Ethics in Science Fiction

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Ethics in Science Fiction (FKA The Prime Directive and Beyond: Ethics in Science Fiction) is a course at Duke West and now Rice. It was first taught during Term 1 in 2015, by Matt and Eduardo. In 2016, the class was taught during both Term 1 and Term 2. Matt returned to teach the class during Term 1 with Rebecca as the TA. During Term 2, Cherae taught the class with Rebecca remaining as the TA. In Term 1 of 2017, Layla Aldousany was the instructor, and Emma Lasky was the TA.

2015, Term 1

Instructor: Matt Cole AKA Nerd Senpai

TA: Eduardo Martinez AKA DuarDog

The class was nicknamed Book Club for the unhealthy amount of reading material distributed. Other students referred to the class as Famsquad Book Club, Book Club Famsquad, and Mattopia.

The instructor Matt affectionately referred to the TIPsters as "The Nerd Herd." In return they recognized Matt as their "Nerd Senpai." They also had a nickname for the TA, Eduardo, who they referred to as DuarDog.

This class is known also for its numerous illnesses and injuries, including but not limited to: one bruise caused by a Frisbee to the face, one severely skinned knee, at least three cases of vomiting, two cases of nausea, several headaches, and cuts to the face as a result of walking into a sign.

2016, Term 1

Instructor: Matt Cole

TA: Rebecca Winterich-Knox

"Frankenstein sounds pretty hot."

2016, Term 2

Instructor Cherae Clark

TA Rebecca Winterich-Knox

2017, Term 1 West

Instructor: Layla Aldousany

TA: Emma Lasky

As one of the best EISF classes ever, the collective of students was filled with inside jokes.

Captain Trash Panda, AKA Layla the Instructor (called Captain Trash Panda for wearing a raccoon onesie to class), conditioned them to associate Lafayette with "I lost the game." Countless games were lost for her love of Lafayette.

The TA, Emma, always was just Emma. Her black clothing and catchphrase "Ethics in Science Fiction, count off!" quickly became widely ignored by the class.

Member Descriptions

The class had two Andrew's, one of whom didn't arrive until the second day. Contrary to popular belief, Andrew Easterling's name was not left as simply "Andrew," and he was adorned with the nickname of Andrew the First. Sitting next to Andrew the First was Adam Corbett, who earned the title of Memelord for the hilarious memes he put out in the group chat. On Memelord's right, a boy from Louisiana named Marcelo Torres was always playing with a Rubik's Cube. On the second day, Gwindy thought he looked like a brown-haired version of another boy named Will, and so he became Will. In addition, he gathered up a list of nicknames, all of which began with M. Marcelo always kept a spoon in his water bottle to avoid being spooned (although it hardly ever worked and he found more in his backpack courtesy of Gwen and Sophia). Continuing down the circle of TIPsters, one would've found Asa Guydo. A quiet and tall guy, he was quite intimidating. Soon, his subtle humor and loud voice came through, and the class would lean in whenever he spoke.

The second Andrew was Andrew Steed, named Andrew the Noble Steed. (temporary placement while editing

Member List

Inside Jokes Ba Fa Ba, Baklava, Giving Lectures, Utility Quota, Fedora, Ax Visiliu Star of Hope Savior of Humanity, The Trolley Problem, More sad, Burrito, Kill the 3-month-old, Running over a bush of puppies, Talking Sentient Oysters, Maggots eating you alive, VR, Captain Trash Panda, Gwindy, Rubix Cube, Asian in a Fedora with Altoids and Cards, eating popcorn with chopsticks, Shatner on the Mount by Fall on Your Sword, Pink Panther, Battlestar Galactica, LAFAYETTE/ I lost the game, Privileged, Gucci, You do you, More Sad, Will my lil bro, Kyle, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Global Cooling, Save our Warm Earth, the fan blowing at Asa and Marcelo/Will and Sophia, Nuclear Wessels?, State Farm - Eat, Fry, Love: a Cautionary Remix, Robot sex, Andrew the First, Andrew the Noble Steed, Memelord, Ursula, Maleficent, Ryan's Aggressive Smile, Throwing Infants out of Airlocks

2017, Term 1 Rice

Instructor: Jackie Fetzer

TA: Giacomo Riva

There were many iconic discussions about RZR-305. We did a class combination for a day with Historical Epidemiology. We also watched the old German film Metropolis which put many a kid to sleep.