The Carter Incident of 2016

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It was the year 2016, and it was the last night of TiP at Duke West Term 1. Like most kids, a large group of tipsters comprised of mostly fourth years wanted to spend their last moments of tip together. Most of the fourth years arrived back to their dorms at 2:30 from IHOP, and instead of following their 3 am curfew, all gathered in Maud van der Beek's room for their annual game of truth or dare. The night started off tame and consisted of 21 tipsters gathered in the dorm room. As the night went on, a few tipsters left bringing the group down to a more reasonable group of 15 tipsters. While the group got smaller, the party got more intense. At around 5:15 in the morning, a member of the admin staff, known to most as Carter, walked into the room in the middle of the truth or dare game. Outraged he wrote down the names of all the tipsters and brought them all down to the office. As he was very mad and disappointed in the actions of the tipsters, he woke up RC Haley Doughtery expecting to get them all in trouble. As Haley is the most amazing and loved RC of all of Duke West (make that all of TiP) she swooped in and took control of the situation making sure Carter couldn't inflict punishment on any of the tipsters.

Noteable Members