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Pixley Marquardt is a 2020 third year-third year, a musical-theater nerd, and a certified Wonderful Person. She is commonly misinterpreted as 'Pixely Marqasfbgsdfgrefsdvdt' but, as I can assure you, 'Pixley Marquardt' is the best possible attempt at spelling her name.


In 2018, she was a first year at Davidson Term One. She took Creative Writing, taught by Josh and TA'ed by Lexie. This is where she met the original author of this page (xoxo.) She was known for her newfound love of Cheerwine, her height, her ability to play Africa on guitar, and her writing talent. She was in Abigail's RAG. Notable events she took part in include:

the talent show Olive Garden skit

Segway tours (that had zero actual segways)

being on the last place field day team

the legal wedding of Instructor Josh to himself.


In 2019, she was a second year at Duke East Term One. She was a member of the Ethicult and of Kenny’s Krew as well as a resident of Assplow dormitory. She was lucky enough to share a corner room with third year Anna Chen, who took Where great minds and big money meet. She was known for her love of musicals, That Time She Ordered A Clown Suit And Wore It, her presence on Stan Twitter, and- you guessed it- her height. Notable events she took part in include:

the Cards Against Humanity bathroom incident

the closet incident (mentioned in

the loss of the second years in quadfest

the Kazoo Karens TiPSync (Endangered Love from Veggie Tales) as narrator, the Kazoo Karens talent show act (a kazoo rendition of Toxic), and receiving second place in the scavenger hunt. She could be seen spending her time in Pegram's third floor common room, more commonly referred to as the Crack Lounge. She could also be found spending her time either arguing or in good company with another TiPster- again, the original author of this page.

A Brief Message From a Good Friend

I love you, you crackhead clown. When I think of TiP, the first thing I think about is you. You're my best friend in the whole world and meeting you was one of my better decisions. I will forever cherish all the fights and "I hate you's" and "you're the worst"s. You're my favorite theater nerd, my favorite horse girl, and my favorite 6'0" ginger. I love you with my whole heart, you fantastic idiot. -Macie “brightside” Richardson