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My favorite person ever! Lily Cate was a first year-second year at Duke East term one 2019 where she took and a member of (aka the greatest RAG of all time) and Room 123 (aka the room housing the greatest roommates of all time.)

Known For

  • Her dancing skills.
  • Her photography/videography skills.
  • Trademarking her name.
  • Losing her airpods.
  • Losing her lanyard.
  • Losing.
  • Doing facemasks nightly.
  • Her support of the Kazoo Karens.
  • Her status as an interior designer.
  • Knocking on the walls of her dorm room.
  • Being the most tolerant roommate of all time.
  • Post-Mating Chick-fil-a and Chipotle.
  • Doing the Most for the Quadfest interpretative dance off.
  • Her love of Khalid.
  • Leaving without her socks, somehow.

Iconic Quotes

(yes, even more Iconic than Troy Bolton, the most iconic man of all time.)

  • "Where are my airpods?"
  • "No, I like, just had them."
  • "Time for my daily lanyard scare."
  • "Y'all wanna hear sicko mode or mo bamba?"
  • "Y'all wanna hear sicko mode r obama?"
  • "Y la sick ode r obama?"
  • "Y a s k od r oamb"
  • "Tell the crackheads I said hello."
  • "Macie, you can take off your lanyard now." (nightly)
  • "She was just standing at the foot of my bed like my sleep paralysis demon."
  • "Party rockers in the house tonight." (it's 'party rock is.')

Incidents and Inside Jokes

  • @mylifeasaprisonwife
  • That time she and her roommate thought their dorm neighbors were knocking on the wall, expecting a response, but they were just trying to kill a bug.
  • That time someone spilled the absolute worst drink in the world all over her floor and the entire dorm smelled like it all night long.
  • All the sand somehow in her bed. And all of our beds.
  • That time she forgot her socks in the morning and had to text her roommate to bring her socks.
  • That time she wasn't allowed to buy M&M's.
  • The times after when she'd just eat M&M's out of a bowl at dinner.
  • That time both she and her roommate overslept by an hour and had a crisis.

A Note From Macie “brightside” Richardson

I LOVE YOU WITH MY WHOLE HEART LILYCATEHUNTER. You were the best, most tolerant roommate I could've asked for. Thanks for dealing with 'Mr. Brightside' 24/7, at seven am and at midnight. Thanks for dealing with me and my crackheadedness constantly. You were always there to send my texts for me when I was too scared to do it myself and to listen to me spill tea for hours into the night. I love you endlessly, xoxo.

A Note From KT

Lily Cate truly is a gem in TiP culture. She's walks the line between crackhead and being the voice of reason incredibly well, which has come quite useful saying who she's friends with. (I'm calling you out Macie ily) She's one of the kindest, funniest tipsters I've ever come across and i'm 94.3% sure she is not control group. I can't wait for next year w/ her!!! Ilysm.

A Note from Anna Jones

Lily Cate is one of my Favorite people in the entire world. She deals with so much from me, and she laughs at all my stupid jokes even when they're definitely not funny. She's a voice of reason in our crackhead squad, but knows when it's appropriate to let loose and just become the crackhead. I think I'm one of her moms now, and it's safe to say that I am very proud of my daughter. She's one of the sweetest people in the world, and I'm beyond thankful that I know her. I love you!

A Note From Pixley Marqisdjdgtskvstsgidt

Lily Cate will send you the best, funniest memes known to man. Seriously. (It's party rock is.) Okay, anyway, besides the memes, Lily Cate is one of the best TiPsters I have ever met. She constantly makes me laugh. and smile, and she puts up with way too much of my crackheadery with Macie. Lily Cate: thank you for the Sicko Mode sign's existence, filming me as I hysterically crawled under the Iconic Booth to cry/scream, and being an incredible friend. I love you so so so very much. Stay party rockin'.