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Watercolors is a frisbee team at Duke East. They play in the student tournament and usually beat all of the other teams for the right to play the staff in the famous Staff vs. Student ultimate game. Unfortunately, they were defeated in 2014 by Dream Team (Duke East).

The Watercolors Frisbee


  • Michael-2007
  • Chester, Tucker, Zach-2008
  • Chris Mast, Sunshine (Michael Sikes)-2009
  • Jon Drawdy, Bennett Cook-2010
  • Nick Mast/Russell Gray IV-2011
  • Christian Krueger-2012
  • Andrew Gavin-2013
  • Nico Leis/Matthew Menzel-2014
  • Ryan O'Rourke-2015
  • Wilson Morse-2016
  • RJ Williams-2017
  • Reece Overholt-2018
  • Sam King-2019
  • Andy Dinh-2020

The team "Watercolors" is believed to have been created in 2006, but the team did not win the Annual Student Ultimate Tournament, so the captain is unknown. Watercolors was runner-up in the 2007 tournament, but that year the tradition of passing down the disc began; therefore, the captain is indeed known.

Watercolors is known for its brotherhood and loyalty to one another and to the game. Although they are the best, that shouldn't matter to the team. Watercolors has the most heart of any team on the field and will always play the game to the last man like a family. Watercolors is unmatched in unity, passion, and skill.

2017 Team: RJ, Freedom, Jake, Caroline, Reece, Reese (2nd year), Jack, Noah C, Dayne, Rory, Katrina Csaky, Quinn

2018 Team: Reece Overholt, Dayne Ware, Quinn Rieger, Wilson Mueller, Abhi Patel, Nathan Wang, Sam King, Caroline Carter, Rory Smith, Katrina Csaky, Sarah Schulz, Dogboy, Ronald Doe

2019 Team: Sam King, Andy Dinh, Doggboi, Eric Niedzielski, Ryan Ringel, Greyson Wisdom, Shea Seufurt, Jamie Gerdts, AC, Brian Wong, Shubhang G, Yaya Kagiliery, Katrina Csaky, Sophia Farrand, Xavier