • Carrie singing Childish Gambino
  • Anna comedically relating the story of Notorious S.A.D.
  • Hope speedily creating and delivering balloon animals
  • Cryptography class(and Theo) dancing to Rasputin
  • Criminal Law and Mock Trial Class performing "Double Dream Hands"
  • Benjamin Nguyen singing "Honesty" by Pink Sweat$

Fellow LSU tipsters, please contribute, I don't remember all the names!

At Rice University

Term 1 2016

  • MCs: LK Hagy and Lauren Keith
  • Kaitlyn Huston: singing
  • Rachel Kern: "Emotions" on the piano
  • Jacqueline Cho: "Save Rock & Roll" on the piano
  • Zoe Bloom: singing Italian Opera
  • LK Hagy: singing "Can't Help Falling In Love With You"
  • Lauren Keith and Rebekah Curl: singing "For Good"
  • Jonathon Mendez: Bottle flipping
  • Evelyn and Nabiha: Rapping "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme"
  • Sharon Anwana: THE POEM
  • Sydney Guion: a poem to will things to tipsters
  • Caroline Brehm and Cat Hoff: rapped "Cabinet Battle #1" from Hamilton

Term 1 2017

  • Lou and Patrick: Reading "All Star" through three layers of Google Translate (Spanish, Georgian, Russian)
  • Max tossing and catching gummy bears with his mouth
  • Kevin eating a "burrito" and doing standup comedy (he was ushered offstage)
  • Andreana and Patrick doing a dramatic scene in which the dialogue was only the numbers 1-100
  • The entire Historical Epidemiology class singing "Fleas on Rats" (Blake was the rat, btw)
  • Victoria singing "House of Memories" and playing the piano (she was really good!)
  • Allison singing "Rise Up" by Andra Day
  • RC Anesia and TA Garrett singing a song about a momma and a wagon
  • Stu playing the piano and singing
  • Alex G. playing an electric guitar
  • Fish singing "Riptide" with a ukulele accompaniment

Term 2 2017

  • Tex and Tia (two professional table tennis players!!) playing ping pong and Tia winning.
  • Bee singing Immortal with Emily dancing
  • Emily dancing in general
  • Malik played Careless Whisper on the Saxophone
  • Legally blonde?
  • Some handshake thing with Bryant and a bunch of girls + K-pop Kevin.
  • Reanna's group singing a mash-up of that one song with that one pitch perfect girl.
  • An orchestra playing Viva la Vida and it was epic.
  • Audrey G. playing a song(which one?) on the piano.
  • Asa, David, and Jake sing Wagon Wheel (only 4th year act...).
  • Josh sings "You Got a Friend" literally just to make everyone cry wtf.
  • Some guy plays a really good Fur Elise
  • (The "some guy" in question is Sam, and he's kind of mad you couldn't be bothered to remember his name. Although he does appreciate the compliment.)
  • Sarah plays a song on the ukulele
  • Jeb and someone battle with fidget spinners and Jeb cheats. (And Malik on Saxophone)
  • K-pop Kevin singing a song and then switching over and being joined by friends.

(This is obviously not all the acts nor the best description pls edit this frends)

Term 1 2019

  • USSR Dance
  • Marina's Slam Poetry she gave standing up in her leg brace
  • Sofie Singing "King of Anything"
  • Neela playing Piano
  • The Quindent Quintet playing Baby Shark and the Avengers theme song
  • Max the 4th Year doing EPIC card tricks that made us loose our minds and give him a standing ovation
  • Rachel and Ethan playing the piano
  • Yo Choir singing "Yohemian Rhapsody"
  • Spoken word by Lee turned out to be the Fitness Gram Pacer Test
  • Lucianne sining La VIe en Rose
  • Celeste chugging water and almost dying
  • RCs Mo + Lauren singing and playing "For Good"
  • Fourth years also roasted Brando and the lack of privileges in their skit

At Austin College


Term 1

  • Sara Whitman (first year) performed a cover of Lost Boy by Ruth B.
  • Jeff did soething cool
  • Chloe sang Arms by Christina Perri

At Appalachian State University

TIP kids aren't as talented as you might expect.

And the few who are most certainly never perform at the talent show, because what ends up happening, is two hours of sitting listening to first year girls who can't sing or play the flute very well. There's usually at least one bearable act. Anytime when a group of guys get up there and make fools of themselves is definitely one that you enjoy watching. For the most part though, the talent sucks.

After the suckiness comes a slideshow of pictures of people that you love looking like idiots, because really, that's what TIP is about. No one cries at the slideshow, its more of a pre-cry thing. It gets you in the nostalgic mood, wihtout raising the tears.

That's what the fourth year speeches are for. Every fourth year with a soul cries while doing this, even the macho Stephen Wise shed a tear in 05. Half the audience usually cries during this as well. Then, they are forced to cry their way back to Cone to face the .

Some memorable 4th tears of term 1 2006 include:


(came as close to a 4th year as possible-3rd year)

Sydney Bay

Among the memorable 4th years of term 2 05 are:

Some memorable 06 term 2 4th years include:

Charlotte Lehan

(Should be fourth years)

Lauren Rasch

Taylor Whitsett


Term 1 had a very memorable performance. All who performed had lots of talent. We would like to recognize them on this page:

Cami Garrett - Singing "It's Over Isn't It?"

Stella Hughes and Emre Downey - Tap Dance "Best Day of My Life"

Maddy Scannel - Singing "Riptide"

Kennedy Thede - Singing "Higher"

Arya - Magic Performace

Avery Holdeman - Singing "Hostage" (chills. literal chills.)

Sydney Pettigrew - Original Poem "Black Queen" (She brought a lot of the audience to tears!)

Sophia Fox and Maddy Scannell - Singing "Stronger Than You"

Andrea Torres - Lyrical Dance "A Thousand Years"

Viji Burma - Singing "Love In The Dark" (She also brought a lot of the audience to tears!)

Mary Jann and Olivia Pulliam - Singing "Hallelujah"

Millicent Stoller - Singing "Summertime"

MK, Roman Hoeflich, Stefan Saboura, and Mary Jann - Improv About Bananas (most were very confused here.)

Sophia Fox - Singing "Wolves Without Teeth"

Sophie Sommer - Singing "I'm Not A Robot"

McKenna Morris - Singing "You Belong With Me"

Abby Casey - Singing "When The Day Met The Night"

We also had some performances from our Residental and Academic Staff. These include:

Daniel Richardson (Teacher) - Comedy

Mark McGuire (more commonly known as ZUCC, also an RC) and John Jing - Extremely Awkward Lullaby

Leslie Knight (TA) and Max Correa (RC) - Singing "I'm Yours"


Term 1 was pretty boring... Just some girl playing the flute.

We had a lot of talent during 2009, at least term II. Term I needs someone to speak for it, but anyhoo. A couple of RCs (Josh, Joe, Alex, and Kevin) formed a band (that wasn't bad!) and performed for the TIPsters. And two of the guys from psychology (David on drums and Sanchez on guitar) with Cameron, and they formed a completely impromptu band and they played Under The Bridge by The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Lets see, we had a lot of singers (one wrote her own song though), a couple of dancers, a couple of guitarists, oh, another RC band, a poet, a drummer who was kicked off stage by two singers and then invited back for a solo, a totally amazing actress, and probably some other stuff that I forgot. No slideshow because the projector broke down/they couldn't get it to work/whatever. So, it happened at the final dance.


Term 1 didn't have much, they had an Indian Accent Skit from two Indian boys, which wasn't that bad, but wasn't amazing. Though there was one girl, The ginger of Term 1, she was a legit singer and she sang Eleanor Rigby, she stopped the show, and her ears popped from the applause. Term 2 was the year people actually had talent. Singers were actually decent, some of them being legit good. Though one act was a bit boring, but amusing. Alan's telling of a joke only some people got (it was an inside joke). There was a skit about the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything and some flute playing. The showstopper had to be the Pattycake act, where Tanner and Joe stealing the show. ASU Term 1- Freakin awesome: Margaret (the Legit singer who is a ginger), Aajay was amazing (DONT TOUCH MY CROUTONS!) Hannah and her jumping roping were really good, Leslie played her flute so phenominally. So dont go saying that we didnt really have much talent!

2017 Term 2 had some dude playing the kazoo, a balloon artist, and loan sharktank AC FINANCIAL-MORE INTREST IS IN YOUR INTREST

At Duke East

TiPsters are actually just as talented as you may think. Usually, most all acts are entertaining, and the lack of first years adds some intelligent thought into a TiPster's decision on whether to or not to audition and perform in the talent show. There is usually at least one hilarious act each year and a mind bogglingly amazing one each year. There are no winners and no judges.


Term 1

- JP Allen and Lauren Thomas: MCs. 

Note:Di Wong and Toni Gantz could've been the MCs, but they had planned on auditioning Friday, by which time Lauren and JP had already been chosen.  About the middle of the talent show, the MCs who might have been were called up to the stage and applauded.


  • Laura Rowe: "The Maple Leaf Rag" on piano
  • Tanya Reeve: "Jurassic Park Theme Song" and Bach's "Minuet" on violin (not, as the MCs cheesily said, "on dinosaurs")
  • John Herron: "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban
  • The MCs: Top 10 Life Lessons Learned from TiP
  • Andrew Madlon, Josh Snider, : "Melvin: the Puppyduck Song”
  • Kong Wong, Joan Gass, Amita Vempati: Violin and clarinet improv based around “The Workout” by Larry Minsky
  • , Vineeta Kapahi, Claire, Coco Keevan, Andrew Remissong: “The BFFL Dance” 
  • Ben Long: “Kazoolander,” as he called it...
  • Paige Brownlow, Dukky Teran, Whitney Anderson: Umbrella dancing (and they made fun of ADF)
  • Tawanah Reeves: “Free Yourself” by Fantasia
  • Taylor Kelley and Chris Cohen: “Who’s Got the Snacks” by the Moldy Peaches
  • : “Feelings” on piano
  • The MCs: The Six TIP Unwritten Commandments (although by that time, they were actually written)
  • OSC Leigh-Ann: Dramatic reading of "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani
  • Ellen Snell: A capella singing of “Feels Like Home” by Bonnie Rait
  • Rick Herron: Cup stacking
  • Taylor Paige: “L-O-V-E” by
  • Caitlin Halloran, Mary McGilvray, Peggy Nelling (with some help from a few RCs): “Mama I’m a Big Girl Now” from Hairspray
  • Pierce Moore, Eleine Sun, Annie: Excerpts from Oedipus Rex
  • Jeffery Moro: “Return of the King” on piano
  • Mac Herring and Vineeta Kapahi: “Mac and Vinny Take a Bow”
  • Jimmy Kylstra (harmonica), Alex Marden (vocals), Bryan Fidali (cardboard box drum): “TIP Blues Improvisation”
  • Robbie Winslow: Poetry reading
  • TA Jeff: “Home” by Bryan McNight
  • Svusch Linkous: Recitations of "Amahl and the Night Visitors" by Lori Moore, "Totally Like Whatever" by Taylor Mali, and "Daddy" by Sylvia Plath
  • Kong Wong, Joey Simpson, Firas Abuzaid: “Clarinet Trio”
  • RC Steve: “You Had Time” by Ani Difranco (as well as other pieces from other songs, including “Brick” by Ben Folds)
  • Staff Skit
  • Video, courtesy of the Screenwrtiting Class: “Love Letters”
  • Various 4th years: “Doctor Doctor
  • Beau Millet: “Good Riddance” by Green Day, with the “Doctor Doctor” cast sitting on stage and singing along
  • 4th year speeches

Term 2

- Kathleen Mayer, Melanie Weyant, and Conrad Schott: MCs. 


Maddy Ferguson, Caitlin Cummins, Nicole Nolan: Lip Sync to Brak Show skit

Mee (Elizabeth) Hwang: "Concerto in A Minor" on violin

Anna Stalker: "Untitled," "Gravity of Dogs," self-written poetry recitation

Maggie Killman: Playing and singing "Wild Horses" by The Rolling Stones

Samir Shelth, Kevin Zhao: "Mr. Lonely" by Akon

Kathleen Mayer: Self-written poetry recitation


Term 1

This list is incomplete; you can help by

*specifically the second page of acts is missing*

The 2010 MC's were Spencer Davis and Cam Williamson, known collectively as "Cancer."

Acts (in order of appearance):

  • Michael and Warren - Flying Petals
  • Jackson - Fire and Rain
  • Marisa - Temporary Home
  • Sarah - Irish Dancing
  • Joey & Paul - Coheed and Cambria
  • Eliot - Hymn 101
  • Mandy, Sona, & Julia - Eggheads
  • Emily and Austen - For Good
  • Joey and Jasper - Must be the Money
  • Grace and Summer - Choreographed dance
  • Rebecca and Supriya - Time for me to Fly
  • The Undead Fashion Show
  • Kate - Taylor the Latte Boy
  • The Muffins - Bees ...btw does anyone know the artist of this song I've been trying to find it everywhere?! (here you go- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SMru4kx6Bg)
  • Emily - Notturno
  • Lindsay - Jump, then Fall
  • Dakota and Will - Original Rap
  • Sarah Hendrix - Impression (Baby Voice)
  • Gabrielle and Macy - Hallelujah
  • Jack, Jennifer, and Charlotte - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
  • Lucy - Dancing

There were several periods of stalling due to technical difficulties. During one, a special appearance was made by the term's residential dinosaurs (the Hipster TiPsters accompanied by Namwan Leavell).

Term 2

MCs: Nitis and Steve After a dormist comment on the emcee's part, Alli Schloeman, inspired by Kathleen Mayer, led a Bassett rendition of We Llove you Alspaugh to soothe dorm relations.

  • Sara Abusaa, Wallis Monday, Xander George - Hallelujah 
  • Joseph Neumeier - Hey There Deliliah
  • Alli Schloeman, Frank James, Tricia Johnson, Analyssa Lopez, & Lillian Erickson - Doctor! Doctor!
  • Kazoo Orchestra - Don't Stop Believin'


Term 1

Towards the end of the talent show there were three notable "Doctor Doctor" skits. They were: Adult Movie night, Swat Team, and Hipster "Got to Get Back to Duke TIP" a TIPster sprited adaptation of 'Gotta Get Back to Hogwarts' from A Very Potter Musical by Alex Sullivan, Cat McKeown, Haley Sheehan, and Ash Sullivan

Term 2

MC's were Robbie Powell and Nick Mast Performances included: 

  • The Duck Song 
  • Home - Cat Gallagher and James Hunter Archer
  • No One - Odemi Pessu and Yvonne Lei on piano
  • Arms of an Angel - Danae Rupp
  • Dancing to Paint it Black by Vanessa Carlton - Maria LaBella
  • Part of Your World - Claire Glass
  • Doctor Doctor 
  • The Golden Times - Hannah Crow
  • Pachelbel's Canon On The Violin- Soomin, Anina, and Maddie
  • In the Aeroplane Over the Sea- The Carrot Flowers (Garrison, Maddy, and Allie)
  • The Final Act of an Opera - instuments and voices performed by Bach to Rock
  • Arise - Katherine Orfinger (guitar played by Sylvan Perlmutter)


Term 1

MCs were Lillian Bornstein and Danielle Williamson and they were FANTASTICALLY funny. Had great bits about putting B. Duke and the seal on trial, Harry Potter jokes, how each age group is on the last night, etc.

Acts (incomplete, please please add in the rest):

  • Lauren did the upside down face thing with sunglasses
  • Haley singing Coffee and Cigarettes and playing guitar
  • Gena playing Firework on piano
  • Conor McAvoy- juggled, Nico- solved a bunch of Rubik's cubes and juggled them, Parker- Said pi and Rubik's cubed and juggled, Gregor- said pi in German. It was all incredibly trippy and confusing and awesome. (To Parker and Gregor: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. AUF DEUTSCH. POSSIBLY BLINDFOLDED. NO JUGGLING THOUGH. -Henry S.)
  • Sarah Stebbins Irish-dancing
  • Sarah Hendrix doing her baby voice for the third year in a row (creepy but incredible!)
  • Sarah Doom and Sarah Hendrix dramatically reading Shakespeare and pop songs
  • Lucy dancing to You and I
  • Kate and Stevie singing/playing on the guitar Here's to Us
  • Dani sang Falling Slowly and dedicated it to the 4th years (because she's the most amazing of all 3rd years)
  • Rebecca singing an original song and playing guitar, dedicated to Terricia's rag
  • Katie singing and playing The Only Exception on guitar
  • David and Josh singing and playing Marry You on piano and guitar
  • Skippy, Isaac, and Michael playing in a guitar trio
  • Aaron playing piano
  • A bunch of 4th year guys singing Bromance, which appeared to be an ode to Gabe?
  • Edward's RAG dancing and singing I'm On A Boat, censoring the non-tipropriate words with either "Ed" or "Edward"
  • Emily singing (like an angel)
  • Assorted 4th year girls singing Bees (tradition sparked? I think yes)
  • Doctor, Doctor

Sketches included: Normal, ADF style, Steve style, Chicken pox style, The One style (Steve Wazny's RAG- never forget), Jorts style, Toga Tuesday style, West style, Flash mob style, Second-Place style, and TIP

  • Time of Your Life
  • Fantastic Bach-to-Rock audio tribute
  • Slide show
  • Relic handing down

Emoetry/Fishnets~ Tim to John-Francis

Weeping Yogi~ Chris to Eliot

Shazam hat~ Andrew to Josh

The Shoes~ Danielle to Dani

Pimp robe~ Jack to Neil

Fairy wings~ Lucy to Noah

Watercolors frisbee/captainhood~ Christian to Andrew

(Informally, meaning not in the ceremony, but just as officially- Q. Crew passed down their hats, Squiggles was passed down to John-Francis, Thomas Klein's hat was passed down to Dani, and the Jew Relic was passed down to Remi, NOT Finklestein :o)

Term 2

(In no particular order)(very unfinished, please finish)

Samir Gadre and Victor Harper introduced the acts.

  • Davis Tate performed scenes from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' by William Shakespeare.
  • Ian Stewart performed Prelude in C# Minor by Rachmaninoff.
  • Ian English performed an acoustic version of 'Baby Got Back' by Sir Mix-A-Lot on his guitar.
  • Maria LaBella contorted and danced to the Dark Knight Theme Song.
  • Nicole Googe and Mia Weathers-Fowler danced to Black and Gold.
  • Tommy Bui and Katie Blackwell performed 'The Way I Am' with vocals and guitar.
  • Tommy Bui, Max Sowatzka, Malcolm Landrieu, James Sadlo, Robert Geharty and Max Stevens performed 'I Miss You' by Blink-182 and 'Never Say Never' by The Fray.
  • Vann Eubank performed a dance they choreographed to "Discord" by The Living Tombstone.
  • Sydney Clark sang 'Summertime'.
  • Erica Mast sang 'If I Die Young' by The Band Perry.
  • Clayton Delp, Katie Blackwell and Caroline Reagan performed 'Hallelujah' on guitar and vocals.
  • Katie Mansfield and Cecilia Hsu performed 'Good Night, My Someone' with piano and vocals (really good vocals, at that).(page turner was Gabe Shoemaker).
  • John Robertson performed an opera... thing.
  • Kelsey Powers wrote and performed a poem... and it was pretty chill.
  • Gabriel Shoemaker sang and played piano to 'Holiday in Spain'.
  • Noah Feldman performed martial arts of sorts...
  • Alex Manchester performed the Khachaturian toccata on piano (page-turner was Ian Stewart).
  • Kyle Cohen improvised blues/smooth jazz on electric guitar and pulled the cord out of the amp like a boss. (announced by Tommy Bui).
  • Ella Sivertsen and Ben Connelly (B-CONN) played 'The Scientist' by Coldplay.
  • Sylvan Perlmutter and Odemi Pessu performed a duet of 'Thinking About You' with vocals and guitar.
  • Paige Nicolaou and Bard Kennady sang "First Day Of My Life" by Bright Eyes.
  • Rennie Svirnovskiy and Kersey Reynolds wrote, composed, and performed a song about TiP for the piano and violin.
  • The 4th years did 'Doctor, Doctor' and performed 'Home'.

along with some unmentioned acts...

  • Classes: Bach to Rock (w/ Celluloid Visions), Celluloid Visions (alone), Bach to Rock (w/ Literary License) and Words that Matter presented class projects

Bach to Rock w/ Celluloid Visions presented 3 movies.

Glitter on the Ground - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-38vSi3WGQ

Get Rich Quick - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijh6LmNHjpw&f

The Penny Problem - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkH_3jKkeJw&

Celluloid Visions presents movies as well.

GOTOSLEEP - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkRC3BrUhVU&

Stop-Motion movie - no link

Bach to Rock w/ Literary License presented 2 songs (written by the performers).

I Can't Sleep - (performed by Tyler Tinari on trombone, Hannah Whitney, Batman (Jesse Shadowen) on guitar (all 3 on vocals) and Allie Mills on piano)

Throughout These Years - (performed by Tommy Bui on piano, Annika Mukherjee, Henry Saussy and John Robertson (all on vocals))

Words that Matter presented a poem all about TIP.


Term 1

All this info is from a program sheet I stole from my RC's bed on the last day. The acts on the sheet aren't completely accurate, and though I corrected as much as possible, there are still some things missing/wrong on here.

Sam Jarden and Zach Toole were the MCs

  • Haley Campbell performed "The Lime Tree" with guitar and vocals.
  • Celluloid Visions had an animated drawing film thingy. I think that was the first one. Maybe.
  • Conrad Paetz sang "I Won't Give Up". (well, most of it. some lyrics were forgotten, but he didn't give up and finished the song.) (Sorry, Conrad, I didn't know your last name and that's how it was spelled on the paper.)(I forgive you kind of, whoever you are.)
  • Megan Lange played a song on the bassoon.
  • Delaney Fulmer played "Blood" on the ukelele with vocals.
  • Lauren Baron did an upside-down lip-sync of "Danger Days".
  • Celluloid Visions had another film, which I forgot which one it was. It's only labeled as "Film #2" on the script.
  • Eric Vaughn played Schubert's "Impromptu in E Flat Major" on the piano.
  • Skippy Adams and Noah Melendrez played "Call Me Maybe" on the piano, guitar, and with vocals.
  • Bach to Rock class played "4:33" by John Cage.
  • Maya Ruffin and Dillon Lewis played "Skyfall" on piano and with vocals.
  • Sam Vaughn played Beethoven's "Sonata in F Minor" on the piano.
  • Jana Giaquinto and Jessica Steckelberg played "Safe and Sound" on the piano with vocals.
  • Daniel Dahlinger played "Don't Stop Believing" on the piano and trumpet, living up to his promise made the previous year. At the same time. It was preceded by a fairly long speech, but it was fairly entertaining. He attempted to use humor and was partially successful.
  • Celluloid Visions had their "Film #3", kindly identified as such on this piece of paper I have so it's easily distinguishable from their other films.
  • Skippy, Daniel Dahlinger, and Elyse Carley played "Home" on the trumpet, guitar, and with vocals.
  • Carlos Gayou and Valeria Alvarado danced. I think she said it was a salsa. Don't quote me on that.
  • Angelina Brookins and Bailey Brya sang "Wannabe" in hamster voices.
  • The "Prince Ali group" (from whatever class Ali was in) did a lip-sync and dance thing to the song "Prince Ali".
  • Jack Meynardie sang "Flow".
  • Jonas Frenkel performed the dance move "Swerve".
  • Sydney Clark sang "Autumn Leaves".
  • John Francis Villines performed "Emoetry" from the Black Book of Emoetry. Pink Fishnet Tights and the Black Book passed down: John Francis to Steven
  • Michael "Big Mike" Bowcutt, Sam Jarden, Skippy (Harry) Adams, and Isaac Lutz performed the song "Sail" a cappella.
  • Derek Tang, Sam Cacioppo, and Ryan Deibner played and match of invisible tennis.
  • Julie Wang sang "Happily Ever After". (I don't remember if she did or not.)(Nope. Ching Chong lost her voice, probably from yelling at Carlos and Conrad and Stanton too much, but she is ACTUALLY TING TING)
  • Kyle Conrad did some karate moves, assisted by Carlos Gayou, who held some wood boards.
  • Michael Bowcutt sang "Gold Soundz".
  • Celluloid Visions had another film, "Film #4", which I still don't remember which one it was.
  • Megan Chung and Shelby Marquadt sang "Granger Danger".
  • Dev Patel performed a "surprise event", which turned out to be a "final" bedtime story - "Oh, the Places You'll Go". (Not really final because he read another one in Brown Commons at about 2 a.m.)
  • The 4th years performed Doctor, Doctor.

Relics were passed down.

The fourth years sang Time of Your Life in a roundabout manner.

Call Me Maybe can be accessed on TiP Nation at: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=452005988228628&set=o.440333069334340&type=3&theater

Dev's bedtime story can be accessed on TiP Nation at: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=452025131560047&set=o.440333069334340&type=3&theater

Doctor, Doctor can be accessed on TiP Nation at: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=452028071559753&set=o.440333069334340&type=3&theater

Skippy passing down his name can be accessed on TiP Nation at: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=452011961561364&set=o.440333069334340&type=3&theater

The rest of the tradition relics being passed down can be accessed on TiP Nation at: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=452026781559882&set=o.440333069334340&type=3&theater

The 4th years' minute of advice can be accessed on TiP Nation at: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=452029418226285&set=o.440333069334340&type=3&theater

On 26 February 2014, all videos linked above as well as all TiP Sync acts were uploaded onto YouTube by channel "RambleOnSong" (https://www.youtube.com/user/RambleOnSong). It will be a channel devoted solely to TiP videos of Duke East Term I 2013 and 2014. Ignore whatever activity happens besides uploads. Sorry it took so long, guys.

All of the fourth year acts are available at the following channel. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKryHLzwxcNv4ac_kFcbPbw

Term 2

MCs - Kelsey Powers and Leland Ott

  • A live band consisting of academic staff and Abe Joyner-Meyers performed "Nights in White Satin" and "Badge".
  • The Words That Matter class performed "An American Love Story" (spoken word).
  • Plan 9 Activity Participants made a short science fiction film.
  • Johnathan Lee sang "Electricity".
  • William Elliott performed a Disney medley on piano.
  • Emily Jacobson and Ann Li performed "The Show" by Lenka (piano and vocals).
  • Lucas Ryan performed some slam poetry.
  • Shannon Scott and Navpreet Sekhon sang "Won't Give Up".
  • Noah Feldman displayed his skills in G/qumdo (Korean fencing).
  • "Froggy and Co." performed "Ho Hey" (vocals and ukulele).
  • Kyle Cohen performed "Blues for Alice" on electric guitar.
  • Lilli Eubank danced to "The Harold Song (Deconstructed)".
  • Erica Mast and Gregor Haas performed "TiP Song" (vocals and piano).
  • Phillip Sowders displayed juggling and poi.
  • Hoon Kong performed "You and Me" (vocals and guitar).
  • Sam Claypoole performed some slam poetry.
  • Michael Kovasala sang "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls.
  • Maddie Daniel danced to "It's Time".
  • Tommy Pollack, Elliott Trahan, John Learned, Nikolai Karamyshev, and Adam Davault created a trash can drumline.
  • Madi Blair sang "Feeling Sorry".
  • Clayton Delp performed "Anticipation" by LG and dedicated it to Carter.
  • Ian English performed "Teardrop" (vocals and guitar).
  • Will Darragh performed spoken word poetry.
  • Kyle Cohen and Lilli Eubank performed "Fever" (vocals and piano).
  • Tyler Tinari did EVERYTHING (hula hoop tricks, trombone range exercise, juggling, joke-telling, magic, and interpretive dancing)
  • Gillian Jenkins sang "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again".
  • John Robertson recited Cuil Theory.
  • Hailey and Sarah Welsh performed "First Day of My Life" (piano and vocals).
  • Milkshakes recited some spoken word poetry.
  • The 4 Chord Song was performed by Tyler Tinari, Gregor Haas, Max Stevens, James Sadlo, Clayton Delp, and Abe Joyner-Meyers.
  • Jennifer Wai and Annabel Shu performed Merry-Go-Round of Life on piano and violin.
  • Nicole Googe, Mia Weathers-Fowler, and Alex Obiol danced to "Daylight" and "Daylight" (Matt and Kim, Maroon 5).
  • Tommy Bui, Malcolm Landrieu, Allie Mills and Abby Weaver performed The Scientist by Coldplay.
  • Ciara's RAG, as a prize from TiP Clue, had a shoutout. They then proceeded to Rickroll everyone.
  • Claire and Zach recited some spoken word poetry.
  • Storytime with Dev - Oh, The Places You'll Go
  • 4th Year Doctor Doctor (which, it should be noted, was amazing.)
  • Home Music Video by Ellison Hersch

Then the TiP Relics were passed down.


Term 1

Sunny Ananth, Skippy (Travis) Williams, Taylor Lawing, and Lucy Wimmer were the MCs. Sunny and Lucy were dressed identically, and Skippy and Taylor were also twins, creating material to joke and laugh about.


  • Alexis Gorfine and Ryan O'Rourke sang "Say Something" (beautifully)
  • "Shenandoah" sung by Joseph
  • Threshold (musical group)
  • McPherson Newell (spoken word)
  • A violinist Julie Sharpe
  • Megan and Shawn (the RCs) did a... thing
  • Augusto (piano)
  • Jonas Frenkel performed Swerve
  • "Do I Want to Know" was sung by Claire Warren (my perfect little child)
  • Bora the RC (guitar fanciness)
  • "You and Me" was sung by (forgot your names)
  • A "Camp Rock" song was sung by Olivia Bennet and Mary
  • Jack Meynardie (song)
  • Aaron (song)
  • "Make You Feel My Love" was sung by Jacey
  • "First Day of My Life" was sung by Mira and Yoon
  • Lauren Allen (speech thingy... really good, but hard to describe)
  • Hal Terry told puns
  • "Streetlights" (original song) sung by Laney and Carina Masuelli
  • Welcome to Turget act by Lucy Wimmer and Taylor Lawing, plus extras
  • "Break Even" was sung by Rachel and Carina Masuelli
  • "Holiday" was sung by Rachel Larsen
  • "Your Song" was sung by Katherine
  • "God Help the Girl" was sung by Laney
  • "Daylight" was performed on guitar and vocals by Haley Mae Campbell
  • "Home" was sung by a group of 4th years (Lauren Baron, Haley Mae Campbell, Dylan Quintal, Kasey Carlton, and (I think) Cynthia Sun)*This is the second year in a row that "Home" has been performed by a group of fourth years- A tradition in the making?*
  • An amazing, tipressing spoken word poem by Maria Sottile called The day after tomorrow
  • A reading of "Oh, The Places You'll Go" by Luke Ourednik
  • Doctor Doctor (duh)
  • Relics were passed down
  • Slideshow

Sorry everyone, this is what happens when I don't have an official list of acts like last year. Forgotten names, forgotten acts, forgotten titles of songs. Anyways, playlist is: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKaXtyzW1WHbvkTKYDsfRYoRVnM23CsE1. It will have all TiP Sync acts and all Talent Show acts (plus MC shenanigans) before Home. Go onto the Facebook group to see Mira's recording of Doctor Doctor.

Term 2

Clayton Delp and Ian English MC'ed The list was lost after term, and so this is a compilation of what was remembered in no particular order.

  • Zebra Cake ft. Lil Billis and the Trumpets of Heaven (Kyle Dickson, Sebastian Babis, John Learned, Joseph Hlavinka, and AG)
  • "The Army of Plastic Replica MArches Throgh the Fields of Infidelity and Injustice to The Mountains of Hope, Freedom, And Love to Find Their True Destiny" (The name of the song changes constantly as it takes on new meaning all the time and cannot be confined to one state of being)from the ep SLIGHTLY SWAHILI by 37 (Spencer Buckner, Lars Koehn, Michael Hepburn, and Jackson)
  • Sarasota Serulneck did stand up
  • Sarasota Serulneck, Shannon Scott, Deanna Dailey, Amelia Guttentag, and Amanda MacDougall did Hey Brother
  • Hallelujah performed by Rhian Alley, Grace Williams, Maddie Daniel, Payton Moledar, and Anna Brooks
  • Malcolm Landrieu and Tommy Bui did Swing Life Away by Rise Against
  • The a cappella group (Tyler Tinari, Gregor Haas, Grace Matthews, Gillian Jenkins, and Max Stevens) did Run to You by Pentatonix
  • Erica Mast and Kobi Johnson did Stay With Me
  • Jackson Stafford did I'm Yours by Jason Mraz
  • Gregor Haas recited Cuil Theory
  • Gregor Haas, Tommy Bui, and Max Stevens did I'll Follow You Into The Dark
  • Valentina Saavedra sang Build Me Up Buttercup
  • Charlie, Sarah, and Gabi (2nd years, not sure on last names) sang Someone Like You by Adele
  • Mia Fowler and Alex Obiol dancing
  • Jenna Ward sang and played guitar performing Creep by Radiohead
  • Bora (RC) did a guitar thing
  • Vann Eubank performed OCD, spoken word originally by Neil Hilborn
  • Jackson (2nd year) did All of Me
  • Will Darragh did stand up (sitting down)
  • Harmon Litts jumped rope... REALLY well... Like *MIND BLOWN*
  • Tina-Kim Nguyen sang Watch What Happens
  • Some people did a thing about a mirror and reflections
  • Arthur Trickett-Wile gave a speech about autism spectrum disorder

Doctor, Doctor Traditions were passed down Mia Fowler (with the help of the 4th years) created a music video for Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes Slideshow


Term 1

  • Kanye didn't let you finish
  • Mira Fradkin and Yoon Jo sang Seeds by Atlas Hands
  • Claire Warren and Netra Rastogi sang a mashup of How to be a Heartbreaker and Girls/Girls/Boys
  • Will Meynardie, Jared Butler, and Skippy Walls sang Over the Misty Mountains Cold
  • Anna Platt played guitar and sang I'll Follow You into the Dark
  • Alexis Gorfine and Ryan O'Rourke sang I Believe In A Thing Called Love
  • Rachel Larsen and Shannon Rogers sang All the Small Things
  • Karena Tse played guitar and sang The Scientist
  • Trevor Carl, Blazemaster, and Blake sang The Ballad of Shawn
  • Stripes (Kearsley Dillon Lewis), Michael Toben, and Griffin Tillman played Sail on kazoos
  • Alex Tummon, Bella Allen, Ryan O'Rourke, Katie Weber, Mira Fradkin, and Yoon Jo sang Home
  • Roy Wang did Swerve
  • Isaac [lastname], Henry Santer, and Drew performed House of Gold
  • Max Hipp performed a mashup of TIP songs
  • Drew made people cry with their slam poetry
  • Relics were passed down during the slideshow due to time constraints

Term 2

If you can remember this better, please please edit!

  • Acapella Blank Space was performed by Aarushi
  • Jennifer performed Paranoid Android by Radiohead
  • Several poets made everyone cry.
  • Felipe and Jackson were the hosts.
  • Meghan sang Hallelujah and surprised/impressed everyone.(It was beautiful)
  • Chris literally just ate a bag of chips. It was amazing.
  • Eren played "Untitled" by The Homeless Gospel Choir and let slip two curse words but was allowed to continue.
  • Jacob performed the meme rap - "Dank Meme Game on Fleek." Legendary.
  • Garrett and Aron made everyone lose the game.
  • Various fourth year boys performed "Variations in Ye Minor" which cannot even be explained
  • John performed Blackbird and it was very emotional for everyone
  • Evan wrapped up the show with an amazing rendition of "River Flows In You"
  • Brooke sang Chasing Pavements.
  • Emma L. sang La Vie en Rose while playing her uke.
  • Emily Spain recited a poem, and it was beautiful.
  • Tully, Thomas, Carter, and Rigel performed Jingle Bell Rock from Mean Girls
  • Sarasota and Shannon sang "For Good" from the musical Wicked with Joseph Hlavinka playing guitar
  • Victoria recited a poem that she wrote that was hilarious and heartwarming
  • Isabelle sang Shine and played piano
  • Asa and Kate sang Jar of Hearts
  • Isabelle, Hank, and a fourth year sang to Wagon Wheel
  • Hepburn recited Cuil Theory


Term 1

If you remember anything else please add to this

  • The MC's were Haylee Peters, Grey Warren, Jared Butler, and Alex (Skippy the 6th) Walls
  • To start off Oliver H., Jared N., RJ W., and Max A., played a fast paced Rock Paper Scissors tournament, which RJ won. After this Kyle Valdez attempted to flip a water bottle, but failed.
  • Noah C. Cornelius performed an exclusive preview of "Tour with Me", now known as "Toy with Me"
  • Soren played "Earth" while Becky R. played the piano
  • Will and Louise sang "I Will Follow You Into The Dark"
  • Other memorable acts were Cullen Peters' step-dancing routine, Sabrina Schrier's spoken word poetry, Lindsey Mims making balloon animals, Crystal Wang singing Domino, a large performance art piece entitled "What Dat Boi Do?", and Haylee Peters dressed as Ronald Reagan in a morph suit interpretive dancing to "My Heart Will Go On" played by Grey Warren on the nose flute.
  • Close to the end of the acts, the fourth years sang home and everything got pretty emotional.
  • To end the night, they played movies from Celluloid Visions and the ending movie was TiP School Musical that had everyone laughing.
  • During the Doctor, Doctor act the RC's cut it short, threatening early bed time to the fourth years. The fourth years stopped, but were punished anyways
  • The Relics were passed down, including:
  Watercolors disc- RJ "Russell" Williams
  Dream Team Disc- Oliver Hewett
  The Pimp Robe- Scott Johnson
  The Fairy Wings- Ethan
  "Skippy"- Koyla 
  Q Hat- RJ "Russell" Williams 
  The Pink Shirt- Oliver Hewett
  The Shazam Hat- Crystal Wang
  The Clockwork Hat- Miriam Shams-Rainey
  The Book of Dev- Ani Bryce
  The Thomas Hat- Emily Gurgens
  Hask- Mac
  "BlazeMaster"- Scott Johnson

However, because some people who received relics did not return, they were passed to these people instead:

Dream Team Disc- Jared Nord, The Pimp Robe- Kiri Ashley, The Pink Shirt- David Lucid, The Shazam Hat- Hillary Dong, "Blazemaster"- Ethan Saffold

Term 2

Please add to this!!!

  • Hank Humphries and Luke Gomez were the emcees
  • Thea recited Cuil Theory
  • Megan O sang acapella "Can't Help Falling In Love"
  • Nick Jones and Joe Hlavinka sang "Apples and Bananas"
  • Marcus A and Chris G folded laundry. Legendary.
  • Half of the Bach to rock class played in a kazoo band (Yüng Kazü) with a set list including: All Star and Yeah (with a screaming triangle part)
  • Emily's RAG sang a mashup of "Can't Help Falling In Love" and "Hey Soul Sister"
  • Sadie Jane and Michael sang Riptide
  • Hank, Joe, and Nick Jones sang The Scientist
  • Evan wrapped up the show again with "Kiss the Rain" on piano which made everyone cry
  • Lizzy Grace sang Human
  • Arella sang Seasons of Love
  • Kathleen and another girl and danced to Breaking Free
  • Noelle and Scott did improv
  • Ben W. tap danced and made David blush really really hard
  • Rico/Rick sang Hallelujah
  • Thea, Emily, Elle, Nick Jones, Joe, and Hank sang Rivers and Roads
  • Daniela sang Already Home and Abigail was on piano
  • Jacob did his meme rap, "Dank Meme Game A1"
  • Victoria and Christina danced to Google Me
  • Luke did spoken word
  • Brooke Shapiro played ukulele and sang Sunday Morning
  • Jo and Cora sang Souvenirs
  • Isabel sang Don't Stop Me Now
  • Gant sang Yellow (dedicated to Andrew)
  • Gabby played "Uma Thurman" on the flute
  • the fourth years performed their "Doctor, Doctor" skits
  • Relics were passed down after the talent show


Term 1

Here's a link to an (almost complete) recording of the entire talent show (except, unfortunately, the relic presentations, as Sam Park's phone ran out of battery/overheated) in 720p (except for the first 15 minutes, those are in 1080p): https://lc-s.co/ARCdy

Shit... why is everyone too lazy to give a goddamn description? Can't they just stop looking up cat videos and DO SOMETHING? We definitely have a problem here.

Anyways... here's all I got.

Ethan and Kolya (Blazemaster and Skippy) were the MCs.

Sarah Douglas recited her own poem.

There were too many singing acts - "Can't Help Falling In Love," "I Hope You Dance," "Landslide," "Out of My League," "The Scientist," "Creep," the list goes on...

Musical artist Noah C Cornelius doing a medley of his greatest hits (Toy With Me and Heart’s Throbbing)

Rap battle - Hermione vs Katniss.

Staring Contest between Grant Arndt and Ansh Nanda.

Original song by Will Snider.

Original song by Tara Rosenbaum.

Nelson did spoken word.

Lizzie Wright and Ani Bryce singing Rivers and Roads.

This one fourth year dude named Paul with his saxophone.

In the middle of the show, a second year (Kiran) left early, so it had to halt for five minutes. Really emotional to watch. During the video you can hear every second year girl shout her name at the same time.

Doctor Doctor was performed.

The relics were passed down.

  Watercolors disc- Reece 
  Dream Team Disc- Alex
  The Pimp Robe- Dayne
  The Fairy Wings- Will 
  "Skippy"- Bo 
  Q Hat- Abhi 
  The Pink Shirt- Jake*
  The Shazam Hat- Kendall
  The Clockwork Hat- Eden
  The Book of Dev- Sadie
  The Thomas Hat- Helen
  Hask- Talley
  "BlazeMaster"- Reece
  Squiggles - Lily
  Sass Hat - Samuel
  Exorcist - Mariana**
  Sockeisha - Taylor***
  The Swerve - Noah
  *Jake didn’t return to TiP, thus it was handed over to Tristan in 2018.
  **Mariana also didn’t return to TiP; Noah will pass it down to another second year in 2018.
  ***Taylor received Sockeisha from Lizzie Wright in 2017, the first time it was passed down.

Term 2

I can't remember all of it, so please add, but what I do remember was in this order:

-Nick Woodman and Griffin McCombs were the emcees

-Angela sang "No Hope"

-The Yee ensemble performed a riveting composition of the first of the important videos playlist

-Rico sang the song he wrote for his guitar; view here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIDNaoSGAc0

-Emilie sang an original song

-Gabe, Michael, and Ayush freestyle rapped (why???)

-David played a song on piano (insert title here please)

-another girl (i don't know her name please help me) showed us some sick karate moves to "I'll Make A Man Out Of You"

-Elise showed us her wild hoola hooping skills to "Young and Menace"

-The Wake Forrest squad showed us how to do the "Interlude"

-Claire recited the Cuil Theory

-RC Caroline played a song on the violin

-Caroline read some of the quality quotes from the quotebook

-Zach Wild pt 1: he showed us the real meaning of hydrate or diedrate

-Zach Wild pt 2: he actually sang a song

-Three second year girls performed "Candy Store" from Heathers

-Laurel danced (idk what song though)

- A group of people performed Another Day of Sun from La La Land with Lauren playing the piano, a bassoon, a flute, and Isa and Forrest as the vocals. Another kid was also flipping pages.

-Natanya performed an original song called "Fault Lines"

-Alex sang and David played on piano "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables"

-Celluloid Visions class showed us some of the videos they had made


-Will sang a song (idk what it was though oops)

-Marcus, David, and Chris showed us what real talent was and read books silently for 3 minutes.

-The fourth years performed Doctor Doctor

-Traditions were given after the talent show


Term 1

Here is a full list of who performed. Red means the act was removed.


Greyson - Swerve

Sam - Watercolors

John - Dream Team

Lucy - Book of Dev

Max - Q Hat

Garrick - Blazemaster

Lily - Clockwork Hat

Tate - Yankee Hat

Audrey - Thomas Hat

Garrick - Shazam Hat

Braden - Squiggles

Lauren - Sockeisha

Mazie - Hask

Megan - Sass Hat

Brooke - Moon Scream

Skippy - Shea Seufert

Megan - Pimp Robe

Katherine - Fairy Wings

Trinity - Stilettos

Katrina - Sweatband


Term 1


The Pimp Robe - George Wilkerson
Skippy - Currently unknown to the public
Svusch's fairy wings -  Lindsay G
Shazam hat -  Ethan Loy
The Watercolors Frisbee -Andy Dinh
 - Ava Roark
The Pink Shirt - Nikolas Malek
The Thomas Hat - Jordan Rein
Exorcism - Currently unknown to the public
Q Hat - Tristen Ard
Squiggles Leprechaun Lastname - Amy Budzichowski
The Book of Dev - Carolina Larracilla
 - Nathan Wang
The Sass Hat - Jack Heidrick
The Swerve - Small Dog
Hask - Lilian Sylvia
Moonscream - Emma Peters
Sockeisha -Ava Roark
The Annabeth Chase Hat - Anna Walker
Blazemaster - Katie Maddox
The Clockwork Hat - Tyler Ard
Haylee's Cow Mask - Kyle/Ethan Bublic
The Brotherhood - Chris Winter 
Noah C's Sweatband -  Liz Esan
The Pastorship - Lily Martin
The Pride Flag - Lilian Sylvia
Banerd -Jack Heidrick
Moose the mouse - Currently unknown to the public 
The Historian - Anna Jones


Most notable:

-National Anthem and Britney Spear's 'Toxic' on kazoo (KAZOO KARENS)

-Ethan Loy playing Despacito on the piano and kazoo simultaneously

-Tyler and Marina singing Hallelujah

-Original song sang/ played on guitar by Jack

-Electric guitar yacht rock song by the Nathaniel/Kyle

-Brooke Huffman singing/ playing ukelele

-A Hamilton singing trio.. really knocked our socks off

-Jahllelujah (RIC X) sung by Maddie while Sam tik-tok danced and Jo pretended to play the ukelele

-Magic act by Yiao where you couldn't see any of the magic

-Kyle Bublicbrushed his teeth and chugged orange juice on stage

-Cereal eating contest (Grayson, Skippy IX, Lucas)

-Anna Jones and Macie Richardson playing guitar and singing 'Riptide,' surprising everyone due to their previous affiliation with the Kazoo Karens.

-Katrina playing the piano and singing

-'Rivers and Roads' sang by Brooke Huffman and played on guitar by Katrina

-'Home' sang by the fourth years

-Doctor, Doctor, but redacted

Term 2

MCs: Will Joseph and Pascal

  • Clarissa Worthington made stunningly-accurate turkey noises to open up the show.
  • Liv Hand sang "I Love Play Rehearsal" from Be More Chill.
  • Haley Carter danced.
  • Ellie Toyama sang and played "The Village" by Wrabel on the ukelele.
  • JiaJin Ye played a piece on her flute
  • Hannah Carr sang "Lifeboat" from Heathers: the Musical.
  • Vyshnavi Sabbi played the piano.
  • Tyler Walley played the piano as Matt Presson sang "The Scientist" by Coldplay.
  • Emily Yang presented a conspiracy theory about the Llama's connection to the Illuminati.
  • Matthew Sides played "Careless Whisper" by George Michael on the kazoo.
  • Isa St. Pierre Charles sang "House of the Rising Sun."
  • Corey Schrauth showcased his immense strength and power by breaking an apple in half with his bare hands .
  • The Best Staff Ever danced to a mashup of multiple line dance songs.
  • Maddie Cashen and Natalie Wynne sang "For Good" from Wicked.
  • Ella Alan and Silvya Katz danced to "Tik Tok" by Kesha.
  • Kaitlyn Urreuela danced to "7 Rings" by Ariana Grande.
  • Isa and Lucy harmonized to "Tonight You Belong to Me."
  • Caroline Loril performed tricks with a Chinese yo-yo to the song "Sunflower" by Post Malone and Swae Lee.
  • Brian Klong and Piper Lyons sang "Lucky" by Jason Mraz
  • Jordan, Miles, Max, Gus, Chris, and Brian rapped about what NOT to do at TIP.
  • Alexander Cook gave everyone an educational lessen in finance until he was cut off by Michael.
  • Ren Schiffer sang and played on ukelele.
  • Woodford Ragland played "Lean on Me" on the piano.
  • Kendall Roy recited Cuil Theory.
  • Sasha Robertson sang and played the song Rico wrote about TIP on the guitar.
  • The 4th years sang Rivers and Roads.
  • The 4th years performed Doctor Doctor.
  • The 4th years gave their 1-minute 4th year speeches all at once.

At Duke West


Term 2

In '05 it was hosted by Luke, Ian, and Taylor, three members of the Tsars of no pants. Many people take the talent show seriously, but even more don't.

The contestants were:

  • Walker's Mojo Dojo singing "El Scorcho" by Weezer.
  • Ishita Chordia dancing "Mar Dala", a traditional Indian dance.
  • Bailey Shoemaker playing guitar and singing "Me and Bobby Magee"
  • Zach Bowers playing "Tornado" on his infamous snare drum.
  • Jessica Wendler and Company singing "If I Ai'nt Got You" by Alicia Keys.
  • Tsars of no pants playing "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" by Jet.
  • The female RCs seranading the men of TIP.
  • Will's "mystery" talent.
  • Brian Alford playing "Needle and Damage Done" on guitar while RC Udoka sings along.
  • Walker and Company performing improv skits.
  • Katie Lee singing "Hero" by Mariah Carey to Zach Bowers, the Ping-Pong champ.
  • Jess, Taylor, Zach and Kristin performing an intricate acrobatic act.
  • Udoka, Lenora, and Theresa singing "For You I Will" by Monica.
  • The crazy TIPsters who learned the Napoleon Dynamite dance... dancing.
  • The Staff Skits
  • The Fourth Year Skits
  • The Slide Show
  • The Fourth Year Speeches
  • The -cough- Fourth Year Crest Commercial (man wasnt that ODD...)

All-in-all, it was a success.


Term 1

This list is incomplete; you can help by

The MC's of the '09 show were Ryan, Garret, Joe, and Scott, with the last two respectively having a Southern and British accent.


Add yourself if you were in it


Term 1

The MC's were * and Austin Hartley, with Ty acting like a hipster and Austin as a lax bro.


Term 1

Emcees: Wendy Ji, Ellen Yuan, Joshua Lafond-Favieres and Sean Courtney


  • The Jer Bears- "Rowing" for a minute, then giving stats on what happened in that minute – Code named "Tik-tok" – You had to be there to witness it first hand. It was incredible.
  • Diana and TJ- TiP parody of Friday, White and Nerdy, and Forget You
  • Genetics class- "Born This Way" parody (genetics version)
  • Patrick- piano (in a blue morphsuit)
  • Johnnie- piano playing "wedding Dress"
  • Samir- anti-jokes (what's bloody and has 2 legs?)
  • Lily- piano and vocals to "You are the Moon" by the Hush Sound
  • Shyam- piano and horse noises
  • Lucy- dance to "Judas"
  • Zakhariah- juggling
  • Daniel and Beth- both singing, girl playing guitar to "Rolling in the Deep"
  • Catherine - dance
  • 4th year skit (Doctor Doctor) in normal, valley girl, NASCAR, and un-tippropriate versions
  • 4th year line (Guys almost ruined it, said "I would like to have sex" not TiPropriate!)
  • 4th year speeches (which were really lame because Mitch cut everyone off after ten seconds)


Term 1

Awesome MC's: Shane Reagan and Lauren Gawel


  • Beth Ohrt - Sang "Toxic" by Brittany Spears
  • Natalie Hollister - Sang "Two Brothers" by The Letterman
  • Michael Rubel and Victor Redko - Dramatic reading of "California Girls" by Katy Perry
  • Alyson Win - Sang "Payphone" by Maroon 5 (without music!)
  • Alice Zhang - Played "Nyan Cat" on piano (-cough-the comedy was intentional-cough-)
  • Jessica Chow and Maggie Steiner danced an amazing ballet to "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri
  • Zakhariah - Juggling and Diabolo performance
  • Team Jacob and a Half - Singing of "Hey Soul Sister" by Train (Erik, Rachel, Margaret, Joanna, Collin, Subanshu, Isaac, and Shane)
  • The Whalers(Malik's Rag) - Made whale noises on stage (Jack, Bennett, Scott, Spencer, and Colin. Also Spencer's guitar.)
  • Grace McClure - Poetry reading
  • Amazing Math Genius, Michael An - In his head, did perfect squares and cubes of 2&3 digit numbers, cube roots of 3 digit numbers, 5th roots, and other amazing things.
  • Jack Arend - Played Requiem for a Dream on piano
  • Logan Kraus - Played "A Whole New World" from Alladin on guitar
  • 4th Year Doctor Doctor skit: Classic, Ethnic (featuring Subanshu and Squeaker), Mean Girls, Sports Camper, Hunger Games, and TiPster
  • 4th year question/answer line (with very random questions)
  • 4th year speeches, which were almost never cut off because they were so awesome
  • Slide Show of TIP 2012 - <3 everyone!

Term 2

Emcees: Haley Dougherty, Sean Christiansen, Emily Butka


  • One Direction (Gant as Niall, Zac as Zayn, Jared as Liam, Sam as Harry, and William as Louis)-Sang One Thing
  • "Blackbird" (The Beatles) - Steven, Denise, Madeline
  • A Horror Story - Jesse
  • "Lights" (Ellie Goulding) - Kristen (dance)
  • A music video - RCs Jordan, Vinesh
  • A song by Ed Sheeran - Mary (played & sang)
  • An oboe performance - Kaye Lin
  • A cat monologue - RC Erika
  • A hip hop performance - RC JD, Tipsters, staff
  • A poetry reading - Harper
  • A video from an evening activity - Tipsters, led by RC Corinne
  • A Korean Dance - Connie (dance)
  • A guitar performance - Attican
  • A mental math performance - Michael
  • A piano performance - Michelle
  • A poi performance - TA Judy, Tipsters
  • "On My Own" (Les Mis) - Clare (sang)


Term 1

MCs: Wil Hartter and Zac Lewis acting as various staff members.


  • Ryan Brandt on the piano
  • Two RC's (Josh and Mary) singing "You're so Vain"
  • Conor McAvoy solved a Rubik's 2x2, 3x3 and pyramid in 52 seconds.
  • Evan Cote sang Paradise by Coldplay a capella
  • Sarah, Autumn, Evelyn, Alyson, and Raina sang Ho Hey and Raina played guitar
  • Jessica Chow, Mary Clarke Worthington, Bret Morrison, Margaret Sands, Joanna Sands, and Amanda Taylor sang Goodnight Moon
  • Andrew Wagner and Kaleb Madison did POI, continuing their tradition from New College 2012
  • Stillman,Kevin Bowerman,Eric Li, and Frank Kuo reading Popsicle stick jokes
  • Kevin Bowerman,Eric Li,and Raymond Chen singing Nice Guys
  • Adam Tarrant singing a chess anthem thing
  • Andrew Tanaka, Antony Samuel, and Reed Haury sang Blackbird with Clark playing guitar
  • Sarasota Sreulneck doing stand-up comedy
  • Veronica and Madeleine (?) doing cups to She Will Be Loved
  • Jordan Couceyro playing piano and singing to Clarity
  • Becca Shipman freestyle tap dancing to Little Talks
  • Max Paris,James,Gene Fannin, Wolfe,another guy, and Colin Brant (guitar)as whalers
  • Stillman juggling a really flat soccer ball

Term 1: Staff Skit/Pie Incident

The female RC's had decided that they were going to have an act where they lipsynced to "Girls Just Gotta Have Fun" by Sophia Grace. For the finale they whip creamed the male RC's (and the RCL) which led to cream being splattered all over the floor. The Bryan Center staff who were watching the performance notified the OSD immediately that they had to clean the mess up before it could sink into the carpet. While the 4th years were getting up to perform their Doctor Doctor skits, RC Ty walked onto the stage and stated that they had been kicked out of the auditorium and were going to release 2 RC Groups at a time. The confused TIPsters started yelling and Ty clarified that everyone had to go back to Kilgo, and the rest of the skits would take place in Kilgo quad.

Just as all the TIPsters made it to Kilgo quad, it started to thunder. Everyone was pushed into the common areas and hallways and most of the 4th years ended up in O. After sitting for a couple minutes, Mary Clarke Worthington and Clark Davis, who had their guitars from the talent show, started playing American Pie and after the first verse most of the room was singing. This display of unity was the one thing that kept the fourth years calm. At some point in the song, RC Ty walked in and led the 4th years to N commons.

They were informed that the fourth year skits would take place in N basement and be streamed from a laptop using Google Hangouts. The second and third years sat in K and O common rooms and watched the remaining skits on the televisions. For Doctor Doctor, actors had to yell to be heard clearly by the audience. For Ask the Oracle and fourth year speeches, fourth years made a line leading from the laptop almost out the door and spoke into the camera one by one, going off to the side after their turn. In the end, skits and speeched could be heard clearly by the other common rooms, and even moved some RCs to tears.

Term 2

MCs: Scooter and Jenn


  • Sam's RAG singing "Wagon Wheel"
  • Abby and Gant performing "Fix You" on the piano (their performance was even cooler since they auditioned 20 minuted before the show)
  • A great a cappella cover of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"
  • Darius and his booty- doin the Booty Dew (as well as Funkytown, Ice Ice Baby, Satisfaction)
  • Giancarlo doing the rope trick and the orange card trick- also known as the most MINDBLOWING magic tricks that the master ever performed
  • Steven and Denise performing "Radioactive"
  • Stacey performing "Sweater Weather" on guitar
  • Nathan and David performing "Payphone"
  • Katherine singing "Rolling In The Deep"
  • Kate performing "We Are Going To Be Friends" on guitar (her act started with 2 minutes of people yelling "I love you Kate" and Hamilton saying some intipropriate things)
  • An intense piano performance from a third year
  • Madurah and Lindsay singing Skyscraper
  • An interpretive poem from Kyle
  • Scooter and Jen singing "You Belong With Me" to Michael
  • Carolyn singing "Someone Like You" a capella
  • Matthew Caffet performing a song he wrote himself called "Why?"
  • Jasemine dancing
  • Cameron reading his story called "Thomas- The Little Engine That Couldn't"
  • Sesalie performing "Hallelujah" on guitar


Term 1

  • played Iris and some of American Pie on his broken cello
  • Autumn Hinze, Sarah Kinney, and Caroline Hall did a spoken version of Fancy by Iggy Azalea.
  • Alyson Win, Sonali Mehta, Jordan Couceyro, and Autumn Hinze sung a compilation of Home by Phillip Phillips and Home by Edward Sharpe and the Zeroes. (whoever gave me sole credit for this mashup was wrong lmao)
  • Stillman Hanson read popsicle jokes, once again.
  • All the Fourth Years, and some other 3rd years did a huge singing of My Heart Will Go On and Skyfall by Adele.
  • E-Money recited the 151 original Pokémon including vocal impressions

Term 2

MCs: Arden, Helena, Austin, Shray

  • Magics with Conner - Four standing ovations, nuff said.
  • Kanise's RAG- sang "All of Me"
  • Adam - sang "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables"
  • Benny's Jam Session- Sang and played instruments (guitar, tambourine, bucket)to Phillip Phillips' "Home"
  • Nicole and Kirsten- Danced to "This is Home" by Switchfoot
  • Nathan Wenger- sang and played "Ain't no reason" by Brett Dennan
  • Gabe Shoemaker- Sang and played "Long December" by Counting Crows


Term 1

  • What I love about Windows
  • Confidence (Demi Lovato)
  • Whalers
  • some other stuff


Term 1

MC's: Ian "Big Daddy," Alex, Katie

  • Megan - danced to BTS
  • Rithika - sang 'Stay' by Rihanna
  • Chris - sat in the office for 6 hours staring blankly at Tim

Term 2

MC's: Patrick, Ana, and Gautam

  • Ben - lead half a song of American Pie (which was really emotional)
  • Dawson and David - played piano, saxophone, and sang How Far I'll Go in Moana
  • Lincoln Hama - juggled while telling stories, then just told stories after his juggling failed
  • Jay stole the show
  • Austin can dance really well
  • Mert played the pirates of the carribean
  • great interludes by Mandolin Mysteries
  • very bad renditions of many songs (which gave Luci secondhand embarrassment)


Term 2


  • Kevin Kim - sang Memeing Around
  • Sarah Mellinger - sang and played "Fly Me To The Moon" (Frank Sinatra) on the ukelele
  • Emmie Dupont and Tillie - sang "What Is This Feeling?" (Wicked)
  • Caroline L. - performed with a diabolo (a strange juggling contraption thing; look it up)
  • Emily Yang - presented a conspiracy theory about why flamingos are part of the Illuminati
  • Elizabeth Rubin - performed Air Varie/Petite Bouree on the cello
  • Amaryllis Wiltz - sang "Make You Feel My Love" (Adele)
  • Alex Y. - performed "Rondo Alla Turca" (Mozart) on piano
  • Allen Parayil - sang and played "Counting Stars" (OneRepublic) on guitar
  • Mariana Chavez - sang "I Lived" (One Republic)
  • Zachary Gartrell - did magic tricks that blew everyone away
  • Jake Cool - sang "Nations Of The World" from Animaniacs
  • Olivia Miller - did a stand-up comedy about famous last words
  • Alex Hanshaw-Bhaskar - sang opera
  • Caroline C. - performed a beautiful piano piece featuring Despacito, American Pie, and more
  • Sophie Thomas - sang "Ocean Eyes" (Billie Eilish)
  • Tanvi Verma - played "Fur Elise" (Beethoven) on piano
  • Anusha, Tulla Bee, Sarah, and Gabby - danced to Cardi B
  • Doctor Doctor (featuring "I don't feel so good," Fergi, and more)
    • Doctor Doctor was wrapped up in epic proportions by the OSD of Duke East being burned
      • Person playing doctor steps out from behind curtain, right next to the mother during the phone call Hi John, how’d you get here so fast? I didn’t even hear you KNOCK.
  • 4th year speeches
  • Slide show


Term 2


  • Ellen on the Piano playing Das Jahr- Februar by Fanny Mendelssohn (little known but incredible piece)
  • Sophie T and some other guy singing Bruhlomania(?)
  • Jam playing Roadtrip on the Ukulele
  • Arman presenting original poetry to make us all cry
  • Malia presenting some original bars (Love you <3)
  • Jenny and Katie B singing Flower Duet
  • Katie B singing 6/10 by Dodie
  • Zentourage - Boomerang by JoJo Siwa
  • Meme Medley by the Kazoo Crew (Bryanna, Jenny, Kate, Cece, and the Queen Catherine)
  • 4th Year Speeches
  • Slide Show

At Georgia Tech


Term 1

The MC's for the first ever talent show at Georgia Tech were Anna White and Conor McAvoy. Acts:

  • Faith Johnson did a jazz dance to "Candyman" by Christina Aguilera
  • Anna Thomas sang "Troublemaker" by Olly Murs
  • Hamilton's TIPsync group repeated their 3rd-place TIPsync performance due to the fact that nobody had recorded it the first time
  • Stripes cow-belled to "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Öyster Cult
  • Grace Cassidy did an Irish dance
  • Jessica Steckelberg performed a Taekwondo dance to a "Radioactive"/"Light 'Em up" mashup
  • Fiachra Rottinghaus did "In Dreams" from Lord of the Rings on the violin
  • Alison and Nancy-Kate did a rap battle parody of "Sexy Back" by Justin Timberlake
  • Katherine Turnbell tap danced to "King of New York"
  • Stripes, Will, Samantha, Katherine, Ashley, Harry, Nancy Kate, Marley, Jenny, and Arman sang "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" from Frozen
  • Alex Pedowitz played the flute
  • Caroline Thomason did "I'm a Believer" on the trumpet
  • Trevor played "Misirlou" and several other songs on the guitar
  • Conor McAvoy juggled and did tricks with his frisbee
  • Samantha Bonge sang "The Saga Begins" by Weird Al Yankovic
  • Lily Hostetler played "The Scientist" by Coldplay on the piano
  • Kaili Wang absolutely nailed "Kreisler Recitativo and Scherzo" on her violin, and was the only TIPster to get a full standing ovation from the entire crowd
  • Joe Gunderman and Nikhil Salian preformed "Heart and Soul" by Hoagy Carmichael on the piano
  • Nikhil Salian then soloed "Maple Leaf Rag"
  • I am missing one act between Kyle and Nikhil. I remember someone played "Für Elise" by Beethoven, but I cannot remember his name.
  • Kyle Dzwonkowski (an RC) jumped rope to Vamos a la Playa
  • The 4th years did sketches. See Doctor Doctor and Doctor Doctor Script: Tech Term 1 2014
  • Then came the 4th year speeches, and then the slideshow, and then it was all over

Term 2

The MC's were Sam, Kuber, Khaya, and Sneha. They were all really amazing, and they had the best jokes ever!

  • Camila played Bohemian Rhapsody on the piano.
  • Lacey played the violin.
  • Wilson sang and played guitar. "Counting Stars" and "Don't Stop Believing."
  • Sithara performed Indian dancing.
  • Alaina sang "All About the Bass."
  • Chris played the piano.
  • Tevin Um and Sam did a dramatic reading of Romeo and Juliet, specifically, the window scene. (It was awesome)
  • Ham's group did a dance to music (Tornado Complex,I think...) by Ethan
  • Mehal, Lucy, Justin,and Jordan (the AP&ME instructor) performed "Devil went Down to Georgia"
  • Charlie and Michael sang "Piano Man."
  • Srivats played the piano.
  • Larry played "Let It Go" on the piano. (Yes, lots of people sang along.)
  • Tevin rapped Rap God.
  • Jessica Yen played an intricate piano intro then followed it up with a random harmonica solo
  • Lucy and Sarah performed a TIP version of "Secrets"
  • Criminal minds class performed a dramatic reading of Justin Bieber's "Baby."
  • RC Kyle jumped rope to "Vamos a la Playa"
  • Ham and Zak sang "A Whole New World."
  • RC Chris performed a spoken word poem.
  • Staff member Bryan sang American Pie, the math class version.
  • MC's performed "The Baddest" by Krispy Kreme.
  • 4th year skits
  • 4th year speeches
  • Thanks, Livy, for the awesome slideshow, although you didn't use all the pictures.
  • Crying


Term 1

The MCs were Sara, Alex MacAskill, Jessica Steckleberg, and Justin Chan. They were hilarious.

  • Fourth year guys singing the National Anthem
  • Colton Wellnitz playing piano
  • Rishab and Neel doing hilarious Indian standup, seriously, everybody was dying (thanks Anatomy and Physiology)
  • Percussion Ensemble [nobody knew what was going on] by Hannah, Emma, Ratna, Elizabeth, Cool Will, Rohith, and Uncool Will doing - dedicated to their hearthrobs and mentors - Nas and Joon
  • Julia singing "If I Die Young"
  • Yannie playing "Rachmaninoff Prelude in G minor"
  • Zan singing "Hallelujah" a capella
  • Allison singing "No One" by Alicia Keys
  • Sean playing piano
  • Hari singing his original single "Lung-on-a-chip" (BME ftw)
  • Kierstin dancing
  • Natasha dancing a traditional Indian dance
  • Leilani and Julia singing "Angels on the Moon"
  • Ashley and Jennya singing "Confrontation" from Les Miserables

Term 2

  • Criminal Minds "Singing" Uptown Funk
  • Bailey and Louanne singing "She Keeps Me Warm"


Term 2

  • Natanya and Rachel S. did a free style dance battle to "Ghosts (Hermitude Trapped in Heaven Remix)" by The Presets
  • Walker and Christian badly bucket flipped
  • Dan complained about the letter W and how we should change it to Woo
  • Tharini amazingly sang Set Fire to The Rain by Adele (Adele, who?)
  • Natanya sang an amazing original song
  • Bailey Burroughs amazingly sang Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac


Term 1

  • George showed three amazing magic tricks
  • George BEAT Gaston at UNO (Gaston had more cards left)
  • George did “"eloquent interpretative dancing"”
  • Nathan beat the world record for backflips in a minute (up to debate; he hit 18 flips at 1:00.64)
  • Dylan read a book; he was moved off stage
  • Shrae solved a rubix cube (times were 26.38, 31.83, 29.00, 28.88, and 30.84)
  • Rachel played Viola
  • Shudi played a lovely piano piece.
  • Everyobe was taught how to man spread by Amanda.

Caleb: “Why are me and Porter the first relationTIP?”

At University of Georgia


Term 1

Chas McCrary and Ren Cox hosted this amazing event. Their stage presence and comedy made them iconic. Also, the audience got Ren to hit the woah many time

  • Sel sang “All Star” on the ukulele
  • Xeo Jenkins performed “This Life is Mine”
  • Cole Kosch did stand up comedy where he talked about his nightmares about baguettes
  • Charles Johnson and Colby Brown played the clarinet and drums respectively to “Star Spangled Banner” and “Bingo”
  • Mary Elizabeth Rudd led the camp to sing and dance to Baby Shark
  • Catherine ODonnel and Trystan sang “Anyhting You Can Do I Can Do Better” with a vine/YouTube twist
  • Trystan also performed “Ghost” by Halsey
  • MB played her acoustic guitar to “The Light Behind Your Eyes”
  • Trevor Powers rocked out on his electric guitar
  • Michael sang “Perfect” on his guitar
  • Alexa Mavrakis also sang “Perfect”. However, she rewrote the lyrics to make the song a “thank you letter” to TIP for everything the program has done for her.
  • Courtney Carrington sang “She Used to be Mine” angelically.
  • Andrea Torres danced a wonderful lyrical routine to “Already Gone”
  • Tamara impressed everyone with her Indian dance routine
  • Camille Nooney and many others did a artistic dance the the Oompa Loompa song
  • Baron Walker blessed us with the singing of “Blessed” by Daniel Ceaser.
  • Susanna King, Michelle Lee, Emily Kitchens, Kasey Maguire, and Nikki Roane sang “Keep Your Head Up”
  • A group of 2nd year girls recreated the iconic “I Want It That Way” scene from Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Abbey Swanson sang “Yesterday” on her ukulele
  • Nikki Roane and Ava Swindler sang the traditional “Hallelujah”
  • Madie Murnane sang “Limón y Sal” in Spanish
  • Madie Murnane and Leo sang “Home” by One Direction
  • Elise Faith sang a beautiful rendition of “Rainbow”
  • Hadley Howard, Sarah Johnson, Madie Murnane, and Katie Carlson performed an amazing spoken word of “Burnin’ Up” by the Jonas Brothers and “Dream, Dream, Dream” from Sharkboy and Lava Girl
  • RC Fiona closed out the night with her iconic bedtime story. She read “Oh the Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss


Term 1

Fred Stanley and Nathan Lee hosted and were iconic. They had many memorable moments such as throwing UGA Meal plan flyers out into the audience, having a rap battle, roasting RC Tristan, and making their own original song and piano accompaniment on the spot. Many people say this Squid King-Jeter dúo set the bar for talent show hosts for years to come.

  • "Juice Bar" (consisting of Ryan Wilson, Sarah Weber, Toni Jebailey, and Montana) performed a dramatic spoken word reading of Lucid Dreams by Juice Wrld.
  • Shaun Rousso performed Seven Nation Army with all 54 Fourth Years kazooing in the background.
  • Jackson Evans pantomimed fishing with a stick and a flip flop.
  • Sarah Beth Hobby and Jessica Parrish performed Hallelujah a capella and brought everyone to tears.
  • Alisha Simmons performed an original song titled "dear sweet crush." (again, plug: soundcloud.com/alishasimmons)
  • Julia Paton-Smith sang a beautiful song
  • Sara Whitman sang and played “I wanna Dance with Somebody” on her ukelele
  • Amanda Barnett covered “Riptide” on her ukelele
  • Treveor played the guitar
  • Jessica Parrish sang “House of Gold” with kazoo background harmonies
  • Sara Whitman sang "She Used to Be Mine" in the background during Rita Paixao's awesome piano performance.


Term 1

Kolton Carlson and Jacob Scheinson hosted.

  • Shaun Rousso opened with an performance of Living on a Prayer featuring an air guitar.
  • Scottie Pearson-Thompson and Sarah Walsey performed a sentimental performance of Landslide by Fleetwood Mac.
  • Robin showcased her talent of creating balloon animals with Spongebob in the background.
  • Alisha Simmons performed two original songs (Extinguisher and Celestial). (plug: soundcloud.com/alishasimmons)
  • Sheridan Ku had the best performance of "Hallelujah" that was humanly possible.
  • Julia Paton-Smith snag a beautiful rendition of “All of Me”
  • This one boy randomly dabbed
  • Sam did a back flip

Term 2

Wilds Pierce and Whit Smith hosted the talent show and killed it.


Term 2

Connor Buehler and Thomas Wiliford hosted.

Term 1

  • Morgon and Addy were the emcees
  • Owen and Sam Smith did the National Anthem on the Kazoo
  • Kimberly and Amanda confirmed TiP as the illuminati
  • Chyna sang "I See Fire" by Ed Sheeran
  • Sarah and Camille balanced things on their hands and heads
  • Connor and Sam Smith confused everyone with their rather blue "'"spoken word"'"
  • Crispy played and sang "Cancer" by My Chemical Romance, in honor of a friend's grandparent
  • Xiara and Tenley sang Sugar This is Gospel ("Sugar We're Going Down" and "This is Gospel" mashup)
  • Ice did a beautiful dance with flags
  • Bailee and Sydney sang "Gold Rush" by Ed Sheeran, to continue the tradition of messing up Ed Sheeran's songs in duet style.
  • Sheridan sang "Lego House" by Ed Sheeran
  • "Doctor Doctor" was directed by Kat Eaton and featured a whole bunch of fourth years
  • Kat Eaton and Sydney Norman sang "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift and assaulted David with knives, which were then taken away from them
  • Xamaria, Hayley, other Hailey, and Sophia did a complex interpretive dance to the tune of "Tiptoe through the Tulips," that turns into a heavy metal punk song by A Day To Remember that goes like "DISRESPECT YOUR SURROUNDINGS" and did the Whip.


Term 2

Joey Dierkes and Kyle McKean emceed the talent show with a recurring skit of progressing through TiP. They began as awkward first years, to nervous second years, to fangirling third year girls, to cocky fourth years, and finally to the "cool" RCs. Generally regarded as the funniest and most awkward emcees to host the talent show.


  • Alyssa Whitley played "America the Beautiful" on a hurdy gurdy
  • The American Foreign Policy class unitedly sang the USSR anthem
  • Leslie Knight performed "Wrecking Ball" in sign language
  • Michael Cairo rapped the periodic table of elements for the third year in a row
  • Lauren Hayes sang "Clarity"
  • Natalie Brown and Natalie Clark sang and played respectively "Skyfall"
  • Cairo, Jarrad, and Cristi reenacted Poptart Tragedy
  • Reuben Profeta played "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" on guitar
  • Leighanna Evette sang "Irreplaceable"
  • Carter and Allee performed a dramatic reading of "What Does the Fox Say"
  • Vincent recited Watsky's "Letter to My Sixteen Year Old Self"
  • Garphil and Jordan performed an original rap about being an RC
  • Tim Mays performed an original spoken word about his brother
  • The RC group, Tri Delta, showed everybody the beauty of Double Dream Hands
  • Evan Gambill played and sang "Going to Port Washington" on guitar
  • Jackson, Andrew, Daniel, and Trey (along with audience volunteers) performed a unique spoken word titled "A World of Possibilities" and analysed the deeper meaning behind it
  • Neil Goodman juggled to "Final Countdown", but was introduced by Joey with a reenactment of the TV show Community's Spanish Rap dedicated to Lara Rodriguez
  • Leslie Knight came up again and sang "What Do You Want From Me"
  • Joey Dierkes performed an original spoken word on the topic of family and Duke TiP
  • James Sifford performed some throat bas beatboxing
  • Natalie Clark sang and played "Sweater Weather" on guitar
  • Cairo and Jarrad did a very audience-heavy performance of "Teh Day Of All Teh Blood"
  • Alton Wiggers and Parker Cox did some improv Half-Life Comedy
  • The Fourth Years sang Hallelujah to Evan's playing


Term 2

Anthony and Reece emceed this term's talent show, with their witty banter and charming introductions.


  • All tipsters sang happy birthday to Elayna's Mom and RC Mary-Francis' Dad
  • Jeremy and Kyle rapped an original rap "Tip Love"
  • Michael Xu solved a Rubix cube in 57 seconds to the Final Countdown
  • Max and Duncan- Creep by Radiohead
  • Neil with assistant Cal and music provider Duncan Juggling performance
  • Jennifer sang Acapella Only exception by Paramore
  • Emma with her Evil Laugh
  • Gage sang I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz(dedicating his performance to Kyle M.)
  • Hailey sang Acapella Love Somebody by Maroon 5
  • Cal and Duncan sang Wonderwall by Oasis
  • Adaora and Taylor sang (sorry i forgot the name of the song!) from Wicked
  • Liam, Duckie, and Andrea did a dramatic reading of J-14 Magazine
  • Michael Cairo sang an Elemental song, recited all amino acids, and quickly said the process of life(DNA replication)
  • Anthony recited a Spoken Word poem "a Letter to my Family"(one time only performance)
  • The Fourth years sang Hallelujah <3 with Duncan playing guitar


Term 1

Roman Mina and Caleb Hall emceed the Talent Show this term, perhaps going down in the history of great emceeing. From being covered in women to rip-away pants, Roman and Caleb went all out.

Acts (Will be edited in)

Term 2

Leta, Rob, and Mark emceed this term's talent show! Mostly improv, these three (good friends since 1st year) had natural chemistry (which was actually one of the jokes they made since Leta and Mark are Leta and Mark).


  • A Whole New World- David and Casey
  • Lazy Sunday- Rob and Chris
  • Patty Cake- Tanner, Liam, Joey
  • Collide- Rob and Sarah
  • Jane Doe- Kira
  • I Won't Give Up- Hayley
  • Put Your Records On- Maggie
  • Irish Dancing- Analeigh (Cat Daddy<3)
  • Elayna Dancing to the Garden
  • The A Team- Hannah
  • The Element Song(Rap)-Michael Cairo (and dress up I might add)
  • Rubix Cube Solve- Xu Michael (Happy Birthday Michael's Mom)
  • Breathe- Chance
  • Four More Years-Rob
  • Make You Feel My Love-Hannah (4th year) <---Gave Me Goosebumps
  • If I Ain't Got You- Adaora
  • I Love My Lips (Vegetale Dialogue) Ivey, Abby
  • Monologue about Cassidy- Gabby
  • She Will be Loved- Ashni
  • "Dreams (Inception)" (An Original Spoken Word Poem)- Anthony
  • Lover Man on Saxophone- Adam
  • Helga Impression- Liam<3
  • Titanium- Jasmine
  • You've Got to Hide Your Love Away- Duncan (It was a lot better than you thought it was)
  • Unwritten- Kynnedi
  • Darryka Dancing to DJ Got Us Falling in Love
  • Analeigh,Ducky, Lauren, Hannah- The Only Exception
  • The Fourth Years (Honorary and Age-Wise)- Hallelujah<3


Term II

At this particular term, Jas Rempala, Riley Bollinger, and Dart Ball. They told a plethora of mildly amusing jokes.( which were made up on the spot, if there are any videos of the MCs, they can probably be seen huddled over the podium to the side, coming up with the material. the entire performance was one big game of improv.) 

Acts (ridiculously out of order and generally inaccurate; please help revise.)

  • Sports Med Dance
  • "Look at me Now" Rapped by Maiya
  • No One: Sung by Kiya
  • "Street Scene" and "Laughing Wild": Performed by Marianna Hagler
  • Improv with Jas, Riley, Dart, Ross, and Richard Andrew Dreelin.
  • Guitar Improv
  • Hallelujah: Performed by Trenton Couture, Bora Gunay, and the rest of the fourth year boys.
  • Good Riddance (Time of Your Life): Performed by Cameron Robertson and Trenton Couture
  • Patrick Peoples and Dart Ball sang and performed... something.
  • Bubbly: sung by Jocelyn Honore and Jennifer
  • For Good: sung by Callie Sparkman (as Elphaba) and Ruthie Banks (as Galinda) 
  • Pokemon Theme: select staff, most enthusiastically by M-Nasty.
  • : Sung by Sam Park


Term II

This list is incomplete; you can help by

The MC's for '10 were Vincente Perez, Meghan Dorn, and Alicia Mayfield.

Acts (incomplete; missing one):

  • Fighter (Christina Aguilera): Sung by Ruthie Banks
  • I'm Yours (Jason Mraz): Guitar / Sung by Bora Gunay and Andrew Sanchez
  • Party in the USA (Miley Cyrus): Sung by the crossdressing Asian, Sam Park
  • Ella Sivertsen: singing "When I Look at You" by Miley Cyrus
  • Improv Allstars: Tori Lloyd, Marianna Hagler, Jas Rempala, Meghan Dorn
  • 'Superboy and the Invisible Girl' from next to normal: Sung by Tori Lloyd and Helen Colliton
  • Resistance (Muse): Sung / Guitar by Nicole Alanko
  • Snow (Hey Oh)(Red Hot Chili Peppers): Sung by Cameron Robertson, Guitar by Sanchez
  • The Thriller dance: Danced by Sam Park
  • I'm on a boat
  • Poetry: Vincente Perez
  • Dance Routine: Crystan, Bri, Haishat, and another
  • Guitar: Andrew Sanchez playing Drifting (amazing)
  • Mother Lover (SNL skit of Mother's Day 2009): Jas Rempala, Aris Santas, Andrew Sanchez, Brian Taylor (kicked offstage in the middle of the song; did an encore where they finished the song later)
  • The Tip anthem: All the 4th years (and Bora because he had a close friendship with all of them)

At Trinity University

2012 Term 1

  • Kevin and Steve (aka K-$mooth and Albino) sang and rapped Ass Back Home by Gym Class Heroes. Steve walked off the stage in the middle because of how bad (and funny) it was.
  • Gus Gonzales sand the song Daughters by John Mayer
  • Katie Hyry sand American Pie -2 verses because it was too long
  • Zora(?) danced to a song she made on Garage Band
  • RCs Breanne and Michael(?) sang A Whole New World from Alladin
  • Karan played a Zelda medly on the flute
  • Maxim and Purve (after a little bit of technichal difficulty and help from Austin) did an amazing dance
  • Austin(RC) and Hannah(?) sand American Honey and then switched it over to Don't Stop Believing!
  • "Insert name here" did the Harry Potter theme song on their Oboe?
  • Hannah(RC) and Breck(RC) sang You and I (not the lady gaga one...)
  • Joon Park sand Hey Soul Sister by Train while Alex Gill played guitar (Alex didecated it to his RelationTIP, Claire... awwwwwwwww!)
  • Katie Hyry and Grace McColluogh sand Speak Now by Taylor Swift
  • "Insert names here" did the Harry Potter in 99 Seconds Rap
  • Scott(RC) sang I Won't Give Up On Us
  • The first annual Duke TIP Hunger Games which was thought of by Evan(Thresh), Grace(Clove) and Katie(Glimmer), was a huge hit and incase you didn't know, was entirely improv XD. It included spin-offs of the enforced rules at TIP such as; "Don't go to breakfast by yourself", "Don't sneak out after hours", "Only same-sex visitors in rooms", "No phones out during class", and "Clapping after someone drops a plate". There were also some other funny ones which included Peeta hitting on Katniss and taking an arrow to the knee. No one could technically "Die" because that not TIPropriate, so they fainted in a way that looked really real.

Cast: District

  • Evan Cote-Technology
  • Grace McCollough-Literature
  • Katie Hyry-Science
  • Kevin ?????-Engineering
  • Haroom????? (aka Swag)-Swag
  • Nick ?????-Science
  • Kyle Dzwonkowski(aka Jagger)-Career
  • Aaron Tuttle-Career
  • Breanne ???????-Career
  • Hiromi ???????-Career



2012 Term 2

  • Tom gave Andrea (RCs) a saxy present between acts. Tandrea... It's a thing.
  • Brian (batman/grimreaper(kid who always wore a cape (CLOAK KID))) did an interpretive cloak dance to the song "I'm Already There". The performance touched the hearts of all in the audience.
  • Michaela danced (very well) to You Make Me Feel
  • JR did a dramatic reading on shadow people
  • Jasmine P. danced
  • Benita played violin for 5 minutes blindfolded
  • Spencer (guy who always wore a fedora wrong AKA hipster tipster) played "Carry on Wayward Son" on bass guitar
  • Katharyn H. sang

Sarah and Patricia were going to sing call me maybe but they were so cool, they didn't want people to be forever amazed by their coolness. Also they were so busy doing cool things during free time, they didn't have time to audition.

2016 Term 1

  • Cup Song: Andreana, Bella, and Natalie sang the cup song with really cheap cups that almost broke. They were a bit unhappy when they weren't allowed to bring cups from the Maybee (how rude!) Bella and Andreana had planned to do it badly as a joke but it ended up being not-so-bad. They still wanted it to be bad.
  • I Hate U I Love U by gnash: Jenna Dillon sang I Hate U, I Love U all by herself, and got really into it. She was said to have grown devil horns and a tail whilst singing, but she can neither confirm nor deny the allegations without the permission of the secretary.
  • Hamilton Medley: Audrey, Diego, and the whole Hamilton Crew reenacted a bunch of different Hamilton songs and it was awesome. There was A LOT of Hamilton. #HerdTheNerds
  • Bella's Routine: Bella did a bunch of cool gymnastic/cheer things that confused the people who didn't understand cheer, but everyone knew that it was great. She twisted her ankle on one of her flips but she continued (YOU GO GIRL) . When she sat back down, she wrapped her ankle with her lanyard. It was...resourceful. Her ankle was amongst other things that were wrapped with that lanyard on the night of the talent show.
  • Kazoos: There was a lot of kazoos. A lot.
  • Beatrice, Abi, Ameena, Sophie, and Tara sang "Riptide." It was decent, which was a surprise because they came up with the idea of singing it the night before. Everyone was surprised that these 5 nerds from "Mommy" Meredith's RC group could actually sing.
  • The Mayonnaise Quartet: Perhaps the best performance of the night had to go to the four members of the Mayonnaise Cult whom decided to share their satanic culture with the tipsters of Term 1. The song chosen was "May-Mayonnaise" and was sung by Lauren, Jenna, Isabella and Andreana. At the end, Jenna decided to become a real-life Beyonce and hold the last note for far longer than the others. Additional vocal acrobatics were added, however Jenna's pitch went slightly flat and did not hold the effect she was hoping for. Her Mayonnaise Buddies forgave her though, and the crowd erupted in cheers nonetheless.
  • Cheyenne's Routine: Another wonderful Mayonnaise Cult member decided to bring her flag and gun and dance like nobody was watching. Well... Not a REAL gun, but still: her Color Guard skills were spicier than Omar. (Only some will understand just how spicy this truly is.)

2017 Term 2

  • Lots of amazing stuff that I honestly don't remember most of. Some great singing, great piano playing, great magic, and some fantastic rolling around on the floor and rubix cube solving. Great job everybody!

2018 Term 2


The MC’s of this talent show were Kamdon and Finnley. Beautiful effort from everyone.

  • Mine Diamonds, a Take on Me Minecraft parody, was sung by a group of guys with a ukulele.(Haris, and two other kids)
  • Mine Diamonds again by the one and only Zach Fagala
  • A Diss Track, rapped by Madison. Though she forgot a few lyrics (like many of us), the performance overall was quite diss-tasteful (and I mean that in a good way.)
  • My Reflection, from Mulan, sung by Cici. She was way too critical of her own performance; it was amazing, though she refused to believe so. To be honest, she has the best voice of the camp. we love you cici!!!!
  • Madison Pipkin danced to the girl on fire and she burned the stage.
  • Some of the RC performances included Annie, doing an amazing piano piece like the goddess she is, Morgan, singing beautifully like the goddess she is, Gordon (accompanied by John Jacob “Jingleheimer Schmidt” on guitar) singing an.. interesting song.. like the god he is, and Jacob, with card tricks which were ruined by his improvisonal assistant Sara, being the...genius...she is. (Wow OK rude I dident know I was supposed to memorize the card smh -Sara)
  • Asher provided a good laugh with his impersonations of a few select RC’s and Tommy the Hipster Tipster.
  • Hope sang a lovely song from The Greatest Showman called "A Million Dreams".
  • Joy sang a lovely song called "In the Name of Love".
  • Lenny sang Big Iron by Marty Robins.
  • John playing My Shot from Hamilton on guitar with Mayo and Tony singing
  • The other Madison did an amazing dance to “This Girl is on Fire.”
  • Krithi performed hey soul sister in a bomb af performance (totally from all of her practice w her rc group in the hallways during freetime) *sends love memes @ krithi*
  • TA ellama also performed as the closing act- singing rivers and roads and making it a staple song for us. the psyche class would die for her and we miss her heaps. she made us all cry. I STILL CANT HEAR THAT SONG WITHOUT CRYING
  • Psyche class brain song. IM YOUR BRAIN PART OF THE CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. that stupid ass song has been stuck in my head for weeks and performed it on there just bc i love everyone so much. i love everyone. (cam did great at holding a sign we love her)
  • An amazing dance by Kennedy (aka Flying Goat) to “I Don’t Believe You” by P!nk [DUBBED THE BEST PERFORMANCE BY SOPHIENOVA]

At Davidson College

2011 Term 2

This is definitely the best one because we had Traven singing and he is pretty damn awesome. 

  • Jim's screamo act Jim started by announcing an that it was an inspiring song, and that, "Even though we may go our separate ways, this is a song to remind us of the memories we will always have." Then there was a chill intro and he began singing The Day Summer Ended In June by Misery Signals. We were all shocked. It was pretty damn awesome.
  • Nick, the TA for Architecture (Davidson) put on a glamorous performance of Bad Romance, which explained the Lady Gaga claw he made the class do when lining up. He had a self made costume, resembling a mix between ballerina and the Sydney Opera House, fusing a mixture which could only be explained as bizarrely beautiful. It was pretty damn awesome.
  • Doctor, Doctor (including normally-stoic RC John's Muppet voice)
  • A beautiful, harmonized rendition of Mad World by Nick Berray, Sibo Wang, Clayton Delp, and Kobi Johnson (Big Papa). This also included Clayton's (the one in the dinosaur hat) signature chipmunk laugh, which unfortunately was cut off the video. It was pretty damn awesome.
  • The Creative Writing teacher's expressive reading of of a beautiful poem by Ke-dollarsign-ha called blOw. She read with such articulation that Kesha herself would've fainted... whether that would be from the Jack (or Applejuice) ;)is unknown. It was pretty damn awesome. 
  • Mo's epic Martial Arts spar with JJ. That was pretty damn awesome too.
  • Evan, Art, and some other RC's rendition of "The Four Chord Song" by Axis of Awesome which is a comedy song commenting on how the last 80 hit pop songs are all using the same chord progression: I  V VI IV, or 'Don't Stop Believing' for you musically challenged folk. It was -you guessed it- pretty... cool.

2012 Term 1

Okay we had some awesome talent show acts this term...the talent show was a ton of fun for everyone.

  • Stillman started the show by doing soccer juggling where he did super cool tricks. 
  • Aisha (Kathleen's group) and Arjun (Sam's group) sang Anyone But You, the song at the end of Juno. Aisha played the ukelele, it was really touching.
  • There was like at least 5 different clarinet and flute acts. The entire term you would hear flute music during free time and during the talent show we all got to find out who was playing the music. They were really good but people were annoyed that there were so many flute/clarinet acts.
  • A couple of people played the piano, Arya from Taylor's group being one.
  • Sonali (Kathleen's group) dancced to Glad You Came. It was awesome, even though she told everybody that she had messed up. She's a really good dancer.
  • Chris and Davis the RCs sang What Makes you Beautiful by One Direction with the help of the audience.
  • Nolan sang my heart will go on after being on vocal rest for 3 days and practicing at all available times.
  • Kevin and JP sang Nice Guys. They basically acted dumb, but it was still really funny and awesome!
  • Jim the RC scared everybody with his Screamo act. He basically did what they say above^. It was totally awesome.
  • RC , RC John, and Counselor Kira did Jenny, a weird New Zealand song. It ended up being really funny.
  • Aisha (Kathleen's group) and Brittan (Kathleen's group) sang The Show and once again Aisha played the uke. It was cute.
  • Marie, Pratima, Jessica Steckelberg and 1 other sang If I Die Young
  • Maggie tapped and sang to Singing in the Rain...
  • Kathleen's girls' Summerfest prize was to make Jackie dress up as Nicki Minaj and sing, rap, and dance to Starships. The whole RC Group got on the stage and started dancing. It was pretty awesome.
  • The Psychology class (or most of it) did a flash mob and sang "What Makes You Beautiful: The Psychology Version".
  • When RC Jim came on stage, everybody chanted, G-I-M, G-I-M! Then Brandon came on the stage an announced that after TIP there would be a spelling clinic for those who were not mentally capapable of spelling Jim. By far the best part of the show.

2012 Term 2

The talent show was amazing, and well, there was a lot of talent.

MC: RC and RC Davis took us through the 3 weeks we were at Davidson. Some of their skits didn't have anything to do with the act they were introducing, so it was quite hilarious.

  • Chris the RC & 2 TIPsters(Rachel and Lindsey) began the show by singing Stacey's Mom.
  • Sam the RC & Leo the TIPster did an amazing juggling act that wowed everyone. While they began with a simple two balls, they quickly added new tricks and increased the number of balls that they juggled until the end, when they juggled these shiny star-shaped boxes that burst into confetti when they threw it at the crowd.
  • 3 girls played piano. One of them sang to Yellow Brick Road(Kate, Mathematical Problem solving), another did a absolutely mind-blowing classical piece(Angela), and the last one did a mash up of various pop songs and a few classics.
  • A TIPster(Srishti, Creative Writing) sang Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield.
  • Holly/Abigail, a TIPster, sang On My Own.
  • One girl sang opera.
  • One girl played guitar and sang "Mean" by Taylor Swift.
  • Ariel sang Fearless.
  • There were 4 dancing acts. One of them was ballet(Grace) & the other was a more contemporary and upbeat dance to Hello(Maddie). Another girl(Jennifer) danced to a cute K-Pop song named and onother danced to a Bollywood mash-up Twinkle Twinkle. Afterwards, she did a hilarious shout out to one of Creative Writing's inside jokes - (the teacher being in love with a tree.)
  • A TIPster(Kendra) sang Set Fire to the Rain while her friend(Stacey) played guitar.
  • RHL Jim did a Screamo song and shocked everybody. Like, really shocked. Because Jim was such a nice, quiet, soft-spoken guy before, and then comes this crazy screaming, hollering guy, jumping around and practically swallowing the microphone. It was epic anyway.
  • Kathleen & the rest of the staff danced/tipsynced to One Thing by One Direction.
  • The New Zealand song, Jenny, was performed. ( RC John, RC , and Kyra)
  • RC John sang a country song with RC .
  • One girl (Rebecca, Mock Trial) did a few card tricks. They were quite interesting.
  • Two boys (/cameron and someone else) sang to nigahiga's version of never say never

2014 Term 1

  • Nicolas completed 11 rubix cubes (each one a different shape) in less than 20 minutes.
  • Jorge sang Counting Stars
  • Justin M played piano
  • Heather and Emily sang Just Give Me A Reason
  • Zoey and Kes sang Boom Clap
  • RCs Patrick and Amar told jokes
  • Esther told jokes
  • Colton Wellnitz did card tricks
  • Mary Alice played piano
  • Daniela played piano and sang Say Something
  • Whitney sang Someone Like You
  • Noah sang "Time" by his father, Lionel Cornelius Sr.
  • Julia played "Let It Go" on piano
  • Ashley sang "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" from Les Mis

2014 Term 2

Davidson Term 2 was amazing and the last person who edited this should get to know more talented people.

  • RC Zach played the flute (no duh)(he play 2 notes at once)
  • Madison very bravely went on first and played something on the clarinet (she was amazing)
  • Maggie and Pay-ton (from China's group) sang Adele
  • Audrey sang "Reflection" from Mulan and earned the first standing ovation of the night
  • Gabby and Hope sang a song from Wicked
  • Will, Richie, and Kolya had an awesome Karate Kid act. (They are the best around)
  • Chayne "one-chain" and the guy who was "tazered in the butthole" during TIP Sync did George Bush and Dick Cheney impressions. That was funny.
  • Luke did a comedy act (it involved tornadoes going at .5 miles per hour, kindergardeners, slow-mo octopus chopping , and karate...)
  • Oliver, Sanjeev, and Quillin performed "Let Her Go" by Passenger (dedicated to Debbie?)
  • Olivia H. (She da Queen) sang
  • Arella sang a song from "Newsies" (she was amazing)
  • The entire engineering class performed "Gentleman" by Psy (the girl with the EXO cap got really into it)
  • Quillan and 2 other guys performed "Ironbat" (in which everyone was knocked into silence by Quillan's awesome playing and completely ignored the other two guys)
  • RC Patrick and RC Lucy (the more talented siblings) sang a song that was a parody of cliche songs in musicals
  • Madison played the piano

2015 Term 1

Throughout the Talent Show, various RC's introuduced each act as the characters Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust, from the movie Inside Out. Debate Class click here ---> That's Debatable

  • Victoria and Sydney, House of Gold (Sydney played guitar and Victoria sang) amazing
  • The Yao Mingsters (Asian squad made up of Aayush, Aqib, Evan, and David) TIPsynced a parody called the Asian Way ft Rex the indian father
  • Lauren and Riya sang Titanium and it was beautiful
  • A bunch of TAs did a combination of rap music and it was hilarious af
  • Becky and Evie performed Terrible Things (Becky piano, Evie singing) it was so good
  • Evan (yellow shirt) played piano
  • So did some Asian kids (like mahhhhh-tin)
  • Joel played the trumpet, and even though he said he made a bunch of mistakes it was pretty sweet
  • Austin (RC) played and sang Chandelier
  • A group of people did cups (2 backup dancers, 2 doing the cup part, 1 on Rubik's cube, 3 singing)
  • Erin S's RC group did something disgusting involving a cup of water and brushing teeth like why guys? I couldn't stop laughing though. (Allow me to elaborate, though I was not involved I remember it quite well, perhaps due to it's traumatising nature. The group walked on stage and made it quite clear that they were going to bed. Everyone laid down in sleeping bags across the stage. After a moment, one of the girls stood up. "I've forgotten to brush my teeth!" she exclaimed, exasperated, walking to a cup of water and a toothbrush that had been placed near the front center of the stage. She brushed her teeth, put some water in her mouth, swished it, put it back in the cup, and lay back down. All was silent for a moment, then, another girl stood up. "I forgot to brush my teeth!" She , innocently, and immediately some people realised what would happen- the aura of the room changed in that moment. I had to avert my eyes as she did the same thing the previous girl had done- with the dirty water. She returned to be, and all was silent. Perhaps some foolish few dared to hope what they expected to happen would not- yet- another girl, eyes opening widely, proclaimed her failure to clean her teeth. People groaned and shouted at her not to do it, but she did- the dirty water was again placed in her mouth, the dirty toothbrush again used to clean teeth. She lay back down, very little hope left in the room at that time. The silence this time was longer than it had been... then, faithfully, another girl stood, and after the first word of the now-dreaded sentence was uttered, shouting from the audience rendered the rest inaudible. People continued their noise as the cycle was replayed- brush teeth, swish water, lay down. During this... tragedy... Sean, an RC, had been watching in surprise and disgust, as we had. Finally he intervened, saying it was enough. Then, Erin S walked onto stage and drank the dirty water. Amazing.)- wow this was really well written
  • Carson's interpretive dance (the love for Beyoncé was strong)
  • Victoria and Sydney sang their own songs separately
  • Lilly and Ben both played piano like why guys? Practice before performing please.
  • To close off the show, Christopher played Pathetique Sonata 1st Movement on piano, which resulted in the only standing ovation of the night! Special thanks to Matt's RC group for the WOW, and Anna for page turning (without which would've resulted in major mess up.)

2015 Term 2

There was the good, the decent, the hilarious, the everything. Term 2 had it all.

  • Hadley Connel sang a FLAWLESS "On My Own" from Les Miserables
  • Angela Rios and Carolina Mangru singing "This is Gospel" by P!ATD (pretty gr9 is you ask me)
  • Shakespeare kids showed off their bomb sword fighting skills (ending with a killer impersonation of RC Quon done by Heinz)
  • Scott Gilman and Ely Martinez had killer impersonations during improv, such as Alan Rickman and Oprah
  • Colin Hinze's dramatic reading of "I Really Really Like You" which totally should've gotten him all of the ladies (It was amazing)
  • Millie sang an original song (which was not about love, and not about hate)
  • Owen sang a beautiful and moving piece about Chick-fil-a

2017 Term 1

  • Aadi, Louis, Kellen, Brian wrote a rap and rapped it
  • Little Einstein's dance
  • Michael Panarisi the "human GPS"
  • Maddie and Kelli's food rhymes dedicated to Kale
  • One girl sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in Trump's voice

2018 Term 1

  • Finn and his group tried incredibly hard to count, but failed.
  • Woodford put on the most iconic of the piano performances, playing iconic songs from this term. His voice was hella cool, man.
  • Charlie Blem also performed piano.
  • Kaitlyn, Sarah, and Gates performed a dance called Glass Bead.
  • Evelyn sang “Pigeon” while playing ukulele.
  • Madeline and Macey sang Tell Me You Love Me by Demi Lavoto
  • Dove showed us their great voice, despite having claimed to have a mediocre voice.
  • Griffin answered the audiences questions.
  • Someone read a poem and everyone realized very quickly that it was just the lyrics to “Baby.”
  • More boys (but no girls) also played piano.
  • Some Tipsters, including Trystyn, Pixley, Grey, Samantha, Kaitlyn & Macie, worked together to perform an existential skit about Olive Garden. “We see the infinite stick. It is endless, it is all...”
  • Lexie, the TA for Creative Writing, performed a BEAUTIFUL acoustic rendition of Rivers and Roads.
  • James did an improv comedy act where he did whatever the audience wanted, which cumulated with a beautiful rendition of Mine Diamonds. Many critics consider this performance to be among the best, giving it a 1/5 (many acts got a 10/10/10/10, which simplifies to 1/100). The highest rating given was a 1/4.25.
  • Lots of people sang. LOTS OF PEOPLE.
  • And thus it was ..............lit.

2018 Term 2

  • MCs: Will and Alex
  • This list is out of order and incomplete, so if you were there please help out
  • FLOSS FLOSS FLOSS (https://youtube.com/watch?v=I10gwVEoRRc)
  • Akash played Despacito in the violin (On request by Tipster Andrew, afterwards Will said, “If Despacito was so great, why isn’t there a Despasequel?”
  • A group of people sang the duck song including grapes being throne into the audience and a full duck costume
  • A pair went onstage and tied there shoes
  • Biochem did slam poetry (They just said, “Moist” over and over until the last person said "I'm sorry, we meant humid.")
  • Joshua played piano
  • Avery played and sang Seven Nation Army
  • Josh promposed to Sam
  • A few tipsters chanted, “Let us die, let us die”
  • Andrew yelled, “Despacito [number] confirmed!” After every musical act
  • Creative Writing & Bailey performed the hokey pokey
  • Sophie being the best singer EVER (I'm still waiting for that album)
  • Luke H. and the Reese's Puffs song

2019 Term 1

If you remember the order, please edit the rest!

  • MCs: Nithin and Ama
  • Alex and Harshitha dance to Truth Hurts
  • Ziad sang 5000 candles in the wind as a joke (he can’t sing)
  • Adrienne sings Vienna and plays uke
  • Yejun did card tricks
  • Nathan explains how life is like trash??
  • Friendship braclets (slinkies) by Bryan
  • Diana sings Viva la vida
  • Intermission Kahoot
  • Eric & his gf + her friends perform some random bts song and is stopped abruptly bc Eric asked if they “CoUlD mAkE tHe SoUnD bIgGer”. But he got redemption by dancing(rlly cute)!!
  • Silin and Sarah sing Youth
  • Rachel sang "Yesterday"
  • Cici sang " My Reflection" from Mulan, shaking the audience to its core.
  • Vincent sang "break up in the end" by cole swindell and played guitar. Cici (and everyone else) started freaking out.

2019 Term 2

  • Jane rapping Dr seuss
  • James absolutely killed you'll be back
  • That was probably James^^
  • There was like a 30 minute long card trick show
  • Kahoot!!
  • There was this amazing set where kabir and two other people just performed the barbie song

At Rollins College


Term 1

  • Mary and Thomas hosted the show
  • Jessica sang a beautiful cover of Titanium and played guitar
  • Sara Whitman performed a cover of Hallelujah by singing and playing ukulele
  • Virginia, Jessica, and Abigail performed a cover of Ex's and Oh's on guitar featuring an RC, Will, who played the drum
  • Oliver Boyd performed a medley of songs on piano
  • Rita (Galactic overlord) performed on piano
  • some awesome kid recited the ENTIRE periodic table
  • more to come
  • actual best term ever



Term 2

  • Opened with a Tae-Kwon-Do Nunchuck showcase - Bee Haffey
  • Faster - Kealind Trent ft Noah Sark playing guitar
  • Neuropsychology Group sang a parody of Friday talking about lobes
  • Guitars
  • More guitars
  • Drumming
  • Rubik's cube battle between two TIPsters, the winner's time was 53.5
  • Stepping group
  • Viola player playing some classical music - Cheyenne Allen
  • Singers... Lots of singers - Sarah Stryker, Rebecca Mundt, etc.

Tradition Stuff:

  • Two 4th years sang "For Good" (Wicked) - Tiffannie Shively & Sebrina
  • TIP of my heart - Bee Haffey ft. Kealind Trent
  • Crest Toothpaste Commercial - All fourth years

2013 Term 2

4th year traditions:

  • "For Good" (Wicked) - Hannah Mullen & Madison Moon
  • TiP of my heart - Sung by: Roxy Breshears & Emma Sargent, Guitar: Noah Lynch
  • Crest Challenge - 1/2 of the fourth years, and Britt Barrientos drank the water
  • Doctor Doctor - Other 1/2 of fourth years

At Wake Forest


Term Two

The acts included, but were not limited to: Julia singing and flute playing the star spangled banner Anabelle, Tia and Zoey singing The Show by Lenka Lizzie and Aeryn dancing Caitlyn singing a French song about Pinocchio Emily Isaacs singing radioactive Emily Kang singing Call your Girlfriend Lena singing a song she wrote Nathan juggling Tanner singing a parody of some sorts

Faris and Megan mced, and the rc/ta/inst. acts included The dating game, where Rupali chose Matt, and Tex chose.... Roman How well do you know your fellow staff member, where stones and bones ta and inst. beat the RCs Colin and Chloe The Mysterious Ticking Noise, performed by an assortment of teachers Roman and Faris's speeches Roman's proposal of friendship to Mallory Daniels dance/slide show The power point

There are more on both which I can't remember.


Term II

The acts were, in no particular order:

  • Car Radio sung and played on piano by Tate and Graves
  • Blown Away sung by Dresden Day
  • Part Of Your World from The Little Mermaid sung by Melissa Hill
  • Still Into You sung
  • Radioactive sung by Maya Joshi
  • An informative/comedic lecture on fishing by Ford and his "assistant" Kyle Valdes
  • A movie/video game violin medley, including: Legend of Zelda, Star Wars, Mario and many others
  • The Fox sung by RC Scott (RC act with some fabulous student input)
  • Flute performance by Melissa Hill
  • Clarinet performance
  • Hallelujah and Good Riddance sung and played on guitar
  • Hey Jude sung and played on piano by Clara and Diego
  • Popular from Wicked sung by RC Liz to RC Scott, who was given a makeover
  • A Team played and sung
  • A multiple part ballet medley
  • A beautiful piano medley played by The Supreme Leader (Stephen) wrapped up the show


Term I

  • Cory did an amazing performance with mayonnaise
  • Shane, Hunter, and Liz told some "funny" anti-jokes
  • And a lot of kids sung
  • One of the singing acts was Riptide, preformed by Ella and her friends
  • During the Talent Show, legendary RC Hunter Quintal was crowned winner of the Miss Tip competition.


Term I

  • The RC Zac Lewis and SuperRC Broke the world record for most elbows licked in 15 seconds
  • Gabriel played maple leaf rag on the keyboard
  • There was a fantastic Devil's Sticks performance by the closetedly-talented instructor Tanner
  • There was a dance number that later had dastardly consequences
  • Lance sang a depressing song where he replaced all the pronouns with their opposite gender equivalents (very suspicious behavior in my opinion)
  • Someone told geography jokes
  • TK sang a passionate song about Bojangles
  • Kevin started playing piano, then rage quit and started rapping to Kpop instead
  • Ira did professional ranting until dismissed from the stage
  • There were multiple unremarkable singing acts
  • A homestuck version of the boogie man song from nightmare before Christmas was performed

(This was the last confirmed sighting of all of the Legendary 11)

Term II

  • Show was opened by Will Joseph (Pokemon Will) lip-syncing the Pokemon theme song, along with an improvised "dance" routine.
  • A Katniss/Hermione rap battle was performed, including a controversial "kill yourself" line.
  • Enzo and one of the many Wills held a water bottle flipping contest. Enzo won 20 to 10.
  • Jackson Danley and Dav of Henry and the Hot Plates performed an original parody of Jacob Sartorious's song, "Sweatshirt," called Labcoat.
  • Carly sang some star trek song that our TA didn't get
  • Fisher told bad jokes
  • Some 3rd floor girls did the Snape thing
  • Quinlan sang.
  • Jordan Freeman sang.
  • Most acts: Carly with somewhere in between 4 and 6.
  • TK reprised her Bojangles song.
  • Shea Adolph, Katie Rebhan, and Eghosa Ohenhen did an interpretive dance to the poem ¨An Ode to Air Conditioning" by Emily Yang and crushed it, BTW
  • The show was closed out by a powerful rendition of "All of Me," performed by Braxton and one of the Wills


Term 2

  • Sean, Josh, and Asa danced to White Iverson


Term 2

  • Madigan and Jesse were the hosts
  • The talent show opened with a group doing the national anthem on the kazoo

4-4-4 Skits

Doctor Doctor Crest Challenge (this one was banned in 2016)

One of the 4-4-4 year "skits" was for everyone to get on stage, brush their teeth, spit in a cup and pass it down, with the last person drinking it. This ended with East term 2 2002 with Bo drinking the toothpaste-spit. Edit by SQFreak: A similar skit also occurred at West. It was always called "Crest." Each participant would say, "I like Crest because...," add a reason, brush their teeth and spit back into the cup. The final participant would say, "I like Crest because it's so good!" and drink the cup. At Term 2 West 2001, the final participant vomited (in the bathroom, luckily) soon after drinking the toothpaste-spit.

Recently, at TAMU Term 2 2012 (and maybe 2011?), it wasn't just teeth that got brushed. In fact, each person said something different, ex: "I use Crest toothpaste because it keeps the blackheads off my nose!" Or the infamous "I use it to relieve the itch from my athlete's foot" Bee Haffey was the one to drink the water at the end, and we pray for her health.

At Marine Lab

All you need to know is in 2017 and 2018 7 did the best Trump impression one will ever have to privilege to see. Also Shannon is the best singer. There are no questions allowed at the time.