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Eric Zhang is a third year third year. He took Forensic Anthropology his second year at Duke West in 2014 and Nuclear Science his third year in 2015. He mostly kept to himself, until towards the end of the term, he revealed his conspiracy theory: that lizard people and Don Cheadle along with the Ninja Turtles, were planning to overthrow Earth. He told his classmates this theory often on the way to class, and it was written as a screenplay at one point (It has been lost, unfortunately, but it was rivaled only by Bromeo and Dudeliet). Sadly Eric failed to turn his TiP application in on time in 2016 and was unable to return for his fourth year. His mothers greatly missed him and attempted to contact him. After a few days of texting 'Eric', it was found out that he was a fake.


  • Has four moms (Maud van der Beek, Sarah Mclean, Rylee Bacot, and Kenna Ebert)
  • Has one dad (Jason Ly)
  • Is probably a lizard himself
  • Has punched people in the stomach before hugging them
  • Once ate a styrofoam ice cream cup and completely forgot about it
  • 2015 roommate refers to him as a "subpar human being", much to the dismay of his four mothers
  • Can deepthroat popsicles at an alarming rate
  • Eats Velveeta cheese with chopsticks while in a roll chair in another RAG's hall
  • the latter might have been after curfew but we don't remember
  • Showers on a different floor than his RAG's and then walks around shirtless
  • Can now name all four of his mothers
  • Plays Bro Pete in Bromeo and Dudeliet
  • Looks better in Rylee Bacot's crop tops than her (Pictures below with Jason Ly on left, Rylee Bacot in center and Eric himself on the right)
  • One-third of the Tipster Trinity



  • "Shut the fuck up you potato"
  • "Micheal Jackson comes back in Iron Man 5"
  • "I pee in your backyard every night"
  • "Nick Fury dies"
  • "k" after a heartfelt message from one of his mothers about how much they miss him