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Forensic Anthropology was a class offered at Duke West in 2013. The class was taught by Nicole Fournier with TA, Katie. Both were absolutely amazing teachers, and the class was full of great people. We also got to work with real human bones and held a mock crime scene in Kilgo with Forensic Science.

In 2014, Forensic Anthropology was offered again. This class was taught by Kristen Chew with TA Jess Alleyn, who were both incredibly awesome and humerus.

In 2015, Forensic Anthro was offered a third time. This time, it was taught by Sara Juengst with TA Felicia, who were super rad and also really loved Guatemala and documentaries.

What is Forensic Anthropology?

Possibly the most-answered question of any student in the class, as very few people know what it is. If you have seen Bones, it is what Brennan does. (Though a lot of the techniques she uses do not work in real life or are just purely fictional- which annoys forensic anthropologists everywhere to no end.)

Official definition: is the application of the science of anthropology in a legal setting -- most often physical anthropology and human biology in criminal cases where the victim's remains are in the advanced stages of decomposition

Class Description

Forensic anthropologists are often called "bone detectives" and are featured on many crime solving television shows. From the fictional Temperance Brennan of "Bones" to George Dorsey, the first forensic anthropologist to receive a doctoral degree at Harvard, these scientists help solve crimes and resolve mysteries based on the human skeleton. Explore the application of physical anthropology, archaeology, human osteology (skeletal studies), and crime-solving techniques in police investigations. Learn techniques commonly used to identify victims, as well as the anatomical, entomological, and environmental effects of decomposition and burial. Identify, plot, and excavate a mock crime scene, and learn how forensic anthropologists determine age, sex, ancestry, diseases, and pathologies found in human remains. Research and practice the role of an expert witness, and learn about the laws associated with forensic studies.

Term I 2013

Inside Jokes

I found a bone in the yard, Rocky theme song, the Sadie Hawkins song, lumbar vertebrae, bone sniffing, the Mu Fossa, Hello Obturator, and many, many more.


  • Javier aka The Femur: Most likely to achieve world domination
  • Maggie aka The Humerus: Most likely to foil Javier's plans of world domination
  • Evelyn aka The Fibula: Most likely to play ping pong during a natural disaster
  • Hannah B. aka The Clavicle: Most likely to cry of laughter
  • Becca H. aka The Phalanges: Most likely to be on Friends
  • Taylor aka The Ulna: Most likely to speak Whale
  • Hannah aka The Calcaneus: Most likely to create and win the Frisbee Olympics
  • Sydney aka The Radius: Most likely to start a watch collection
  • Sophia aka The Metacarpals: #winning
  • Becca aka The Patella: Most likely to be on So You Think You Can Dance
  • Alex aka The Sternum: Most likely to be monochromatic
  • Eloise aka The Ribs: Most likely to discover the Mu Fossa
  • Gabrielle aka The Mandible: Most likely to confuse the door
  • Melanie aka The Scapula: Most likely to be the sassy one
  • Raina aka The Cranium: Most likely to catch a Frisbee with her face
  • Emily aka The Lumbar Vertebrae: Most likely to be smiling
  • Nichole aka The Sphenoid: Most likely to hold Doug Ubelaker's hand
  • Katie aka The Sacrum: Most likely to develop a British accent

Term 1 2014

Instructor and TA

The instructor for this class was the fabulous KChew, who was often seen wobbling around campus with a broken ankle in her boot and carrying boxes of real bones. Every day, she would wear some article of clothing/an accessory that had bones on it in some shape or form. Famous for identifying "remains found in the woods" to in fact not be a fetus skeleton, but rather a silicone window cling. The TA for this course was the swagalicious JDwag who only told True Stories. She was a combination of super chill and super smart (the perfect making for a perfect TA). She could often be seen on main quad looking for Eric or in her room in the Kilgo basement with all the other TAs. KChew and JDawg were the perfect team to teach this class, and were loved dearly by all. True statement.

Inside Jokes

Corn Baby. Happier than Bill Bass with a jar of pickled hands. The black market has a lot of product. Smells like hot dogs. I'm so fossae; you already know. My ossa coxae don't lie. Corn Baby again. Corn Baby always. Walk into the club like whattup I got a big coccyx. It's a bird... it's a plane... it's a sphenoid!!

Students and Superlatives

  • Autumn Hinze: most likely to alluringly sing Boyz II Men
  • Autumn Harrison: most likely to win The Voice
  • Sarah Kinney: most likely to name everything Andrew
  • Gabby Cestero: most likely to find her Troy Bolton
  • Sarah Leonardis: most likely to make morbid things adorable
  • Maud van der Beek: most likely to name her kid Gurt
  • Elizabeth Stepton: most likely to take a skullfie with Stefan Jean Lee
  • Jason Ly: most likely to be Fergalicious
  • Eric Zhang: most likely to... wait, where did Eric go?
  • Megan Ware: most likely to be humerus
  • Abhinav Reddy: most likely to silently laugh at bad jokes
  • Ale Brown: most likely to become a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas
  • Sarah McLean: most likely to illegally adopt Corn Baby
  • Rylee Bacot: most likely to drop da bass
  • Caroline Hall: most likely to have honest ossa coxae
  • J Dawg: most likely to always have something cooking in her Crock Pot
  • K Chew: most likely to get odd stares in traffic

Term 1 2015

The class was offered again, taught by the super cool Sara with equally great TA Felicia (bye). The class watched a lot of documentaries and visited the café almost every day. One infamous day, they helped the Forensic Science class solve a crime, which was unappreciated by both parties

Inside Jokes

  • Please maintain the integrity of the line
  • "Don't hit each other with femurs!"
  • "Bye, Felicia!"
  • F.A.C.T.: Forensic Anthropology Combing Technique
  • "FACT: The Mayan empire fell around 800 AD"
  • "Sometimes we use crock pots..."
  • "There's a brain in here!!"
  • That was very humerus
  • Stan
  • Every card game ever
  • Really bad russian accents??
  • "It was probably Forensic Science"

Students and Superlatives

  • Aly: Most likely to become a frat boy
  • Katie: Most likely to marry Stan
  • Claire: Most likely to fall asleep in class
  • Tommi: Most likely to clap with her feet
  • Nick: Most likely to break a bone while dancing
  • Lauren: Most likely to have a chaco tan
  • Janani: Most likely to go broke in Vegas
  • Karen (AKA Jesus): Most likely to get rich in Vegas
  • Brandon: Most likely to "pretend" to use a bone as a weapon
  • Lizzy: Most likely to win American Idol
  • Anton: Most likely to have one extremely muscular arm from always opening the door
  • Lilly, Margaux, and Jillian: Most likely to dominate the world via mastodon femur
  • Joy (AKA Sadness): Most likely to become famous by social media
  • Cammie: Most likely to become a lemon
  • Stan: Most likely to become a supermodel (and get all the girls)
  • Sara: Most likely to break the projector screen (in Guatemala)
  • Felicia: Most likely to be held hostage in a café

Term 1 2016

  • Instructor: Jordan Strange
  • TA: Meghan Doyle
  • Charlotte Ramirez
  • Chloe Parsons
  • Sage
  • Erin Menezes
  • Fox
  • Kaitlin Murphy
  • Keegan McClarney
  • Kiki Loegle
  • Lilly
  • Maddie Grucci
  • Rachel Duthu
  • Rachel Kann
  • Riley Breaux
  • Usman Khan
  • Wilson Tryon
  • Lynne


  • Lynne: Most likely to be smarter than you
  • Rachel K: Most likely to become the next Jeopardy champion
  • Sage: Most likely to be the "Sass Master"
  • Wilson: Most likely to lose the game
  • Lilly: Most likely to steal your socks
  • Maddie: Most likely to burn down a house due to a spider
  • Rachel D: Most likely to read ahead
  • Keegan: Most likely to trip over a wall
  • Riley: Most likely to promote his YouTube channel
  • KiKi: Most likely to miss class
  • Fox: Most likely to be the real life Luna Lovegood
  • Chloe: Most likely to be a cat lady
  • Kaitlin: Most likely to be the next Temperance Brennan
  • Erin: Most likely to be the next Hope Solo
  • Charlotte: Most likely to become a DCI member
  • Usman: Most likely to distinguish salmon from coral
  • Jordan: Most likely to be mistaken for a Tipster
  • Meghan: Most likely to be the mama ducking

Term 1 2019

  • Elise Nackley - Most likely to buy the entire Duke store
  • Ilise Hyams - Most likely to body check Blade
  • Blade Kalikow - Most likely to have immeasurable disappointment
  • Kegan Birbiglia (and his pet mantis, Raquel) - Most likely to overdose on 5-hour energy
  • Joseph Carruth - Most likely to use enhanced interrogation on Blade
  • Lilly Conaway - Most likely to break a nail on a frisbee
  • Brooke Story - Most likely to twirl a femur
  • Cypress Nestor - Most likely to not know the difference between a hamburger with cheese and a cheeseburger
  • Sam Weiner - "Shut up, Leo!"
  • Carolina Silva - Most likely to get cold when it's under 80 degrees
  • Amelia Baylis - Most likely to wash her hands with a rock
  • Molly Butler - Most likely to launder money
  • Fiona Liu - Most likely to make a masterpiece without knowing it
  • David Snell - Most likely to profit from WWIII
  • Leo Zang - Most likely to be the subject of a Forensic Files episode
  • Virgil Pellecchia - Most likely to be Dio
  • Charle Garroway - Most likely to wield a pelvis
  • Leon - Most likely to blow up the coal mine
  • Hoes - Most likely to be mad
  • Theodore/Jonathan the Squirrel (Chipmunk) (RIP) - Most likely to have beetles mating furiously on you
  • Instructor: Ms. Reina - Most likely to initiate hands-on` bone time
  • TA: Ashley - Most likely to Africa, triangle, square

Inside Jokes (2019)

  • "HANDS ON BONE TIME!" (bone time not phone time)
  • Respect the bones
  • Raquel
  • "My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined!"
  • *Flat tires someone*
  • Redlight, Greenlight
  • Dead chipmunk (Jahnathan the Squirrel)/Flesh eating beetles (mating FURIOUSLY)
  • Five-hour energy
  • Epilepsy Movies
  • Frisbee on da roof
  • "Permission to throw hands?"
  • Enhanced interrogation (Kegan/Joseph)
  • Leon
  • Exploding jorts
  • World War III
  • Leo's List
  • Civilization is also syphilization
  • skeLEEtal
  • Dio Scapula
  • Ted Cruz/Leon/Theresa May Walks
  • 69 Door
  • Toasty water
  • The forbidden window
  • Ilise's Laugh -
  • This is indisputably homo
  • Stabbity Stabbity Stabbity
  • Epic Detour
  • Genetic Rabies
  • Daily Dio
  • Ear Syphilis
  • Ötzi's copper axe
  • Pantheon
  • Obama, first Muslim pope
  • China is in Europe
  • Where do they speak Estonian?