Braden Borbely

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Braden Borbely
Pronouns he/him
Campus(es) Duke East
Attended 2016(?)-2019
Course(s) Literary License Without Limits, Spoken Word
RAG(s) Emma, Megan
Social Media




A Note From A Quiet 4th Year Who Loves Braden

I only talked to him a little bit, but Braden was one of the few fourth years I was not scared of this past term. He was always welcoming and kind and always fun to hang out with. He not only lived up to the legacy of his pride flag, but surpassed it, always reaching out to lost baby gays on campus. We often talked in the ever-frustrating med line, about everything from Taylor Swift to Monsters, Inc. strap-ons (I am SO sorry we subjected you to that mess). He is currently my favorite (and only) parent and I would literally do anything for him. Love you, Braden! - Sophie Knapp

A Note From a Shy Crackhead Who Also Loves Braden

Once again, Braden was one of the few fourth years I was never legitimately terrified of, which is pretty impressive given that I'm scared of everyone. One of my first interactions with him is when I went to get my Advil, and we both just discussed how socially awkward we were, even though I can tell you now that Braden is definitely not socially awkward. He never questioned any of the dumb stuff he overheard from the Literary License kids, and I'll be forever thankful that his impression of us wasn't colored by The Great Illiterate Crackhead Antelope Satan Incident of 2019. In fact, he laughed along with us while we did idiotic things while everybody else watched in what can only be described as terror. He also gives amazing hugs, even to people he doesn't know that well. I'll always remember how at the third dance, I was sobbing and needed hugs and he gladly offered one despite only talking to me twice, if that. He carried the legacy of the pride flag well, and seeing him wearing it reminded me that here, I don't have to hide anything. I can be myself and love who I love, and that's celebrated. He is one of the best parents I could ever ask for, and I'm so grateful for the impact he's had on my life. Love you, Braden!!