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Delta Psi Beta, or Delta Psi, is the name for the 4th year guys fraternity at Rice. This is the natural rival to the 4th year girls sorority, Kappa Nu. The mascot is a jaguar (following the already set 4th year guys tradition). The Presidency is passed down.The symbol is: ΔΨB. Sharpie tattoos are drawn on the left deltoid/bicep, although any visible tattoo is acceptable. The names for both the sorority and fraternity come from Neighbors and Neighbors 2.

Term 1 2016


  • Alex Palma
  • Jack Falstad
  • Christian Drüebert
  • Kabir Chadha
  • Ben Morales-Knight
  • Andrew Koehler
  • Jack Weisenborn
  • Roman Ruiz
  • Wylie Basham
  • Alex Homma
  • Jonathan Mendez
  • Gustavo Rodriguez

Term 1 2017

  • President - TBA
  • Vice President - TBA