Nicolas Villamil

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Nicolas Villamil
Campus(es) KU, Rice
Attended 2013 & 2016
Course(s) Aerospace Engineering, Neuropsychology
RAG(s) Holden
Roommate(s) Thomas, Jackson Weihe, Jack W., Dezmond
Social Media

Nick Villamil is a former tipster. He was a 2nd year, 4th year and a 4th year at Rice Term 1 2016. His RC was Holden. He went to KU Term 1 his first year.

Most Notably

  • He is an Ultimate Frisbee player and led the tipster team to victory in the Student vs. Staff Game
  • He was the Vice President of Delta Psi Beta at Rice Term 1 2016
  • He was an original member of the Fourth Year Star Squad and is the Admin of the Star Squad Group Chat
  • He legit spins EVERYTHING.
  • Older Brother to LK
  • Only biological child in the Van Clark family