Lauren Keith

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Lauren Keith
Campus(es) Austin College Term 2 2013, Marine Lab 2014, Rice Term 1 2016
Attended 2013-2016
Course(s) Field Biology, Oceanography, Neuropsychology
RAG(s) Kat, Christina, Christian
Roommate(s) Naomi (2013 and 2016), Sharon, Sam, Claire, & LK Hagy
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Lauren Keith is a former tipster. She was at Duke Marine Lab during . She was a third year fourth year at Rice 2016, where took the Neuropsychology class.

Most Notably

  • She dislocated her knee in the stairwell after winning Roll Call and became the campus cripple (Love you Lauren <3)
  • Everyone sang American Pie to her on the balcony since she didn't attend the second dance.
  • She is a member of the Fourth Year Star Squad
  • She is the "daughter" of LK Hagy
  • She is a member of Kappa Nu.
  • She was an MC with LK Hagy for the Duke TIP @Rice 2016 Talent Show. It was fantastic.
  • She sang "For Good" with Rebekah Curl at the talent show and everyone cried.

She is part of the Van Clark family and one of the most amazing people you'll ever meet. It was an honor getting to know her and if you ever get to hear her sing, you're blessed.

Lauren As an RC

Lauren was the RC for Rice 2019. Term 1 She is the youngest RC for term 1, but the tallest, so she could squash them all if they teased her. She formed the littest (and smallest) RC group, the LlamaSquad. She was coined for using the words "cute", "I respect you", and "that's iconic". She also threatened to cry every time we did something bad. her RC group was famed for chanting "STEP ON HIM" every time a male staff member messed with her.