Bromeo and Dudeliet

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Bromeo and Dudeliet is a parody play of Romeo and Juliet created by Sarah Mclean, Rylee Bacot, Cecilia Poston, Kenna Ebert, and Maud van der Beek. It is an epic tale of the bromance between Sarah Mclean and Jason Ly and those who tried to stop it. The cast is as follows:


  • Bromeo- Jason Ly
  • Dudeliet- Sarah Mclean
  • Mercutibro- Maud van der Beek
  • Benbrolio- Rylee Bacot
  • Tybro- Auset Taylor
  • Fribro Laurence- Sam
  • Fribro Lebron- Orlando
  • Broris- Cecilia
  • Brosaline- Noelle
  • Nurse Bro- Kenna Ebert
  • Prince Broman- Roman
  • Tybro's Bros- Ben(Spock) and Grace Steffen
  • Benbrolio's Bros- Sean and Jason R
  • Abrothacary- Ben(Shrek)
  • Narrabrotor-
  • Lord and Lady Fratulet- Sophia and Margaux
  • Lord and Lady Montabro- Macray Simmers and Eli
  • Bro-Pete- Eric Zhang
  • Brothazar- Jillian
  • The Brostitutes- Taylor and Ally Morcus
  • Horse- Devon

Famous Quotes

  • “Two households, both alike in brotherhood/ In fair Verbrona, where we lay our scene/ From ancient grudge break to new mutiny/ Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean./ From forth the fatal loins of these two bros/ A pair of star-cross'd bros take their life”
  • “O Bromeo, Bromeo! wherefore art thou Bromeo?/ Deny thy bro and refuse thy name;/ Or, if thou wilt not act like a bro, be but sworn my swag,/ And I'll no longer be a Fratulet.” ~Dudeliet