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Squiggles is an East Term 1 TiP relic, a green baby hippo in serious ghetto shape. In 2012 it was passed down from Kate to John-Francis. True story bro. Long live Squiggles. It is given to a camper who is easy to approach, kind, and open minded to all people. This person should be kind, respectable, and accepting. Generally this person is a third year, as most relics are given to, but it can be passed to a second year if there are no eligible third years at the time. Over the many years of its existence, Squiggles has slowly grown more and more deflated, yet he maintains his place as one of the older relics on campus.

Year Owner
2012 Kate Gibson
2013 John-Francis Villines
2014 Julie McLamb
2015 Yoon Jo
2016 Helen Jacobson
2017 Louise Cummins
2018 Lily Shytle
2019 Braden Borbely
2020 Amy Budzichowski