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Literary License Without Limits is a class offered by Duke TiP. It focuses on writing styles, such as essays, short stories, poetry, nature writing, etc. Often, this class includes reading other authors' works and following (admittedly, somewhat strange) writing prompts to create new works. It is known as one of the most chaotic classes offered at TiP. It is offered at Duke East and Rice.

Duke East

2013, Term 2

In 2013, instructor Nick Otten taught Literary License Without Limits (LLWOL) at Duke West along with TA Hanna Humphries. Many in the class found it to be the best year of TiP said person had ever experienced. One of the many highlights was taking the bus all the way to the arboretum, only to promptly turn around and go right back because of rain.


"Plip, plop. Drip, drop. Dead." -Amanda McDougall

"I can't hear you over the sound of Laird's breathing." -Allie Mills

"Laaaairrrdd" (said upon Laird's late arrival to class, which occured frequently). -Everyone. Ever.

"Meow meow meow meow meow meow." -Various

"Interesting, but I completely disagree with you." -Nick Otten

"Which one shall I name Fred?/Can I be a twig?" -Eena Sharma

"Moby Dick is f•••ing fly!" -Guest Speaker

2018, Term 1

Will Will Smith Smith? Will Smith Will Smith

In 2018, instructor Margaret Brandl (aka Meg) taught Literary License Without Limits, aka "L3" or "Lit Lic" at Duke East along with TA Joshua Whitehead. The class delved into poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, and was filled with incredibly intelligent, creative, outstanding writers (especially Lily Shytle, she's too good at everything). Some of the very many iconic quotes include:

"I am a giraffe." -John Penry (this led to a "giraffe" being added to the class shirt)

"Yee yeet litty boy!" -Brooke Huffman

"Who did the yeetster? Because I did the gay." -Braden Borbely

"What does 'Bet' mean?" -Meg

Abi- Most likely to be silently judging everyone

Abbi- Most likely to be confused with Abbi

Austin (Yustin)- Most likely to be a surfer dude

Braden- Most likely to be a Duke Dad (2019 holder of Squiggles Leprechaun Lastname

Brooke- Most likely to be an icon (2019 holder of the Moonscream and the Pastorship)

Garrick- Most likely to have a satisfying sounding keyboard (2019 Blazemaster and holder of the Shazam Hat

Hannah B- Most likely to leave you in suspense

Hannah C- Most likely to turn in 100 pages for a workshop

John- Most likely to be blasting the Beatles all day (2019 holder of the Dream Team Disc)

Judy- Most likely to be the mom friend

Juliana- Most likely to be Markus Zusak

Kate- Most likely to become an editor

Lily- Most likely to have a Diet Coke in hand (2018 holder of Squiggles Leprechaun Lastname

Natalie- Most likely to break a reader's heart

Ruhee- Most likely to get the reader attached to the characters

Sam: Most likely to be seen playing Frisbee (2019 holder of the Watercolors Disc

Valerie: Most likely to run out of syllables in a haiku...cheese

Victoria: Most likely to make you shiver in antici...pation

Meg (Teacher): Most likely to get a Sailor Moon-esque novella published

Joshua (TA): Most likely to painstakingly center a giraffe on a shirt

2019, Term 1

The class was taught by instructor Danielle DiCenzo (known as Dani or Miss D.) and TA Joshua Whitehead. On the first day he objected firmly to being called "Josh," immediately leading to several nicknames such as "Joshywoo," "Josh-uwu," "ua," and probably others. He hated all of these, but we continued to use them. The class was known for doing pretty much anything but writing, such as writing emo poetry that had nothing to do with anything we were learning, Katie Maddox starting random polls on the GroupMe at any moment, forming an emoetry support group, doing the Hokey Pokey, chanting anything and everything (including, but not limited to: illiteracy, "Buzz enthralls me," Lorax, and protection) no matter if it was appropriate to the setting or not, Cotton Eyed Joe-ing to every song that definitely should not have been Cotton Eyed Joe-d to, referencing Dante's Inferno much too often, listing vital organs when asked to say three nice things about themselves, and many, many others. Perhaps one of the class's most defining traits was its obsession with crack and crackheads, leading to the often spoken sentence, "Literary License! Stop talking about crack!" from the instructor.

Notable Quotes and Incidents

  • Illiteracy License With Limitations (see also: Illiteracy With Limits, Illiteracy License With Limits, Literary License With Some Limits, Illiteracy With Lemons, etc.)
  • The "illiteracy chant." To be in a circle, linking arms with your classmates who are loudly chanting "illiteracy" is to truly experience TiP.
  • Sorting ourselves into the circles of Hell, with most of us in the 7th. Except for two residents of Purgatory and Haze in the ninth.
  • "It's always a party in the seventh circle."
  • Save Ethan.
  • Joebama. (Joe Biden and Obama are Ethan's adoptive fathers)
  • Big T, little t.
  • Terrifying fanfictions, notably: the Woody x Buzz fanfic ("Buzz enthralls me") and the self insert M&M highschool AU.
  • Emo poetry, or 'emoetry.'
  • Jack is a muSiCiAn
  • Jane making JoJo references.
  • And being on the deep web.
  • "Not to defend cannibalism, but..."
  • Anisha's cursed elephant statues.
  • A universal strong dislike of Charles Baxter.
  • Olivia and frogs- "Would you adopt 100 frogs?" "No. I would adopt more."
  • Pretentiousness and making fun of postmodernism.
  • The Pain Scale and it's birthing of many other scales, including Jack's Emo Scale.
  • Crackheads.
    • The t-shirt. Three "people," alternatively to three "crackheads."
  • Top Five Most Emotional Scenes From The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
  • Katie's kombucha addiction.
  • Diantelope
  • The Great Illiterate Crackhead Antelope Satan Incident of 2019
  • "See you in the seventh circle, sister"
  • "If you're Swiss, I'm Mozzarella"
  • When Ms. D put on the song "Don't Stop Me Now" and everybody started dancing until she turned it off and then we continued with class

Tipster Bios

This class was known for being THE crackhead third/second year class, with many kids from RevT, PCult, and other classes feeling 'intimidated' by the members of this cult- I mean, class. Here are the members:

  • Anisha - Second year, actually so smart. Adopted by the majority of class.
  • Anna Jones - Third year, crackhead and everyone's friend. She's the 2020 historian, we love a relicholder. I love her more than life itself - KT.
  • Emily - Third year, quirky gal who refuses to be labeled as such. dated Skippy X before he became Skippy. AKA, she's Skippy X's ex. She betrayed us by saying she's going to Rice next year but that's aight, we still love her.
  • Emma - Second year, literally so pure. I love her so much. The personification of an uwu. Also known for looking like a Minion on hipster day.
  • Eva kappas - Third year, actually so smart but left, we miss you queen.
  • Marina - Third year, she's working on her album, most likely to actually become famous. Also fashion icon, I was jealous all the way through term.
  • Gracie - Fourth year, iconic emo icon, everyone was infatuated with her hair. Known for letting Lit Lic carry her down the red carpet on their shoulders. We will miss forever
  • Hannah - Second year, the loml. She was the funniest person ever and my heart hurts with how much I miss her. She was known for her iconic hoems.
  • Maddie - Fourth year, known for originating the Joshiewu trend. She was a first year fourth year, but one of the best ones ever. Her makeup was bomb and she was so funny.
  • Haze - Fourth year. Very smart and adopted many TiPsters. Known for her raisin poems that made people laugh a lot.
  • Jane - Second year, known for her JoJo references. We love her unconditionally.
  • Jack - Third year, our emo king. He made KT cry at talent show with his beautiful song. He's known for being a mUsIciAn and a ****** .
  • Macie “brightside” Richardson - Third year, the love of my life. The best mosher in class. The life of every party. I would die for this woman, I miss her with my entire heart.
  • Olivia - Known for her love of frogs. Dated Kyle/Nathaniel, the best guitar boy ever. Best RAGmate ever, and a great friend as well.
  • Sophie Knapp- Third year who I love. One of the best people you will ever meet. The best cotton eyed Jo-er ever, she should be a professional.
  • Ollie - Third year, icon. They straddled the line between calm and crackhead remarkably well, the voice of reason and the voice of chaos. They also are very good at Pennywise cosplay.
  • Tad - Fourth year who was not in the control group. Can quote obscure Russian essayists. Very lovely and a good writer, we stan.
  • Katie Maddox - Crackhead. Made the class go wild. Known for being questioned by the police twice during term and her emo poetry. She's the holder of the Blazemaster relic for 2020, much wow. I don't like writing about myself xxx

2019 Term 2


The amazing Dani DiCenzo


Mother Sam, except in the case of Daniel



2019, Term 1


Insructor: Will

Known for: wearing cutoffs, having flip flops that don't fit, eating napkins and cheating on his class with the stem kids from engineering for fun, being a filthy snape apologist, not being able to spell

TA: Ashley

Known for: Falling up stairs, being short, being the real life basis for ashley chungus


Celeste | Best known for: antagonizing will about his fashion choices

Marina | Best known for: starring in the winning TIPsync performance of 1,000 miles by vanessa carlton

Cynthia | Best known for: just being incredibly frightening overall

Cassie | Best known for: being the smartest in the class, being super serious about writing and probably also the best at it.

Sabrina | Best known for: sleeping in class

Anna (pepper) | Best known for: hating water, spilling things, generally being a disaster

Jordan | Best known for: writing the Jaap Blonk fanfic


"DSjie Jaiepf FJksaI" -Jaap Blonk, probably

"...Poetic Subtweeting" -Pepper

"Meryl Streep could step on me, and I would say thank you." -Pepper

"Celeste's eyes were saying, 'will, eat the napkin.'" -will

"I want Barack Obama to hold ME like a baby" -Pepper

"Someone once told me that I looked like a weasel that had a makeover." -will

"Stop limiting my literary license" -everyone

Class Playlist

Words Will Made Up

  • deliminate
  • epiphantically
  • lisence