History of the Future

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HotAF is a class focused on learning about the past so we can understand what our future will look like.

HotASF 2019 East Term 1

The HotASF class will live on in TIP history, we always found a way to make class fun, while only sometimes getting on our teacher (and secret Viking) Ryan Ridpath and (the best) TA Mira Soni's nerves. Whether that be studying apocalypses to prepare for ones in the future, of watching WWZ to hopefully learn about zombie apocalypses but only stanning Thomas and no one else, or trying to be taught why utopias fail but constantly interrupting Ryan to explain why they never have existed, to talking about communism daily and constantly listening to Ryan's "10 Minute" lectures, to singing "1, 2, oatmeal" instead of actually working, we eventually managed to get a lot of stuff actually done including an amazing meme slideshow.

HotASF(History of the Awesome Scientific Future) was quite possibly the smallest class in the history of tip, and all became good friends by the end of the term. The class contained arsonists Harper and Xavier(Not really, don't prosecute them), D&D master Amy, the pun legend Langston, identity crisis Kyle, Kyle's new identity Ethan, Mr. I politely disagree Sam, Ms. Queerios Charlotte, class memer Lucie, and zombie apocalypse Sarah.

TIPsters of 2019 East Term 1

HotAF 2018 East Term 2

In July of 2018, a group of utterly chaotic teenagers were combined into a the tip course HotF, later known to the class as HotAF (History of the Amazing Future). The class was led by Rob, a farmer who is a history grad student that we are all very concerned about, and Shelly, a cheerleader and avid bird watcher. The lovable monsters in this class made memes, talked about cannibalism a lot, and probably terrified our poor introverted teacher.

TIPsters of 2018 East Term 2

HotAF 2015 East Term 2

If you are looking for East Term II 2015's HOTF class, it's here: HOTF 2k15

HotAF 2014 East Term 1

History of the Future was a Duke East Term One Course taught in 2014 by Eric Oakley and his amazing TA Jennifer Ethridge. The class consisted of mostly fourth years, including Anna Cunningham, Stevie Gibson, Ariel Dornisch, Maya Messinger, Jonas Frenkel, Bailey Brya, Daniel O'Brien (INDONESIA), Jordan Robinson, Justin Estrada, and Roark McLean. The third and second years who were blessed with the fourth years' presence were Ashley Williamson, William Meynardie, Alexis Gorfine, Katie Hyry, Alex Walls, Roy Wang, and Sammy Weiss-Cowie. The class was legendary, with everyone on TiP campus wanting to stay up to date on the simulation that took place.

Indonesia was notorious in the simulation for finding a loop hole and gaining all of the prestige, allowing him to act however he pleased. His actions included bombing the space elevator, which landed in South Africa, to Katie Hyry's displeasure. Katie just wanted everyone to, "Get along and eat cake like we did in middle school."

By the end of the term, HOTFers (as they were known) had sung through "Complete History Of The Soviet Union, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWTFG3J1CP8) many times, bonded through the insect infestation that had taken their classroom (The Chamber of Secrets), and passed down relics. Ariel Dornisch passed the Fairy Wings to Katie Hyry, and Stevie passed down the non-official relic of his Star Spangled Sunglasses to Alex Walls.

HOTF will live on forever in the hearts of those who enjoyed it.