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Campus(es) ASU, Rice
Attended 2013-2016
Course(s) Creative Writing, Inspired Writer, Neuropsychology, & Global Policymaking
RAG(s) Samantha, Charli, Lil MG, Christian
Roommate(s) Skyler Busbea, Zoe Bart, Kathleen, Sharon, Naomi, Claire, Lauren Keith, & Sam
Social Media

Lauren is a former tipster. She was a fourth year-fourth year. She attended ASU Term 1 first year and Rice Term 1 second, third, and fourth year. She took Creative Writing first year, Inspired Writer second year, Neuropsychology third year, and Global Policymaking fourth year. Her RCs are as follows: Samantha, Charli, Maggie (Lil MG), and Christian. She danced personal choreography in her first and second year talent shows and sang "Can't Help Falling In Love With You" in her fourth year talent show. (Even though the music cut out this dedicated MC pushed through). Her instagram is lk.hagy and her (somewhat controversial) twitter is @lkhagy.

Most Notably

  • She was part of the RC group that had the epic shaving cream fight of Duke TIP @Rice 2014.
  • She was one of the original members of the Fourth Year Star Squad of Duke TIP @Rice 2016.
  • She was one of the MCs for the Duke TIP @Rice 2016 Talent Show with Lauren Keith.
  • She is a member of Kappa Nu (1,2,3 GIRAFFES).
  • Younger sister to Nicolas Villamil
  • Part of the Van Clark Family
  • Maggie's Daughter
  • Her younger sister Lynn is a tipster as well.


  • Second Year: Rhys Kennedy
  • Third Year: David Carstens, Jeremy
  • Fourth Year: Hugo Villasana (pre-Duke TIP)

Fourth Year Speech

  • I’m LK. I’m a fourth year-fourth year. I’ve already symbolically given away my lanyards to Rebekah, Nick, Hugo & Lauren- thank you all for making Duke TIP so special. I’ve taken four classes with Duke T.I.P., but the most memorable lesson for me was about confidence. When I arrived first year at ASU, I was a shy, quiet kid who thought she was there to learn. When I leave Duke TIP tomorrow for the last time, I’m leaving as a confident person who’s not afraid to speak her mind. You guys, tipsters, you’re all amazing, intelligent people who have changed my life and certainly many others. I hope I’m leaving tomorrow with a legacy of inspiring confidence in the people around me and that you will come back next year and do the same.

Talent Show

  • First Year- "Empire" (dance)
  • Second Year- "Pompeii" (dance)
  • Fourth Year- "Can't Help Falling in Love With You" (which was secretly dedicated to someone) & MC

She was also part of the inter-campus group chat started by Louanne Hood.