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Katie Greene is a 3rd year 4th year tipster who was the most roastable person anyone's ever met. She was just trying to live her life. On June 27th 2016 she was so roastable that we thought the sun roasted her until we realized she was having an allergic reaction to a bee sting. RIP in peace.


  • "Don't make me a tipwiki page."
  • "Aerin, why can't I delete it?"
  • "It's just a bad sunburn it'll be fine."
  • "Sorry I think I might be high on Benadryl right now."
  • "I welcome death."
  • "I thought you were joking so I went to sleep." - on the infamous 1am Martyrs
  • "When you're so toastable that even the sun toasts you."


  • AI Squad 2k16
  • "Most Roastable Person Anyone's Ever Met"
  • Blurple Squad 2k15
  • "Most Likely to Marry a Plastic Skeleton"
  • "Most Likely to be Anna Kendrick"
  • Pokemon Dick Measuring Contest
  • Cried during Zootopia (like that one scene with the fox and the muzzle I can't)

Classes and RAGs

Year Term Campus Course RC Roommate
2014 1st Wake Forest Cryptography, Codebreaking, and the Mathematics of Spying Liz Cat M.
2015 1st Duke West Forensic Anthropology Hailey Melissa L.
2016 1st Georgia Tech Artificial Intelligence Angel Victoria H.