Coleman Davis

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Coleman Davis is a fourth year fourth year as of 2016. His first year, unknown to many, was spent at Davidson College, Term 1. He took cryptography, and liked his teacher, Jeff, but was consistently pissed off at his TA, Nolan. His second, third and fourth years were spent at duke west term 1. His second year he took Forensic Science. His Third year he took Electrical Engineering with FRAT BOY FOX AND JUICE GOD JOEL. His fourth year he took Ethics in Science Fiction.


  • is a PROUD American
  • is Miley Cyrus
  • Licks hammers
  • Loves sushi
  • Hates communism
  • will febreeze bomb if provoked


  • "To have the potential to be a fuck boy you have to have the potential to be fucked"