Rylee Bacot

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Rylee Bacot (PRONOUNCED BA-COE) is a third year, fourth year at Duke West. She took Forensic Anthropology her first year and Abnormal Psychology her second year, and Forensic Science her final year. She always manages to make comments that can be taken inappropriately before realizing it. She is also one of Eric Zhang's moms.

background information

  • big loser
  • best roommate award
  • idk its like almost 3 am I'm so tired


  • loves all reptiles
  • breeds reptiles
  • Practically a reptile herself
  • spills everything
  • ate macaroni and cheese with a comb once
  • plays Benbrolio in Bromeo and Dudeliet
  • works in the Adcock lab
  • thinks pepper is fake
  • wore a sea shell bra to a dance in 2016
  • Was a part of the grellow winning team in 2016 (see The Grellow Victory of 2016)
  • Together with Maud van der Beek mothered two second years their fourth year: Wyatt and Kyle (replacing their lost son Eric)
  • Accidentally twerked to Springtime Hitler
  • everyone's favorite hoe
  • Was present for The Carter Incident of 2016
  • Wear's Maud's Onesie every night as she is from Florida and can't stand anything under 80 degreese


  • "fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck i fucked up" - right now after spilling something
  • "i'll do anything for money"
  • "Popsicles alone cannot sustain me"
  • something about seeing an alligator
  • "That was a big lighting. What, how can you quantify lightening"
  • "We should fuck!"
  • "How are Sam's nipples so powerful?"
  • "No I wouldn't cut a bitch for a Klondike bar because I don't like Klondikes, but I'd cut a bitch anyways"
  • "it's either gonna be in my mouth, or in me"
  • "RIP"