Amy Budzichowski

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Amy Budzichowski
Pronouns she/her
Campus(es) Duke East
Attended 2018-now
Course(s) Philosophy in Film and Literature, History of the Future
RAG(s) Dipali, Camyrn
Roommate(s) Sophia Cheng, Olivia Parks
Social Media

Second Year

Amy's second year was her first year at Duke TIP. She took Philosophy in Film and Literature

Third Year


Amy was a part of HOTaF's family in her third year. She was easily the smartest of us, and we probably (definitely) would have failed without her. We would do anything for her. This is a wonderful human. This is a human that you want to get to know. We don't know how to write or how to feelings, but we did not understand why this page was empty, and we just had to fix it. Amy, we love you. -[REDACTED] and [REDACTED]

A Note From A Crackhead Who Loves Amy

Where do I even start? I remember so clearly the first time I met Amy: It was move in day and I was a very lost third year third year who was very scared of everything that was going on, and I ran into Amy in the hall of 2nd floor Alspaugh and she made me feel welcome and at home, because that's what she does. Whether she likes it or not, she has the most infectious personality and she has the amazing ability to cheer anyone up with her endless positivity. We quickly became close friends: sitting in the kitchen while she iced her foot, having sad boi hours in the hall every night, being crackheads together during free time, taking up the entire hallway as we played D&D or watched Lemonade Mouth, even going to some dances together and being weird about eye contact for a few days. I quickly learned that she has the world's biggest heart (which must be difficult for her, considering she's also the world's shortest 15-year-old). Shortly after, I learned that she has an intelligence of 18 but a wisdom of 9. Nevertheless, her oblivion is part of her crackhead personality so I am always here when she needs clarification (which is quite often). Despite all of our weirdness and lack of real communication at times, and despite the fact that things didn't necessarily turn out how I thought they might, I wouldn't change a thing. She always says, "I have to believe whichever choice I made is the right one," and in this case, I'm so happy I made the right choice of getting to know her. I don't know who to thank for Amy's presence in my life, I just know that I am so, so thankful I met her. If you get a chance to talk to her, do (she is always happy to make new friends). I love this girl to death and no matter what she says about her history with long-term friendships, I want her to know it won't be that easy to get rid of me. I absolutely can not wait to spend another term with her.

- I would say "you know who" but because of your wisdom of 9, I'll let you know it's Sophie Knapp