Macie “brightside” Richardson

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Macie “brightside” Richardson
Pronouns she/her
Campus(es) Davidson, Duke East
Attended 2018-2020
Course(s) , Literary License Without Limits
RAG(s) April's Golden Girls, Kenny’s Krew
Roommate(s) Alex, Lily Cate Hunter™
Social Media

The best human ever. Macie's favorite food is sushi, and she hopes to visit Japan if she travels the world. Essential things to know about her:

she likes to wake up to hard rock, early 2000s music

a normal shower for her is an hour too short

Macie lives in yee yee town and goes to yeehaw high school where she is the smartest one (even though she's in control group)


This was Macie Richardson's first year as a tipster, due to the fact that she was waitlisted for Tip 2017. She was a first year/second year at Davidson T1 in 2018 and took Creative Writing. Many people claim that creative writing was not an actual class, but Macie says otherwise. This is where she met her current best friend who returned to East with her for term 1, 2019: Pixley Marfvvsihslequart. Macie's roommate, Alex, also returned to East with Macie but had to leave after a week. Macie has not heard from her since, but they are still friends and she hopes Alex will return for her 4th year. Macie had no known RelationTips while at Davidson.


As a returning Tipster, Macie was excited to come back "home" for her third year. This was her best year at Tip. Even though the campus was new to her, she embraced the friendships she had already made from Davidson 2018 and adapted to her new surroundings quickly. She took Literary License Without Limits, also known as lit lic, at Duke East in 2019. Macie had her first Tip clown experience when she called her class "illiteracy with limits." She was often seen being TGFP with Sophie and is known as the "Buzz" to Sophie's "Woody." They even made matching bracelets that say Buzz and Woody. She is one of the best writers ever even though she may be the BIGGEST illiterate. This is her title, other than "Mr. Brightside." She is one of the wives in the 3rd year marriage (to be wed in 2020) and was a participant in the depression corner. She was part of the "cotton eyed hoes": Anna Jones, Macie Richardson, Sophie Knapp, Gracie, KT, Ollie, Anisha, Madeline, Emily, Amy, and Evie. On one of the first days, Literary License chose pen names, and hers wound up being PP Buffalo. She was known for her obsession with Mr. Brightside, her blatant gayness, and her hour-long showers. In her time at TiP, she left her legacy in soggy toilet paper and losing races to the Lit Lic classroom. Macie did have one mini RelationTip, but that information is undisclosed to the public. This RelationTip was only sadly discovered on the second to last day of Tip.

Notable Events----

>>won 2nd place in the scavenger hunt with Kenny’s Krew

>>played with the Kazoo Karens in the talent show

It is to be noted that Shea "Skippy" could not tell that the Kazoo Karens were playing "Toxic" and called them back on stage mistakenly for an encore performance. They ended up wimging it, and were booed at, which only fueled the chaos of this event.This was another clown moment for Macie.

>>played Riptide on guitar with Anna Jones accompanying her, and practiced her 8-second guitar solo until 2AM. Her roommate can confirm.

>>one time Macie was big dumb and lost her wallet while sitting on the curb eating frosting out out the container with Lily Cate but it's ok she found it

>>Macie once thought the pride flag was a dog. She proceeded to tell Braden this, leading to another clown moment.

Her Roommate----

Macie's very tolerant roommate, Lily Cate Hunter™, thoroughly enjoyed having Macie as her roommate. Every single night around 11 pm, Macie would still have her lanyard on, but Lily Cate always reminded her to take it off. Some funny roommate incidents include:

  • Lily Cate losing her AirPods at 3 a.m. and asking Macie to help her find them x500. This also happened to her phone, lanyard, wallet, etc.
  • Macie dropping a plant in Whole Foods and then running away
  • Macie and Lily Cate getting runner-up in the "how well do you know your roommate" game
  • Lily Cate waking up at 2:01 a.m. to Macie hovering over her and trying to turn the lights off (this was the same night she was awake until 2am learning her guitar solo)
  • both of them playing Toxic with the Kazoo Karens (even though Lily Cate backed out of the talent show)
  • Macie and Lily Cate coming back to their room at 3 a.m. to a terrible smell. Upon closer inspection, it was apparent that the terrible-smelling Whole Foods cherry coffee that actually smelled like vomit and gasoline had spilled everywhere.
  • Macie acquiring clown of the month for June (which she spent at Tip)


"crackhead hours"

"that's valid"

"you're so valid"

"illiteracy!!!" but repeated in a circle of lit lic kids x20 after breakfast every morning

"Oh my god, I forgot email existed."

"I'm such a crackhead"

"My biggest dream is to be literate."

"I was gonna try and murder her, but not in a bad way."

"I'm going up to the crackhead lounge"

"I'm going to order twelve Steve Buscemis and put them all over my lanyard."

"If they don't poop the quad, we will."

"The dumb pirate song" (in reference to The Last Saskatchewan Pirate)

"Where did that little Satan come from?"

"Not a callout but..." (as she proceeds to call people out)

"I gotta find Dora."

"The reason I thought Amy didn't like me is because Sophie said she didn't."

"I have like seven pairs of drumsticks in my room and I don't know what to do with them."

"Wait, since when is Funkytown explicit?"


"I haven't done anything for two weeks and now all the things are doing me."

"I was waiting for the honk but the honk never came." (about Wonderwall)

"Oh my god, my smoker's lung."

A Notable Thread of Macie's Texts

please don't sue me Macie I love you

"Okay, I feel like I'm actually on crack"

"Also, I'm just trying to exist in the bathroom"

"Can you tell me the name of the person sitting beside you"


"I'm like IN the shower lol"

Note From A Hoe

So hello. As some of you know, I am Macie's hoe. And that is ok. I love this woman with all my heart, and now I'd love to share it with you. I met Macie on a cursed group me, as well as Anna Jones, and immediately knew I would like her when we met. When we all met in class, I knew that me and her would be the ultimate class crackheads together. Macie, you're absolutely insane, and I love you for it. Your kindness, your humor, and your amazing writing (sweet holy jesus she made me fckin CRY) constantly inspires everyone around you without you even knowing it. All of her friend would tell you that she makes you feel safe and loved no matter what, that you can always count on her for everything,a nd they are 100% right. I wouldn't have loved TIP as much as I did without her friendship to push me into doing questionable things. I love this goddess SO DAMN much ahhh and I can't wait for fourth year with her.:) -KT

Note From Her Backup Date

Macie is my everything: from the Buzz to my Woody, to my GBF, to one of my many wives, to my first and favorite backup date. I met Macie in toilet paper sculpture making and it was love at first toilet paper penis (she will tell you it was a top hat but it was most certainly not). She was my first good friend at East and that means everything. Right away, I was able to tell her anything and everything (and we really did NOT hesitate to go there), and I found out she is the best listener and best hugger on the whole entire planet. She is the best human in the universe and I love her with my whole heart. She deserves the entire world and I can't wait to be fourth years together. - Sophie Knapp

Note From The Clown

Macie Richardson is the number one worst person of all time and you should never, ever, ever interact with her as it will only bring you pain and suffering. Okay, just kidding. Macie has been my best friend for two years at TiP as I write this (in the great* year of two thousand and nineteen). I have no doubt that she will continue to be my best friend going into next year, as she claims her fourth year rights. AND THEN SHE'S LEAVING ME SO I GUESS I'LL JUST HAVE TO SUFFER. I met her in Creative Writing, a.k.a. the tenth circle of Hell, and oh boy, the moment she opened her mouth and started reading a really questionable poem about balloons I knew that I wanted to be friends with her. She is the most kind, welcoming, supportive person on the entire planet. From talking about My Strange Addiction and Despacito at Davidson to absolutely roasting each other at every possible moment at East, Macie has been there for me whenever I've needed her. Speaking of East, by some wack twist of fate, Macie and I ended up in the same RAG her third year. Which was a blessing because it meant I got to spend even more time with her. In short, Macie is the absolute best person to spill tea with, get into pointless arguments with, be a clown with, and go through TiP with. I know she's gonna tear it up during her fourth year, and I can't wait to watch it happen (even as a greenie with no rights). I love her so so so very much and she makes TiP even better than it already is. Macie may be a clown, but she's also the best friend in the entire universe, and for that, I'm grateful. -Pixley Marquardt