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East Term 1 2019

By Lily Cate Hunter and edited by Kylyn Smith

Where great minds and big money meet, also known as GMB$ for lack of a better abbreviation, was a rambunctious and drama-filled entrepreneurship class. From personal experience, most tipsters of this class still don’t know how to spell entrepreneurship. This class started out with 20 tipsters but later fell to 19 after the first few days. The class consisted of mostly 3rd years, some 2nd years, and a handful of memorable 4th years (some in a good way, some in a not so good way).


Andrew KelBAE----

Undoubtedly the best and most chill TA ever, Andrew always made sure his students were having fun. From teaching them yoga during evening study (Oop) to making them Kahoots so they wouldn’t have to listen to lectures, he made sure everyone was in a good mood. Andrew will be attending his junior year at Boston University (better than Harvard) as of the 2019-2020 school year. If nothing else, Andrew taught his students that Boston University is better than Harvard. He will be teaching Game Theory during term 2 2019 at east.

His Chant----

Every morning, this class would meet under the Magnolia tree adjacent to the cafeteria (Well, everyone except MAXX WHO WAS CONSTANTLY WITH THE REV-T CLASS.), aka the Banerd tree as it is the now-official relic’s resting spot. After most of the class had gathered, Maxx would usually initiate the Andrew chant from over at the Rev-T group. It is to be noted that this chant was started because Andrew hated the “Doggy Doggy” chant and would always comment on how immature it was. The chant follows the same structure as “Doggy Doggy,” and is not to be confused with the Rev-T Molly x Adderall chant. Andrew’s goes something like this:












YOGA (some people chose to say BU)

Andrew’s RelationTIP----

With the help of her class, Andrew’s “girlfriend,” Mira the TA, promposed to him at lunch. The letters of the PROM sign were out of order, but it was still cute. They went to TIP prom together and “dated” until the end of TIP.


Troy was the instructor of the class who currently works for NC State. He will be teaching GMB$ at Rice University campus for term 2, 2019. He and TA Andrew had opposite personalities which was funny sometimes. Troy had “connections,” so he could always plan the best field trips.


Lily Cate Hunter

Grace Radle

Carolina Larracilla



Raj Patel

Maxx Shearod


Rohan Kashayap

Stacey Nelson

David and Anna Chen

Ben Yan

Kylyn Smith




Yao Xiao

Chris Henry

Counting Off Numbers----
  • GMB$ was iconic so they counted off, with the exception of Raj who never said his number. The whole thing was pretty dysfunctional.

Anna Chen-1

David Chen-2

👞 💥-3




Lily Cate-7



Sister Stacy-10

Patrick/Andrew - 11

RAJ NEVER ANSWERED WHEN COUNTING OFF. It was 50/50 either he wasn’t paying attention or he was still sleeping.





Kylyn -17

Alyssa -18

Yao -19

Ben Yan -20

Fallen Soldiers----

Patrick, after the first week with reasons unknown to the class. He continued to send memes to the group chat until he was kicked out by Justin.

Notable Members----
  • a list of all past and current relic holders*

Maxx: he had the “Q hat” relic for the 2018-2019 term

Carolina: was passed “the book of Dev” relic for the 2019-2020 term

Rohan: the third official holder of the “Banerd” relic for the 2018-2019 term

RelationTIPs & Scandals

👞💥 and his car

Justin and dead dogs (it was a joke)

Justin and Red Bull

Justin and Anna Chen

Yao and Alyssa

Andrew and yoga

Andrew and Mira

Chris and Carolina

Chris and Kylyn

Maxx and clash royale

not really a relationTIP but David and Anna are twins

The Chris Incident----

At the first dance, Chris was looking for Carolina, but couldn’t find her. In the process, he asked Kylyn to dance. They ended up dancing for two songs and held hands during “It’s the End of the World as We Know it”. Later that night, Chris texted Maxx about his relationTIP with Kylyn. Maxx decided to stir up drama. He proposed Carolina and Kylyn fight in the Gazebo with Small Dog. Carolina and Kylyn ignored him and confronted Chris together. After the confrontation, Carolina ended up going to the second dance with Chris.

The PDA Incident----

All Alyssa did was put her head in Yao’s lap. That’s literally it.

Field Trips

1. The class made frequent trips to Duke West where Raj and Justin bought some things at the store. On one occasion, half of the class almost left the other half behind and made the bus driver mad.

2. Troy took the class to Duke West once again for a trip to tour McDonald’s. This trip was very eye-opening, especially when the owner talked about how he got the water for his drinks off of the street. Also, the entire class went inside a freezer.

Inside Jokes

• Calling Lily Cate her full name (Lilycatehunter) because it’s “cool?”

Andrew started this and it caught on around the class. She got the superlative for most likely to trademark her name as a result. Thanks Andrew.

• “I think moto moto likes you”

This originated from watching Madagascar, and it was also a meme that was put on the class T-Shirt.

• “Go sit in the rain”

Andrew suggested playing the compliment game during break since it was raining outside. It was one of the first days of class so Yao couldn’t come up with a compliment for a girl. (it was Alyssa lmao) Then Andrew Told him to go sit in the rain and the saying stuck whenever someone said something stupid.

• “I want a divorce”

This really isn’t even that funny. It’s just a line from a movie the class watched.

• “Andrew KelBAE”

This is what Andrew’s last name sounds like.

• “penetrate the market”

Basically Troy’s catchphrase. Our small businesses must learn how to get into an already developed industry, or pEnEtRaTe tHe MaRkEt.

The Test Incident

This incident took a few days to play out. Troy told his students that they would have a test in two days on Thursday. The kids were very stressed, especially since it was supposed to be a summer course with no tests. That day Andrew spent 45 minutes with the tipsters studying for their test with them. Before the test began, Troy scared the heck out of his students when he said, this should take about an hour and a half. Troy was not one to make jokes, so of course his student believed him. He said he would put the questions up on the board, and turned on the screen. Suddenly, Madagascar music started playing and Troy said, “enjoy the movie.” David laughed saying, “we got punked,” and Yao said he would make the incident into a TIPwiki thing. Troy even brought them chocolate chip muffins and drinks, which Yao managed to spill everywhere.

East Term 1 2017

Also known as Ontraprenewtership, this course, headed by and ( FOREVER!!!), holds the record of the most inside jokes created in the first two days of [[TIP] "Masters:"

1. : Director, Producer, and Protagonist of "Fidget Spinner: The Musical"

2. : Master has given Padewan a term book, Padewan is freeeeeeeee


1. (Formerly known as Ansh Nanda)

2. ( <3)

3. ( <3)

4. Sam Park (Future Cult Leader)

5. (Visit allin1supplies.com)

6. (Constantly roasted her namesake)

7. (Most hit on)

8. (Find yet?)

9. (Cheated on his group numerous times)

10. (AKA )

11. (AKA , created )

12. (The nicest person ever)

13. ( forever)

14. Zoe Eldridge ()

15. (Three girls on the line, and the fourth still won't call)

16. (Dude, you're on your phone as we're typing this....Not very subtle)

17. (Too busy getting to Seven Figs to pay attention)

18. (Forever asleep)

19. (Future K-Pop Star and Cockfighter)

20. ( 2K17)

Memorable Jokes

  • There are no wrong answers, only 0s and 3s
  • "Wait, why do we have that?" -
  • "I'll give you ten dollars to shut up." - G Smith
  • (AKA umbrellas)
  • (we still need this to happen)
  • Dress for success (I wish)
  • X
  • , formerly
  • "" - Jared
  • CHI OMEGAAAAAAAAAAAAA (We'll see you in a few years, Lauren)
  • Kathleen was a lie... how could you do this to us  :'( ?


  • Ansh Nanda: After leaving TIP and returning to his home country of India, Ansh collapsed from hyper caffeination after drinking 12 monsters the previous night in order to pull an all nighter…for seven days in a row. He recovered with a ruptured spleen and now has a resting heart rate of 120 bpm. Doctors say they have no idea how he survived, but equate it to a miraculous recovery, added by the gangster qualities that make him G-Smith. Following his traumatic injury, Ansh went before Starbucks and managed to successfully pitch the Monster X Starbucks collaboration, leading to the satisfaction (and deaths) of adolescents everywhere. G Smith was now a millionaire, rolling on the cash of his successful pitch. However, tragedy struck when Monster was outlawed by the FDA for causing too many deaths. Ansh is now homeless and working to make his way back up to the pinnacle of monster success.
  • Pranav Chandupatla: Due to a chronic asthma and allergies due to the wrath of the TIP pirate song, Pranav C. (Sorry) was admitted into the hospital. After multiple failed operations, he was finally saved due to his uncanny habit of taking WAYYY too many showers in a period of 24hrs. It’s weird how someone who throws so much fire washes himself so much. This tragedy did not hamper his progress due to the fact that he is invisible in the dark (take of that what you will). His quick wits and esteemed style helped him get big in the comedy industry, soon becoming the official RoastMaster of the world. He did not let the success get into his head and thought about his time in tip. This let him dawn upon the brilliant idea of a straight AND gay Grindr-like application in which he has the most followers. This thought of being gay, but isn't really, Pranav C. Is the pimp of the roasting/grinding world. He held a world record for having a big banana approximately 4 feet long. Now he is a self made millionaire but his last name is still harder to spell than entrepreneurship.
  • Sophie: In the past, Sophie was a smart, cute little girl living in Charlotte looking for something to do with her life. She discovered she wanted to revolutionise a company called Baby Balls. you can customise a ball + name it to be shipped to your house. In the first years, it failed and she became homeless and lived on the streets with her favourite baby ball, Simran. Eventually, her company hit a big jackpot with a large company, and became a millionaire with a large mansion, summer home, and factory for her company. She also starred in the "The Cinnamon Roll Movie" and made a lot of money off of that as well. She had a gazebo in her backyard and since her friend Simran was bankrupt, she let her camp out inside. When Sophie died from blowing up her toaster, she left behind a lot of money and balls to her adopted child, Ava.
  • Abhi Patel: His frisbee career started during Duke TIP and he graduated high school and went on to college at harvard. He got a full scholarship to ultimate frisbee where he played vigorously through his four years at Harvard. After college he went on to to the ultimate frisbee circuit in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He tore it up on the circuit for two years until at age 24 he suffered a career ending injury by breaking both of ankles very badly not allowing him to ever play the sport again. He went back to school at Bapson where he found Emily Harris, the youngest of the three sisters. They continued to work on their products until one day, Abhi got kicked out for cheating on an exam. After leaving his former company teacher talk back in high school. he now begged back to the owner for his stake by in the company. The owner, the great Jared, allowed him to come back into the business. They rose the annual profits from 2 million dollars to 2 billion dollars. After 5 years they both decided to sell their company for 200 billion dollars. They both overcame the adversity of LEX and continue to thrive in what they were doingYou can find both of them right above bill gates as the richest people in the world. In the year 2040, Abhi ran for Vice President under Jared. Abhi had an affair while in vice presidency so he ended up being assassinated by Jared who turned America into a dictatorship.
  • Kevin: Kevin. After he graduated college, he went on to build a multi-billion dollar empire on school supplies. But then, the Board of Directors turned on him and voted him out of the company. So he started back from the bottom, and built a company that grew to rival his original company, and eventually, he developed such a monopoly that the Directors of his original company came to his office and begged for forgiveness. He merged the two companies, and assigned the Directors to work as garbage disposal workers until the end of their contracts. Then, he bought the United States of America and paid off the national debt. Manipulating the leaders of the world, he became a shadow government entity, controlling every nation in the world. He accomplished world peace and established a strict dictatorship, in which everyone had to buy his school supplies. Then, using a computer emulation engine, he achieved immortality and continued to rule the world until the Earth was going to crash into the sun. Then, he put the entirety of humanity in hyper-sleep onto a huge spaceship, and moved humanity to Mars, which had been made into a successful colony beforehand. However, there was a malfunction, and the spaceship was going to crash, but Kevin sacrificed his digital consciousness to override the controls and save humanity. But he was brought back because of a backup that he made, and continued to rule humanity with a kind but strong iron fist.
  • Zoe: At the age of 14, Zoe took a class on entrepreneurship at Duke Tip during the summer. The next year she started her own company and two years later, she sold her company for 300 million dollars to Yahoo. By the time she entered college, Zoe had started two more companies and sold both for a combined price of $ 3.4 B. At the age of 21, she purchased her mansion in Bel-Air, her NYC penthouse overlooking central park and starred in three blockbuster movies. She now spends her time doing charity work around the world, going to A-list parties in NYC every night, and investing in promising start ups.
  • Alex: Alex Park started his journey in the concrete forest of Atlanta. Alex knew he always wanted to be an actor in the great movie industry of Hollywood. Alex finally got an in with the Hollywood industry, through drug and sex trade... or so he thought. Alex NEEDED to get into the movie industry, he needed it so badly that he would do anything.Alex was strolling down the Atlatna streets when he stumbled upon a kidnapping. Alex was terrified as the people who were kidnapping the person, turned on him, and said either help us kidnap this woman or die. Alex being the logical person that he is agreed and aided a kidnapping. Once they got to the rendevouz point, the kidnappers offered Alex a job, as a Nollywood movie star.Alex misunderstood, he thought that the kindapper said HOLLYWOOD, doing so he accepted graciously. Alex was sent onto a plane to Nigeria, which he assumed was Hollywood. Once he touched down, he was blindfolded, and was brought to the Nollywood compund. When the blindfold was taken off he looked around and said, "Wow, I didn't realize Hollywood was so small."Alex started his journey and went from being a multi-million dollar movie star, to becoming a single man at the age of 52, who never found love, and was slowly decaying into a single ball of nothingness.
  • Michael Blackburne: Michael Blackburne, started at the world renowned LEX, the company that is now valued at 3.5 BILLION Dollars. After selling his part of the company before it blew up, he was left with nothing but his ideas and his passion. He was nothing more than a garbage man, a good one to say the least. Then, his life turned around. When he was digging through the trash, he found delicious macaroni & cheese. It was the best he ever had. He tracked the people who had the homemade mac & cheese. Michael then got the recipe and made his empire over Mac & Cheese. His Macaroni empire is now worth 306 BILLION Dollars with Michael being worth 214.2 BILLION DOLLARS.
  • Dries Raets: Dries Raets, after living the tough streets of chapel hill and joining a gang at age 17, he was caught robbing from a pigs stable, and was convicted of grand robbery. In jail he was introduced to the world of drugs and became known as the master of grasster, the man main of cocaine, the hero of heroine, as well as many other names. This was the first time he was introduced to the world of business, he wrote income sheets on a daily and made a successful stream of 7 figs a month from his company contrabandosoft. He eventually sold it for 18 billion dollars to fellow inmate , big steve. He created a new business called escapple, where he helped other inmates escape. Finally after every other prisoner escaped, dries, who was going by a new name of dr boctor he decided to escape. He was shot down after trying to leave the front door and his blood, which was now 99% drugs leaked onto the cracked sidewalk which became ironically uncracked. He sued the jail and left and then made his new life on a business with his blood that sealed sidewalks. Shark update: dries died.
  • Jared: Jared started the company TeacherTalk with partner Abhi Patel. After TeacherTalk aired on ABCs sharktank, teacher talk hit valuation of a billion dollars. Soon after jared got charged for embezzlement, jared went bankrupt. Then he went to babson college to return to his education. There he meant Ms. Harris... not telling you which one. There at babson he played ultimate frisbee but his ankles got broken by Windsel mcray the 3rd. AKA trey. After abhi being a trillionaire and aquiring LEX, PODIUM, and LEARNABLE, Jared begged for a share back in there business and friendship. All abhi requested was a a fidget spinner which was quite rare for the year of 2050. Eventually jared got his equity back in his business. Jared and Abhis business was soon valued at 1 quadrillion dollars. Jared then remet his childhood lover sandy. However sandy cheated on him soon enough. Jared died at the age of 100. Him and abhi were on the forbes most richest men list him being behind abhi.
  • Grant: The least interesting man alive. My name is Grant ( a transracial) ... I was born into a family of 3 and a half . 1 mom, dad, brother, and half a goldfish. When I was five my grandma left my mom and dad..... so they sent me to a sweatshop in Vietnam. There I learned the ways to make the best weapons in the world (example: exploding phones). After working my way up and being a CEO at the sweatshops, I then took my weapons business to Somalia. Where I sold high class weapons to pirates (rrrrrrr). Now I know you may think it's illegal to deal weapons to terrorists. But look at what America did in the Middle East. Anyways after selling in Somalia I finally went back to the states. At the time was the 1# arms dealer in the world and 1# on the most wanted list. I was worth 450 billion. While in America I started my own waffle cartel with EGGO (don't tell them I said that). But it was cut short due to the us chasing. But my net worth went to 1.8 billion. So I fled to Russia and started another cartel (vodka and waffles). After making another 3.5 billion and partnering with Vladimir putin, I went to Cuba and started my own drug cartel. Which became the largest in history better than Pablo Escobar. Now i own 15 major sweatshops Vietnam, 4 weapons dealing companies in Somalia and parts of Uganda . A cartel in the us and Russia. On top of that the largest cartel in the world based in Cuba and parts of South America. I plan on starting a major tech company in China. Which will then branch off to a revolution for democracy. Which will help me take over China and boost my influence and power. Overall, I am currently the richest man at 250 billion american dollars, 15 million Russia currency, 30 billion in Cuban currency, and 150 million in African currency. I got all of it doing illegal stuff (for now). Which makes me the most wanted but not dangerous man ( I did it mom and dad). Also I'm endorsed by Kanye west and the prime minister of Australia but no one knows that. I'm currently married to my lovely wife G-Smith. We have 2 children whom unfortunately died at 3. G-smith ended up leaving me 2 years after. So I then started a marriage company and bought out the competition. I ended up marrying the most people in history. Afterwards, I got a vasectomy and became a modern day Genghis khan (minus the mass killings). After selling my marriage business for £500 billion. Then with the help Kanye west we started the fashion company called "Papi". Selling clothes made of animal carcasses. Making another 300 million. I the started a record company called "Pon$i $cheme" which sold over 3 records in a year. Every song debuted on the billboard 100 hundred at 101 :). I sold the company for half a penny. I was finally caught in Nicaragua with my friend Kevin for illegally reselling eBay items on eBay and then selling it to amazon . I was put in jail for 5 days (idk why it wasn't longer tbh). After leaving jail I hit the clubs with Alex. He taught me advanced stripping techniques (Alex is a slave to simran ;) ). I used those techniques to become the greatest male stripper besides Alex. After that I bought over 50 clubs In us and making over 5 million dollars. Then I partnered with the Hokman company to help kids with special funny bones that have seizures (loooolllll). Afterwards I went back to my home in Texas and lived in a shack with fidget spinners. Update: I'm currently in China plotting the uprising wish me luck.
  • Grace: The shark from the show-me-state, Grace Homman is now one of the most successful businesswomen on Earth. Her beginnings in business stemmed from her high school company, Teacher Talk. Although Teacher Talk was eventually bought by LEX, Grace put on her thinking cap-

and from there, her empire of hats began. She now lives in NYC and is famous for her business called "Hats off" where she sells stylish and practical hats that you can customize. She uses a special business model where for every hat someone buys, Grace helps fund education for a student in a low income area of St. Louis so they can graduate and throw their graduation caps up. Although her company continues to grow, she never forgets where she's from and stands by her values of hard-work and kindness. She's now worth $420 billion and continues to grow in success and fame!