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Ansh Nanda (G Smith) is a current fourth year tipster, who attended Duke TIP India until it was cancelled in 2016, attended term 1 at Georgia Tech in 2016, and attended term 1 at Duke East for Where great minds and big money meet in 2017.

The Infamous Starbucks Incident of 2k16

On June 23rd, 2016, the AI class went to Starbucks during a break. The barista spelled his name as "ANS", which was pronounced as anus, to the joy of fourth years Katie and Aerin, who immediately posted it on their snapchat stories.


  • Being part of the AI Squad (we were so iconic y'all)
  • Spelling out his name for the Starbucks lady and still having it spelled wrong (rip)
  • Not trusting Katie (until the last day. it was very heartwrenching. Katie cried.)